Tahu slips up

YET ANOTHER fanfiction I totally don't own By Yuma Kin

I Said, "My main character in this story is Tahu as the title says his name and MUST make it to Mata Nui safely or He'll die in real life!"

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Chapter 1: The Mistake

After Turaga Vakama had finished his story of Metru Nui. Tahu didn't believe him. Gail Said, "That sounds true, Right, Tahu?" Then he replied, "I don't believe Turaga Vakama! I Know I MUST know, but it seems he left something out!" Later, at the ramp Tahu chose to do his MOST dangerous trick. They (The Other Toa) Said, "No Tahu! YOU COULD GET HURT BADLY!" But he did it anyways and knocked himself out cold. Three hours later, he woke up in somewhere strange,

Someone Said, "Tahu! You're O.K! If you forgot, I'm Vakama." Tahu Thought, "Vakama? How could he be Vakama? I need to know more… But How?"

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