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Chapter Fifteen: Prom
Kagome finally goes to the prom. It's a shame she has no one to love.

Date: 18 June 2006

Note: Holy shnikes, a whole year has passed. This chapter isn't really of high quality. Most of it was written a year ago, and the better half (the last half) was written in June 2006. I really hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment of this fanfiction; my style of writing has changed drastically. However, I may edit the whole fanfiction, though it may not be for another year, unfortunately. By the way, I hope you don't get too hungry in this chapter, because I surely did.

"Tonight is the prom, Kagome!" Sango said silently but anyone could hear the excitement in her voice. The prom, the dress, the dancing, it was any girl's dreams. Kagome sighed in slight glee. She was happy as any girl should be, but it was bothering her. Sango had Miroku to dance with her, to kiss her in the end, to love her and graduate school with great expectations and plans. She knew that Sango and Miroku had only dated for about a year, but it was more than that. They had loved each other for years. Kagome knew Sango was too embarrassed to show it, but finally, it worked. Kagome wished she would have someone to love and, well, to marry. Kagome imagined every romantic moment anyone could have. Of course, she daydreamed it, even though her day dreams were a bit warped.

But Kagome wasn't afraid for the future. She was afraid for the present. The suffering she would see standing alone on the sidelines and watching him and Kikyou dance. Oh how she wished that she could have Inuyasha in her arms. But it was too late for her to change things. Inuyasha would always love Kikyou. Kagome blinked quickly and smiled at Sango. She was happy for her.

Of course, Sango silently sighed. She knew what Kagome was going through. She herself watched Miroku flirt with other girls, and she wished she could do something about it. It turned out great for her. But it won't for Kagome. Sango wished that Kagome could find someone else over the next year. She wished that someone better would treat Kagome well and love her. She was hoping when they went to college, Kagome would forget about Inuyasha.

Inuyasha wasn't here today, Kagome took note of. He was probably ditching somewhere.

"May I use the bathroom?" Kagome asked, raising her hand. Her teacher nodded, narrowing her eyes beneath her rectangular framed glasses, but resumed teaching. Kagome stood up and walked over to the door. Instead of going to the bathroom, she decided to walk around the halls. Today was prom, so many of the security guards were helping with the decorations in the Goshinboku Hall, where the prom was going to be held. The theme this year was something formal because there were clip art pictures of tuxedos and gowns on the advertisements that told the price and date and time, but Kagome didn't remember what it was called. '7:30.' Kagome acknowledged. She sighed, and looked over the railing, where she had daydreamed that she fell over and with Inuyasha, they had died bloody deaths. Or something like that. Kagome couldn't remember.

"Oi." A voice suddenly said next to her, and she jumped flipping around, knowing exactly who it was because of the long silver hair and white canine-like ears she saw. One ear twitched.

"Inuyasha…" She said slowly, not knowing what to say because of the previous day's events. Inuyasha smiled, his golden eyes twinkling. Kagome hoped she wasn't blushing or wouldn't fluster. "Uh, what, what is it?"

"Why, I can't say hi anymore?"

"Um." She replied awkwardly. The tall hanyou turned around, waving a bye with his two fingers.

"See you tonight."

"Wha?" Kagome sputtered out, watching him vanish behind the hall. Looking at her watch, she realized she should be getting back to class. Running silently, she entered the room where her teacher eyed her and rolled her eyes. Kagome sighed as she sat in her desk.

"Kagome, Kagome!" Sango shouted as Kagome stood against the brick wall of the place Inuyasha had first kissed her.

"Hm?" Kagome turned around and smiled. She felt her excitement rising. She cheered up after Inuyasha had spoken to her in the hall. She will see him there. And he'll see her.

"Oh, I'll get you at 6pm so we could get ready, okay? I bought your ticket." Sango said, handing Kagome the pink ticket that had listed her name and her rank as a lowerclassmen.

"Are you sure you don't want me to pay you back?" Kagome asked. Sango shook her head.

"No, its okay. Hey…since it's just in two hours, why don't we just hang out for the rest of the day? After all, today is senior's last day…" Sango said. Kagome nodded sadly. It was senior's last day. Kagome had forgotten. They turned around towards the parking lot and the both of them walked over to Sango's car.

