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Story: In this story, Kagome is an obsessed depressed freak…junior. She has a crush on a senior named Inuyasha, but she knows that he will never notice her. So she became depressed, somewhat. And every conversation they tend to hold together, even a wave or a smile, or just a look or laugh, she obsesses over it all. And so she daydreams about him, and her, fallen together constantly.

Date Written: February 26, 2005

Notes: Kagome… -cough- has many day dreams. Here's my first day dream…installment. I'm kidding. This story is clearly fictional. The school is formed like my own school, however. I got many ideas from my school. But I never thought of any of this for myself, although I got many ideas. Although I had a dream I fell off the balcony once…and a stake of the rail pierced my shoulder… -cough- But no 'rescue' and 'romance' involved. Ugh… I tend to use 'some what' a lot, don't I? Hope you enjoy, and please review.

Chapter One: Falling Balcony Rail
At Shikon High, there is a balcony over the stairs, protected by a rail. Many people hang out there between classes and talk, or watch people walk by underneath and climb the stairs.
"Errands, errands." Kagome mumbled to herself as she walked down the stairs to recycle some cardboard boxes. She carried a few in her arms, all empty and brown.

"Hey." A janitor said to her on the way down.

"Hi." She muttered back and walked toward the door, opening it carefully, not to drop any boxes and causing them to topple over. She leaned back and opened the door, since her hands were full, and walked toward the dumpsters, where the recycling dumpster was located. She tossed the boxes into the dumpster, and ran back toward the door, patting her hands clean.

Locked, as always. 'Stupid doors…always locks on the outside…' She thought in bitterness. She didn't want to bother to walk to the next door, which was rather far away. 'Is the janitor's door open?' She thought, and she backed up from the door and looked over to the janitors door in. She hopped over the stairs and pulled. It was open, luckily. She could not bear the stench of the dumpsters, so she held her breathe. It made her sick, and she gasped for air as she went inside.

"Finally…" She muttered as she climbed back up the stairs. The bell suddenly rang, and several students ran towards there classes. Kagome heard many doors shut, and she ran back up to the room where her backpack was located. Unfortunately, it was the late bell. Kagome sighed as she waited patiently for her teacher to write a late pass, and she ran to class, which was far downstairs. Tired, and still sick from the stench from the dumpsters, she rested over at the rail.

'I have a note anyway…' She thought, and closed her eyes over the balcony.

Now the rail that prevented people from falling had been old. It was an old school building after all. It was doubted that the school officials had checked the rail for balance and support. But no one had fallen before, so Kagome assumed it was safe.

"Kagome!" Kagome heard someone shout at her. It was a senior from her science class, Inuyasha. Being the smart 'advanced' junior in science herself, it was oddly amazing, since all her other classes she tended to fall back in.

Kagome flipped open her eyes and spotted Inuyasha. He wore a dark red hoody, with blue jeans, some what larger than they should be. He nodded at her and walked by. "Hi." She said, trying to hide her blush and smile, some what embarrassed that she was caught with her eyes closed and resting.

Kagome, had been crushing on this guy ever since ninth grade. And when she found out she shared the same class as he, she was delighted. 'Perhaps I can talk to him…' She thought. And even though it was second semester, "talking" had not really happened. The few conversations she had with him were either forgotten or just simple-ness, but she cherished everyone of them. Perhaps she was some sort of obsessor, but she really no longer cared. She became some sort of obsessed depressed freak.

Kagome knew Inuyasha had a girlfriend named Kikyo, and she knew Inuyasha would never like someone like her. She was the silent type, and he…well, he got into fights and arguments with the teachers.

Kagome sighed, and looked below, leaning at the same time. The rail snapped, and Kagome flipped over, clinging to the bottom of the rail, the floor.

Kagome was too afraid to scream, but she looked down, seeing the wooden railing bits and stakes on the floor. It was funny how no one heard the railing land, it was pretty loud. Wood against floor.

'Why am I like this…?' Kagome thought, and tears started rolling down her cheeks. 'Maybe this is a price for my lousy life…' Kagome thought. Remember that she was clearly depressed.

She suddenly got really tired and light headed. "Inuyasha!" She screamed, for it was the last word she thought of in her head...and she closed her eyes, fainting in the process. Of course she could not hold on and faint at the same time.

Kagome fell. But something broke her fall. Kagome woke up abruptly, not remembering where she was or how she got there. But she didn't open her eyes in the process. "Ow…" She moaned, as she felt awful pain in her left shoulder.

And something moaned in reply. Startled, realizing what she landed didn't feel exactly like a hard cold floor, Kagome sat up, and a sharp pain pierced through her shoulder, down to her arm. And it wasn't a floor. No. Not at all. It was a red hoody, doused with blood.

She knew who the red hoody belonged to. It was obvious that her shout out was heard. 'Inuyasha…'

"Oh my god…" Kagome cried, and she started sobbing lightly. She stood up, and shouted in agony, and she looked at her shoulder. A wooden stake pierced her shoulder. Blood was everywhere, splurting out. Tears ran down her face, and she flipped Inuyasha over.

"Inuyasha!" She shouted, and touched his cheek.

"Damn it!" Inuyasha cussed, and he sat up and grabbed his side. Blood. He flinched and looked up at Kagome. Kagome smiled, glad he was alive, but she stopped smiling. Her face fell white, like a ghost. All her blood was sucked out of her cheeks and she fell to the side.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted, and shook her. He pulled himself out of her body weight and picked her up, no matter the pain in his side. Inuyasha ran to the nearest classroom he could find, banging on the door.

He collapsed with her, bloody and broken.

"Kagome! Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted.

Kagome popped her eyes open.

"Earth to Kagome!" Inuyasha finally shouted and waved at her, walking to his location.

"Hi…" Kahome quickly replied in embarrassment.

'Have I really been daydreaming? Blood? Falls? Stake to my shoulder? I need to get some pills for my depressing day dreams…' Kagome thought, and she rushed to class. 'He must think I'm an idiot. Wait…I am an idiot.'