Author's Notes: So I'll bet you have all seen those '(insert-girl's-name-here) Finds Out' fanfics—wherein none-too-gracious, heterophobic fans (usually female), in an attempt to destroy popular hetero couples (usually canon), would write a scenario such that the much maligned bishoujo half (object of undeserved hatred) of the couple would discover her bishounen sweetie in a romantic (or just plain smutty) situation with another guy (bishounenhood optional)—thus, she 'finds out about her love interest's 'true' sexual preference'. Well, this isn't one of them, but I guess you can say it's sort of a parody of those fics (heheh, a parody of a parody). I tend to enjoy the canon (or most canon-like) couples in anime/manga as set by their creators, and for my part, quite fatigued by all the yaoi/yuri couples spawned by the fandom 'just because they can'. I'm not homophobic or against homosexuals in any way, but I believe that if we all would just take a step back and take shounen as shounen (not shounen-ai), then maybe the fandom world would be a better place. So, this piece of fanfiction features the most canon-like couple in "Naruto", SasuSaku, supported by NaruHina, ShikaIno and NejiTen. And you'll probably find bits of KakaKure and IrukaAnko scattered randomly in the story… although, they're not true Kishimoto pairs.

Spoilers: Eh… most of Part 1… just pretend that the Sasuke departure didn't happen

Disclaimer: Naruto and all those related stuff don't belong to me.

Sakura Finds Out

Prologue: The Confession

I, Haruno Sakura, hummed a happy tune as I skipped my way down the narrow dirt path meandering towards the woods in Konoha Village. It was a lovely day; mild sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees, chirping bluebirds perched on the branches overhead and a gentle cooling breeze blew.

But I scarcely noted these small favors. In the current state of things, a formation of cumulonimbus clouds could rain upon me, turning the path to mud, causing me to slip and ruin my new outfit—and I would still manage to find a silver lining as I squint through the pink hair plastered upon my face.

For I am on my way to see my beautiful Sasuke-kun, the one boy I have loved since childhood. Some things have changed; I am fourteen years old now, a chuunin, my hair has grown longer than before and yet my feelings for him remain. I am ecstatic over the fact that he has invited me to a small class reunion party of sorts.

Okay, so it had been little more than a simple: "Party. They're asking you to come." And he had a scowl on his face, looking none-too-pleased that he had to be the one to extend the invitation. Nonetheless, it was a valid invitation from the Uchiha Sasuke.

The party was Naruto's idea—all of us are at least chuunins now, and Shikamaru, Neji and Tenten just reached jounin rank. It was an excuse for the boys to throw a drinking party. They invited us girls but…

"Eww, with you guys?" Ino turned up her nose. "I wouldn't trust you boys with a single drop of alcohol!"

Tenten scoffed. "Tch, such an irresponsible thing to do."

"I-I-I… My father won't let me…." Hinata said, a furious blush on her face.

Anyway, I decided against it, what fun would it be anyway, to be the only girl in the company of those boys? Although those boys did include Sasuke-kun…

Nevermind! I am still bringing this special 'Sakura's Cake of Love' to their party to impress Sasuke-kun with my amazing cooking skills! Kyaa! Before I could stop myself, I floated away into a daydream…

The expression on his face was that of the usual indifference as he helped himself to a slice of my love. One bite… then he gazed tenderly at me with those oppressively gorgeous onyx oculars. "Sakura-chan…" There was urgency in his voice and he took me in his arms in one swift motion. He held me close, resting his head on my shoulder. My neck tingled where his silky black hair caressed it.

"Sasuke-kun…" I whispered, the light falling unto my green eyes at just the right angle, creating a super-sparkle effect.

"Why haven't I realized this sooner…" His look was one of longing. "Sakura-chan, aishiteru!"

Who knew that single mouthful of extra-chocolatey devil's food cake would do it?

"Oh, Sasuke-kun—aishiteru!" I gasped. "You know that I love you too."

"I know, and I haven't done your faithful love any justice," he turned away, stricken. "I have pushed you away, hurting your precious heart time and again… I was so blind—Sakura-chan, can you ever forgive me?"

"Sasuke-kun, I can never hold that against you!" I took his handsome face in between my hands and gently made him turn back to me. "I know you have had such a difficult and complicated life that I can't hope to fully comprehend it… But I love you and I only wish to ease your pain…"

"Oh, Sakura-chan!" He hugged me tighter. "You do understand me…"


He leaned his face towards me, closer and closer, closing the distance between our trembling lips…

"Kyaa!" I squealed and blushed to the roots of my hair, hopping around randomly to release my excitement.


"Ouch!" I cried, falling on my butt after crashing forehead-first into a tree. I rubbed my big forehead… hopefully it won't swell bigger. I cringed at the mere thought.

I examined my 'love cake' in its stiff box, still tucked under one arm. Satisfied that there seemed to be no real damage, I got back on my feet and resumed my walk towards my dear Sasuke-kun.

One day it will happen! He will confess his love for me and we will live happily ever after! Our friends will have similar fates as well: Neji will show his true feelings for Tenten, Naruto will stop being dense and finally notice Hinata, and Shikamaru will work up enough motivation to pursue Ino. The other girls and I have already conveniently allotted a guy to each of us—now if Ino-pig would just stop stubbornly chasing after my Sasuke-kun and admit she's attracted to that inert genius…

At last, there it is, the clearing where the boys convened. It was a pretty place not too deep into the woods, with a spring wide and deep enough to wade in. Already I could hear the splashing of water, shouts that sound like Shino's and Kiba's, and Naruto's loud, incoherent babble.

I stepped into the clearing and was about to let out a loud: "Hello!"… But then my virgin eyes were met by a sight so horrible, that it would be the stuff of my nightmares for the rest of my natural life.

Neji had both arms wrapped around the neck of Lee, who held him closely. The Hyuuga's face was burrowed in his teammate's bare chest. Shikamaru, that lazy bastard, had his eyes half-closed as his fingers drifted idly upon Chouji's back, the latter lying on the former's lap. Kiba and Shino made unintelligible exclamations as they frolicked in the water.

But worst of all were Sasuke and Naruto, both flushed. Sasuke cried out: "Daisuki!" The corners of Naruto's mouth twitched and he smiled naughtily, opening his mouth to reply—

And was cut off.


It wasn't presumptuous at all to claim that my piercing shriek rang all throughout Konoha. My presence was noted by the boys who haven't yet succumbed to a vegetable-like, alcohol-induced state. Sasuke and Naruto both gaped at me—poor, confused little Sakura-chan, stuttering, stumbling and sputtering. Before they could say anything, I recovered my wits.

"Y-Y-You… guys—gays—whatever… I hope Kami-sama punishes you all for this blatant display of corrupted sexuality!" I screamed. Tears stung my eyes and I quickly made a hundred-eighty-degree turn and ran away.

Behind me, I could hear the boys had been shocked to an alert state of mind.

"What the HELL!" Went Kiba's voice.

Shikamaru complained: "Shit—how bothersome."

"Sakura-san is here Neji, wake-up!" Lee cried.

"Crap!" Naruto yelped.

And above all the noise, Sasuke… I could hear him shouting: "SAKURA!"

Author's Notes again : A case of jumping to conclusions… Well, yeah, this is quite short. However, expect an update soon, ne?