"Sango, thank you." Kagome muttered as she settled herself in the passenger's seat. Sango smiled at her.

They had gone to Kagome's home and picked up her dress and other things they needed. At Sango's house, they had scurried up the stairs and sat on her bed.

"You hungry? I'm hungry." Sango said, and soon Kagome found herself alone in her room. Looking at the photo of Miroku and Sango on the desk, she smiled. Sango was going to be so happy. Kagome wished she had someone too.

"Here's a soda." Sango said and she handed Kagome a soda. "That was last month." Sango said, referring to the photo Kagome had been looking at. "See that girl in the background? After that was taken Miroku asked her if she thought he was hot. I was angry then but now I think it's a little funny. He just jokes around with every girl. Sometimes…" She stopped.

"Are things okay?" Kagome asked. She had thought they had been perfect together.

"Yeah! He just flirts a lot with everyone. I think he does it to make me jealous. So what about you, Kagome? Can I ask…about you and Inuyasha?"

Kagome blushed. "I'm not sure. He won't dump Kikyou, that's for sure." She said somewhat angrily.

"I'm sorry Kagome. I hate watching him play with your heart like that. He's such a jerk!" Sango replied, anger boiling in her eyes. "Argh!" Turning to her side, she pulled out a box of strawberry Pocky. Opening the package, she pulled one out and chomped it up angrily. Then she handed Kagome the box. Kagome laughed.

"Are you really that angry?" She asked. Sango shook her head and laughed.

"No, I'm just excited." The both of them laughed.

After a while of talking and laughing, it was finally 6:30pm, and Kagome stood up and headed to the bathroom to change into the green dress she had bought the other day. Smiling at her reflection when she put it on, she went out to Sango's room and knocked on the door. Sango opened it in her own scarlet red dress. Soon, they were completely ready.

Inuyasha knocked on Kikyou's house's door. There was no answer. He knocked again, looking to the side of the house. He heard footsteps coming towards the door, and the door creaked as it opened. The tall raven haired girl opened it, and she rubbed her nose.

"Kikyou?" He was shocked at how she looked. But she didn't look good, no, she looked horrible. He face was red and her hair was a mess.

"Inuyasha, I'm so sorry." Kikyou started to say, and Inuyasha smelt the vomit in her breath. "I'm sick, I don't know, I just got a horrible fever. I'm so sorry. I wish I could go, I wish I wasn't sick." Her eyes were watered and she looked vulnerable and weak, two features she never had before.

"Kikyou…I'll stay with you."

"No no no, I don't want you to get sick. Go, go to the prom. I think that Kagome girl likes you. Go with her. I'm crabby and sick, and I don't want to make you sick." She said, sadly. She sneezed to the side.

"Kikyou, are you sure?" Inuyasha asked, concerned and afraid. She must have been really feverish to suggest anyone, including Kagome.

"Yes, go. Have fun." She sniffled. Inuyasha looked at his feet. "Go to the prom Inuyasha. I know you have friends there. Tell me all about it."

"Kikyou…I love you." Inuyasha said, as he opened to screen door and handed her the flowers he had in his hand, though she didn't bend her neck to smell them.

"I love you too." Kikyou replied, and coughed horribly. She smiled afterwards. Inuyasha turned around and walked down the steps to his car.


Goshimboku Hall was decorated so lovely. It was decorated like a five star hotel. Adults stood at the front in tuxedos and gowns gathering tickets as the almost grown up teenagers lined up to go inside. The whole dance room was even better. Kagome gasped at the lights and the decorations. There was a fountain in the middle of the room, with a glass sculpture, shaped like an angel. Water ran from the top, but didn't really touch the ice. Intentionally, of course, as the ice would melt. The navy blue curtains matched the carpet, nearly impossible to see without the lamps built into the floor, lining. The little lights scattered on the ceiling glistened like stars. It looked a little like something from a classic ball room, such as the ones from the movies.

