Well, here it is; the sequel to Blood Ties! I wasn't sure if there was going to be one, but I had an idea about a Wyatt and Chris story and some of the reviewers from Blood Ties asked for one, so I'm making it into a sequel. I suppose you don't have to have read Blood Ties to understand this as the story line is different but you might need to understand some background info - I'm not sure.

Don't worry Im not abandoning my other ongoing story at the mo, 'It Wasn't Meant To Be' I just wanted to start this one.

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Chapter 1: Keeping Promises

The giant hall of Magic School stood empty and forbidding as the towering wooden doors creaked open. Wyatt stepped out of the darkness of the corridor and smiled coldly at the absence of the noise usually associated with schools.

But Magic School wasn't a school anymore; it was the empty shell of what had been a school. Wyatt smiled again, arrogantly this time, at the memory. After he had killed his Aunt Paige no-one had wanted to take over running the school for fear of being the next witch his anger may focus on. This suited Wyatt fine. Now he was the only one with access to Magic School's library and no-one was teaching young witches the concept of morals; the only place young witches learnt about the craft was by training with witches and demons on his side. It increased the number of witches fighting for him and reduced the number of rebels.

Wyatt strode over to another wooden door leading off the side of the hall. This door was less impressive; smaller and hidden in the shadow of an immense bookshelf. Wyatt opened the door confidently and walked through.

To any observer watching it would have appeared that Wyatt had simply walked through a solid stone wall. It was only visible to elders, such as Gideon had been. Although Wyatt was not an elder, with the knowledge gained from his father during growing up it had not taken Wyatt much time to get though the magic concealing Gideon's office.

A layer of dust covered everything. There were no obvious signs that anyone had entered this room for years but all the same Wyatt used a sensing ability he had inherited from his father to sense if anyone had. Finally, satisfied that no-one had been in the room since about 3 years ago when he had last come in there, he walked over to a tall, rectangular object hanging on the wall, covered with a faded velvety cloth and reaching almost from floor to ceiling. Wyatt reached up and pulled the cloth off revealing a mirror. His good self looked back at him, his expression of disgust mirrored on evil Wyatts face.

The two Wyatts stared at each other for a moment before evil Wyatt spoke. "I said I would get him on my side…"

"…one way or another…" finished good Wyatt.

"…and I will…"

"…even if this…"

"…is how I have to do it."

Leo watched Chris sitting dejectedly on the ground. They were 'Up There' as they had been since Wyatt had tried to kill Chris.

"Chris..." he began gently, stopping as he was unsure of how to continue.

"Hey Dad." greeted Chris looking up at Leo.

Leo studied his youngest son's face, seeing the mask was back in place. "You can talk to me, you know." he offered, "I know you feel hurt that I didn't tell you about the prophecy but I thought it was for the best. I didn't want him to hurt you."

"Yeah, well, he found out anyway." spat Chris, although his anger was directed at Wyatt not Leo.

"Chris..." Leo began again soothingly, but Chris carried on ignoring him.

"He thought that I would kill him." he continued almost disbelievingly, "How can he not know that I would never hurt him? He's my brother." Chris looked down at the ground, tears forming in his eyes. "When you orbed us out, I looked in his eyes and I could see love…and he said he wanted to kill me." He broke down in tears and Leo knelt next to him, holding his son; trying to take some of his pain away.

Leo wished he had been there more for his sons. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't spent most of his time in the Overworld. Maybe he could have prevented his eldest son from turning evil; maybe he could have prevented the pain his youngest son was feeling.

Chris felt safe in his father's arms. It was strange Leo was a better father to him now that when he had been growing up. Despite Wyatt's threats he knew that Wyatt wouldn't have actually killed him, but the lengths that Wyatt was prepared to go to get him on his side scared Chris. Wyatt was power hungry and the only way that Wyatt could use the full power of the Halliwell line was for the both of them to work together.

'That will never happen unless Wyatt is good' promised Chris to himself.