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Chapter Sixteen: A New Day Has Come

"May I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," smiled the elderly priest.

Draco smiled and pulled Hermione's waist length veil over her head carefully. Hermione smiled up at him, her brown eyes shining with happiness as Draco leaned down and kissed her lovingly.

After a few seconds she pulled away to look at the applauding people in the church. Hermione laughed happily and looked at a very pregnant Ginny.

It was early July the next year and over the months Hermione and Draco had been busy planning there wedding, only a month ago Ginny and Blaise married. Harry was moving on from Lynette, which pleased his friends, while Ron was still single and loving it. While for Amy and Gavin, Amy was three months pregnant with hers and Gavin's first child.

Hermione and Draco walked down the isle grinning at every one from a teary eye Narcissa to a beaming McGonagall.

Once outside the Church Hermione hugged Draco happily, "We did it!"

Draco chuckled, "Yes we did Mrs Malfoy. Now to the reception."

Draco led Hermione to a horse driven cart and opened the door for her to enter.


"And now the first dance for the evening is the bride and groom dance," came a voice echoing around the Great Hall.

Draco stood from the table where the teachers normally sat during the school season and held his hand out for Hermione, which she took smiling up at him. They both walked to the centre of the hall, where the house tables normally were but had been replaced with round ones around the edge of the hall.

A new day, oh...oh...

A new day, oh...oh…

I was waiting for so long

For a miracle to come

Everyone told me to be strong

Hold on and don't shed a tear

Hermione and Draco moved in small circles knowing this song read their relationship and life over the past year or so, so well.

Through the darkness and good times

I knew I'd make it through

And the world thought I had it all

But I was waiting for you

Hermione smiled up at Draco happily. She really couldn't believe after all they had been through that they were still together. But he had been by her side through it all. From the moment she learnt the truth about her till this very day and she knew he would be there with her till the moment they both crossed to the other side.

Hush, now

I see a light in the sky

Oh, it's almost blinding me

I can't believe

I've been touched by an angel with love

Draco smiled at his wife… his wife. He never imagined this day would happen, for this exact time last year Hermione was still in a coma he never dreamt would come to an end. But it did and now here they were married. Mr and Mrs Malfoy. How right that sounded.

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul and drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls for a new sun

"Did you think we would ever get here?" asked Hermione softly.

"Honestly, I really didn't. But I think I knew I would never marry anyone else," replied Draco truthfully.

A new day has... come


Where it was dark now there's light

Where there was pain now there's joy

Where there was weakness, I found my strength

All in the eyes of a boy

"What about you?" asked Draco.

Hermione smiled, "Well when I first heard of you being with Terri… I lost all hope. Especially when I saw you at Digion Alley with her."

Hush, now

I see a light in the sky

Oh, it's almost blinding me

I can't believe

I've been touched by an angel with love

Gavin smiled down at his sister. He was happy for her, everyone who knew them was. He turned to his wife beside him, her hand on her stomach where a small bump was becoming visible. He placed his hand on top of hers and smiled at her lovingly. Amy returned the smile and leaned over to kiss him.

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul and drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls for a new sun

Blaise sighed as he watched his bestfriend dance with his new wife, who was also like a bestfriend to him. He'd been there for her with Ginny nearly five years ago when Draco had left her to protect them all. It is amazing at what had happened over the past years… how everything had been so chaotic but turned out peaceful.

A new day has...

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul and drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls for a new sun

Ginny looked at her husband to see him is deep thought. She reached over to him and held his hand and squeezed it affectionately. Blaise looked at her and stood up.

"Shall we join them now?" asked Blasé smiling at her.

Ginny carefully stood up; with such a pregnant stomach it wasn't easy. But she did and her and Blaise walked to the dance floor, along with Amy and Gavin and other couples.

A new day has... come


Hush, now

I see a light in your eyes

All in the eyes of the boy

Hermione and Draco became aware of other couples joining them and smiled at them. So much had happened… so much history created over a period of time.

I can't believe

I've been touched by an angel with love

I can't believe

I've been touched by an angel with love

Yet everything turned out good… just like Merlin planned for Hermione to create again.

Hush, now


A new day...


Hush, now


A new day...)

The song came to an end with a cry of surprise from Ginny. Everyone stopped dancing and looked at her in shock. She was bent over clutching her stomach in surprise. Blaise was pale with worry, obviously not having a clue as to what to do.

"Ginny?" his voice trembling with worry, "Are you okay?"

"M-my water's broken… ahhh… t-the babies a-are coming," gasped Ginny with deep breaths.

Amy and Hermione left their husbands and ran over to Ginny, listing their dresses so they wouldn't trip.

"We need to get her to a bed," said Amy looking at Hermione, "Are there any room's near by?"

"The Slytherin Common Room is down in the dungeons, but it gets cold there of a night. We could try the room of requirement," suggested Hermione before looking for Dumbledore.

She spotted him walking over swiftly with Pompfrey and McGonagall.

"Albus, the babies are on the way. We need a room near by. Is the room of requirement okay?"

