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Once a Month

Chapter 10

Finally …(couldn't think of a good title)


Kagome lowered herself into the warm water, enjoying the relaxing heat. Sango soon joined her as they sat in silence. As she closed her eyes she heard some rustling in the bush, she turned around to see the kit walking out of the foliage. She smiled and invited him in with a gesture and he ran to the water's edge, jumping in and splashing the girls. The miko giggled as the kitsune went off to splash and play in the spring.

All was quiet once again and she lay her head against the rock, remembering the last time she was here and what had taken place. She smiled as she fell into a light doze.


The two raced through the forest, yelling the usual profanities at each other as they neared the spring. Both were following the scent of the miko as they came crashing through the bushes. The hanyou had the feeling he would be 'sat' if he came galavanting through the brush like a pack of rampaging demons, so he held up, waiting to see if 'wimpy wolf' would get chewed out instead.

Kouga was surprised as the hanyou broke pursuit, he wasn't one to give up that easily. The wolf youkai shrugged and sprinted off towards the well, as he ran he suddenly stumbled into the small clearing and tripped over one of the boulders and right into the spring, causing a huge splash and a ton of commotion. He winced as he heard a loud scream right in his ear. He regained his footing and looked over to see a miko who was just seething with anger. The wolf youkai stepped back, getting a little nervous at her burning glare. 'So that was what mutt face was worried about!' He thought to himself as he tried to figure a way out of this mess…

Kagome was in the middle of some pleasant dreams as heard some loud crashing coming towards them. She peeked one eye open to see a brown blur come flying out of the forest behind her, she ducked as it flew over her head and doused her with a huge wave of hot spring water. She was NOT happy about being woken up like that, and she stood, glaring at the wolf prince. It was at that moment that she wished HE had a rosary to take him down, but she did the next best thing, grabbing the wolf youkai by the ear she dragged him out of the water and pulled him behind her, making him sit on the ground.

"And just WHAT do you think YOU were doing?"

"I came to see you."

"NO DUH! What was with waking me up and splashing me!"


"NO I was TRYING to have a nice time soaking in the hot spring and YOU had to come in and-"

"I'm SORRY!"

"I don't CARE if you are sorry! You need to THINK before you go crashing through the woods and interrupting people!

'SLAP' The wolf felt the hand print across his face as she stormed back into the water. He turned to see a smiling hanyou and muttered to himself, but he looked up in surprise at the inu hanyou as he said, "Women, never underestimate them, 'cause just when you think you know them. They come out with something new."


"Yeah, the whole 'hormones' thing… its scary what they can do."

"Like what?"

Inuyasha recapped the past few days to the wolf before quietly walking into the water and taking his place next to the miko, she leaned on him as he relaxed, sending a triumphant look in Koga's direction. The wolf prince muttered to himself and figured there wasn't much else he could do if the girl was pissed at him and leaning on the pathetic hanyou, so he walked off towards home.


Much like the last time they were here, the taijya was off in the corner resting, and the hanyou and miko were enjoying some time together. Kirara came through the brush, followed closely by the monk. The hanyou's ears twitched and he looked behind him and the monk knelt on the boulder. The monk looked over to the miko and she opened her eyes, reguarding him.

"So you are pretty experienced." He said with a hentai grin.

The miko went wide eyed and sat up, "EXCUSE ME?"

"Well think about it."


"It's true."

"NO it's NOT!"
"Why not?"

"You and your disgusting hentai mind can go OVER THERE!" she pointed to the empty corner of the spring.

"You didn't answer the question."

"Kami! Where do you come up with stuff like this?"

"You are avoiding the question."

"No I am not! YOU are asking inappropriate questions in the first place!"

"Well after what you showed me."

Kagome slapped her forehead. "I did that so you would stop asking questions, and what did you do? YOU FAINTED!"

"'Cause it was gross."

"And your questions aren't?"

"That is different."


"Fine, I will go ask Sango."