"Isn't it lovely?" Sango asked, and she smiled at Kagome. Miroku had picked the both of them up, and he wrapped his arms around the both of them like James Bond when they entered the room. Kagome brushed his arm off and didn't bother to answer Sango, for the expression of awe on her face answered for her.

There were small glass tables (though Kagome imagined they were actually high quality plastic) with silver star confetti sprinkled on them. A blue scentless candle was lit in the middle of every table. They chose one near an inverted corner of the room. Kagome scanned the room for a certain silver-haired half demon, but she saw no one she could really recognize.

Thirty minutes later, nearly all of the guests had arrived and seated. This was important, because dinner would be served. Kagome fidgeted anxiously in her seat as waiters held up silver platters and walked around their table.

"I'm so hungry…" Miroku complained loudly, just to mock the waiters, who seemed slow, even to Kagome. She was also very hungry, and the smell of the sirloin steak was starting to get to her. Sango closed her eyes and didn't say anything.

Twenty minutes later, their meal finally arrived in front of them on white plates. Kagome inhaled the scent, and she picked up her fork and knife to ravish the steak, mashed potatoes, and salad, but stopped catching the eye of another table, who stared. Miroku and Sango said nothing and concentrated wholly on their dinner. Kagome silently cut into her steak, eating each piece slowly. It was delicious.

I'm late, which means I missed that damn dinner, Inuyasha thought as he sped through traffic. Parking in one of the last few spots, he sped towards the entrance of the prom building. He absentmindedly handed the ticket to the nearest person, who didn't seem to care who entered or exited. I hope Kagome is here… Inuyasha thought.

Kagome sat in silence at her table. Sango and Miroku had already left it to dance. She felt some guys eyeing her nearby, but she ignored them. An hour later, she was flat out bored. The Prom King and Prom Queen had already been announced, and the final dance of the night was beginning to start. The lights dimmed as couples gathered around the floor.

At least if Inuyasha were here, she could daydream it was her dancing with him, not Kikyou. She looked over her shoulder and considered dancing with the other lonely guys. She knew one of them, and though they weren't friends, maybe she could still have fun and not waste her, actually, Sango's money. She waved at him, and he smirked back, and began walking to the table. He walked rather slowly, but thankfully, this saved her from an unwanted dance and to one she really wanted.

Inuyasha was there, standing in front of her. His sudden appearance startled her, and she jumped.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome stammered and blushed.

"Kagome…Could I…Would you…Could I have this dance?" Inuyasha said. His golden eyes sparkled in the dark. Kagome nodded and stood up, taking the hand that Inuyasha had offered. They walked to the dance floor. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her waist, and Kagome felt her cheeks redden as she wrapped her own arms around his neck. Their faces were so close to each other, she could feel Inuyasha's warm breath on her neck. She only hoped she was doing everything right and perfect, like in her daydreams.

A few minutes passed before either of them said anything.

"Kagome…I made a mistake. Its you I love." Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ear. She felt herself weaken, and she forced back tears of bliss.

"I…" Kagome's voice failed, and she closed her eyes in attempt to bring it back. "I love you too." At that point, the music slowly faded away, and the lights slowly lit back up to their original settings.

Inuyasha released Kagome slowly and looked at her. Kagome was tempted to almost look away; the emotions were too strong for her, but she didn't.

"I'm not supposed to do this…" Inuyasha whispered slowly.

"What?" Kagome panicked, and began to say more, but Inuyasha cut her off with a passionate kiss. When he let go of her, Kagome felt her knees weaken and fell into him.

"You klutz!" Inuyasha smirked as he supported her back up. He was back to his arrogant self, but Kagome knew it was only for show and she smiled. Inuyasha's ear flickered up as he heard Sango's voice calling Kagome. "Sango is trying to find you. Over there." He pointed. "I'll be right behind you." She turned around and headed towards Sango and Miroku, who were gathered and ready to leave.

"Goodbye, Kagome..." Inuyasha whispered, but Kagome didn't hear him. She looked behind to smile at Inuyasha, but he was gone.

"Inuyasha?" She asked out, but closed her mouth and smiled. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she wasn't sure if they were happy or sad. Perhaps a mixture of both.

The end.