Koiji: a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic

Koiji: Love's Pathway

The Ending We Wanted To See

by Ashfae

This little piece of spam is dedicated to Sakka-chan, whose Sano-Misao bias has definitely been rubbing off on me. The temptation to turn Koiji into a Sano-Misao fic has been almost overwhelming. Maybe next time. *gryn*

"Makimachi Misao," he said, almost whispering. "Will you marry me?"

"Hell no!"

Aoshi blinked. "What?"

Misao tossed her head. "I said hell no. You're a jerk, Aoshi- sama. You've spent this entire story playing with my head and making an idiot out of me. Just look at what you did to me in chapter three! Screw you! I'm running off to Alcopulco with Sanosuke- at least he knows how to treat a lady!" She stuck her tongue out at her bewildered former okashira. "And he's better in bed, to boot!"

Years later, legends had sprung up about the mysterious creature who lived in that forest. It was rumored to be a giant beaver, because the only signs of its passing was the damage done to the trees of the area, as though something had been banging its head against the bark...

Sorry. I just couldn't resist. *gryn*