He walked off, and soon there after you could hear a loud shriek and a 'slap!' Kagome muttered under her breath and walked out of the water. The hanyou followed, seeing that she was being moody he didn't say a word as she dried off and wrapped the towel around her waist. They walked in silence until they reached a nearby clearing and sat down. She sat down in the grass and looked up to the clouds, trying to forget the morning's frustrations.

The hanyou sat down next to her and watched her for any signs that she would want to talk, but he didn't see any so he just lay down next to her in a comfortable silence. After a while she sighed and looked at him, "I guess it's so frustrating because it is meant to be kept a secret, something only women have to go through, and should really know about it."

"Yeah, but if you hadn't told us, we wouldn't have understood what was going on, and I would still believe you were injured."


She lay down next to him and they looked at the clouds, reminiscing in all that had taken place and that they had learned

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Epilogue &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

So every month the hanyou would sense the changes and check to make sure she had enough supplies. No one ever informed the monk again, and the girls kept the business to themselves. Every once in a while they would battle with anger that had some hormonal enhancements. And would kick the enemies butt even worse than usual, (aka… when Sango was whooping the giant bear…)

They still came across the other people who knew what had happened that first time, but no one ever mentioned anything until several years later…

One day the gang was sitting in the grass, enjoying a picnic that Kagome had brought from her time. The hanyou was enjoying his ramen when all the sudden he sniffed the air and grew tense. To everyone's shock he put the ramen down and stood up, placing a hand on tetsuiga. He growled viciously as several figures came out of the woods. Kagome looked on in surprise as the Lord of the Western Lands came from the woods, followed closely by the apprentice and his creature Ah-Un. He came to a stop infront of the group and looked onto the miko, his eyes had their usual cold glare as he looked onto her.

"Miko, it has come to my attention that the girl Rin is in need of some assistance."

Kagome smiled at the fact that he wouldn't admit that he needed help. "What is it that she needs?"

"She has begun to bleed, and it was not caused by any injury."

The friends exchanged a look and she got up, grabbing her pack and following the taiyoukai into the woods. Inuyasha looked at her worriedly, but she motioned for him to stay. They came across the girl, grabbing her abdomen in pain and looking up at the two. Kagome smiled and knelt by her side, handing her a pill and a water bottle. "Here, this will help the cramps go away."

The girl looked up at her and obeyed at the youkai's nod. After she took the pill Kagome was going to explain how to take care of things, she turned to Sesshomaru and stood, "Would it be ok if I had some alone time with her?"

"This Sesshomaru is not sure he can trust the miko."

"Don't worry, its just not something you may want to hear."

"I, Sesshomaru will stay."

She rolled her eyes and sat down next to the girl, handing her a box of supplies and explaining what to do. The taiyoukai's eyes went wide in shock as he heard the explanation. He looked to her in astonishment, "Are you sure this is nessesary miko?"

"If you don't want to have to deal with the smell it is."

She gave her warnings and smiled, giving the girl a small hug and walking back towards her friends. Rin smiled back and gave her a heartfelt, "Thank you" as she left.

Sesshomaru came back with her to retrieve his associates and he left, not exactly thrilled with the new predicament on his hands.

Kagome resumed her seat and continued eating in silence, all eyes on her she looked up, "What is it?"

"Uh, Kagome-chan… what was all that?"

The miko smiled, "Just a natural part of a woman's life."

The taijya and hanyou nodded in understandment and the others just smiled and nodded, figuring they could as later…


And that is the end of my first fanfiction! I hope you enjoyed and had some fun! For those of you who wanted me to keep going I am sorry.

For those who are male and made it through I hope you have learned some things about us women…

1) Cramps HURT

2) Hormones can hurt you!

3) Don't ask if we need a band-aid

4) If a girl actually tells you what is going on DON'T blab it to the world! (see #2)

I'm sure there is more, and I have not covered everything, but like I said, I hope you enjoyed and had fun. If you want to continue this story or do something similar e-mail me and I would be happy to help!

And finally, for those of you who are shocked that I could even write on such a subject… I believe that if the men understand what is going on they may have a better reaction, and maybe more sympathy for those of us who have to go through this kind of monthy torture…