"Certainly. We shall keep the guests occupied in your absence."

"O-oh H-Hermione, I've r-ruined y-your wedding n-night," gasped Ginny sweating all over.

"Not at all Ginny. What a better way to make the night complete with the arrival of two new babies," grinned Hermione as Amy conjured up a stretcher.

Carefully, Hermione, Blaise and Amy lifted Ginny onto it and Amy and Blaise left in a hurry, Blaise directing the way to the room of requirement.

Hermione turned to Draco and smiled, "Draco… I-"

"Go. I'll be waiting for you. I'll go greet the people and thank them for coming."

Hermione smiled and hugged Draco, "I love you."

"Love you too."


Hermione shut the door behind her to enter a room much like a ward at St Mungo's. Blaise was standing beside Ginny gripping her hand, while Amy was masked and gowned up with gloves and everything telling Ginny how far dilated she was.

"Almost there Ginny a few more centimeters and you'll be ready to have the babies," announced Amy as Hermione used her magic to change from her wedding dress to more suitable clothing. She walked over to Amy and knelt beside her.

"How far apart are the contractions?" asked Hermione.

"Not far. This is going to be an easy birth. It will be over and done with in a few minutes."

Hermione nodded but Ginny thought different.

"An easy birth?" she screamed, "This is killing me! Merlin Blaise! You had to get me pregnant didn't you?"

Blaise paled and looked at his cousin and Hermione in alarm.

Hermione and Amy laughed.

"Calm down, my darling cousin," smiled Amy, "She is a moody person obviously when she has babies. Just keep telling her you love her and will be here when it is finished."

Blaise nodded and started whispering things to Ginny.

Amy bent back down and checked the dilation, while Hermione got blankets ready.

"Okay, now Ginny listen to me. When another contraction comes I want you to push with all your might," instructed Amy.

Ginny nodded and took deep breaths feeling one coming on.

"Okay… 1, 2, 3 PUSH!"

Ginny screamed with all her might, gripping onto Blaise's hand as she pushed with all the power she could muster.

"I can see the top of it's head… you can do it Ginny, push, push!"

Ginny pushed harder, again, tears of pain falling down her sweaty cheeks.

"Oh… it's a boy!" cried out Amy happily hurriedly tying knots in the cord and quickly cutting it.

Hermione rushed over smiling with joy as she took the baby and bundled it up in a blue blanket.

"Okay, the next contraction Ginny is it, you have one more to go," said Amy calmly, "You can do it, I know you can. We all know you can don't we Blaise?"

"We do Gin, you can do it sweetheart," encouraged Blaise wiping the sweat from Ginny's eyes.

"Hmmm," answered Ginny as she readied herself for the next contraction.

"Ready Ginny," asked Amy, getting a nod in response, "On three! One, two, THREE! Now PUSH GINNY PUSH!"

Ginny screamed in agony as she gave another energy draining push. Hermione looked at Ginny form where she was cleaning up their first baby boy. Ginny cried in pain as she pushed again, Amy and Blaise encouraging her with promising words.

"One more Ginny! I can I see it's head now… push… almost there… another push… come on Ginny! Oh you have a baby girl!" smiled Amy, tying the cord then cutting it as Hermione placed the boy in a crib then rushed over with a pink blanket to bundle the baby up in.

Ginny sighed in relief, but screamed again as she pushed out the after birth, which Amy cleaned up with a quick spell.

Blaise was crying with joy, as was Ginny. Hermione finished cleaning up the girl and signaled for Amy to carry over the boy. Amy carefully picked up the three-minute-old child and carried him over.

"Meet your new son," she smiled handing him to Ginny as Hermione walked over with the crying girl.

Amy ran over to a table and grabbed two birth certificates to fill out.

"What are there names?" asked Hermione removed her gloves and mask.

Ginny looked at Blaise, "Well… for the girl… we decided on one name really. Alexandria Lynette Zabini… we wanted the Lynette to you know, honor Lynette because she was our doctor."

Hermione smiled, "Harry would like that. What about your son?"

"Mitchell Jaycob Zabini," relied Blaise, "Jaycob was my grandfathers name and well, Ginny and I liked Mitchell."

Hermione smiled happily, "I should inform everyone of the new lives in this world shouldn't I?"

Blaise and Ginny smiled and nodded. With a wave to Amy, Hermione turned, using her powers again to change back into her wedding dress an left.


"May I please have your attention!" called Hermione standing on the steps in front of the wedding table, "I would like to inform you all that we now have another wonderful reason to celebrate tonight. Blaise and Ginny have just become proud parents to two wonderful babies. Please raise your drinks to welcome to the world, Mitchell Jaycob Zabini and Alexandria Lynette Zabini!"

Everyone cheered while Mrs Weasley stood up and rushed out of the hall, followed by the rest of the Weasley's and Gavin – well they were Gavin's nephew and niece after all as well.

Hermione turned and walked around the table to her seat beside Draco smiling at him.

"Life is wonderful now isn't it?" sighed Hermione looking at Draco.

"It is. A new beginning, a new era, new life. A new day has come."


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