Title: "Spellchecker".
Author: 'A Gentleman Of Leisure'.
Summary: Giles fails to RTFM!
Story Type: In canon Buffyverse.
Rating overall: G.
Spoilers: Set in S1.
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Disclaimer: No one here belongs to me - I've just borrowed them. All other Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights acknowledged. Thank you.
"Spellchecker" by 'A Gentleman Of Leisure'.

"Oh my God! Mr. Giles, what on earth happened to you?"

The two hundred and fifty pound pink blimp sitting at the library computer was barely recognisable. The tweed jacket had burst open at the arms and all down the back, the shirt and tie were rent asunder at the seams, as if in an explosion, and as for the trousers... well!

Willow Rosenberg averted her eyes hastily, and fixed her astonished gaze firmly on the bewildered face of the school librarian.

The Englishman pointed at the screen with a chubby forefinger, and then at a dusty old leather-bound volume lying on the table beside the keyboard.

"You know how I feel about modern technology, my dear. I thought I would try to overcome my fear of this dread machine by copying out some old magical texts. You can see that the originals are not in very good condition," he said in a rather muffled voice, which had a somewhat higher pitch than usual. "I managed to type them into the computer all right, but then I tried to save the file, and this happened!"

He looked at her helplessly and waved a pudgy hand vaguely over himself, obviously completely baffled.

Willow peered at the display.

"Where did you click the mouse?" she asked him sternly, and Giles pointed to an icon at the top of the screen. To his dismay Willow took one look and immediately burst out laughing, so hard that she had to cram her hand in her mouth to try and control herself. Tears streamed down her face.

"No, no, Mr Giles!" she exclaimed, shaking her head so vigorously it seemed it might fall right off. "You shouldn't have clicked on that one. Don't you know you should never ever run anything magical through the spell-checker!"

THE END. (c)2005

Author's Note: This was written as a Triple Drabble (or Tribble) - 300 words exactly, plus title and author's name.