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Chris turned his gaze away from the remnants of the mirror to look at the source of the whispered word.

"No!" Wyatt repeated the word more loudly, his face drawn back into a snarl of anger.

Wyatt pulled himself back to his feet, Chris and Leo hurriedly following suit. "What did you do." hissed Wyatt to Leo.

Leo turned as calmly as he could to face Wyatt, hoping his fear at Wyatt's anger wasn't showing, "Without the mirror there's no longer any contact with the opposite world." Leo paused, "it's over Wyatt." he told him gently.

"It's not over," contradicted Wyatt fiercely.

"No, it's not." Chris interjected quietly, "This may be over, but it's not going to be completely over until Wyatt is good again. And I will find a way to do that." Chris added turning to Wyatt.

Wyatt snorted in annoyance, "When will you learn, little brother, that good and evil don't exist. You said it yourself, the Elders, supposedly the leaders of 'the good' side, are like dictators telling you how to live your lives. You said you didn't want to live like that."

"Hey! I was under the influence of evil when I said that," protested Chris, "thanks to you I might add. And anyway, doing what you want without any thought for others is evil, Wyatt. That's what being evil is all about, actions with no consequences."

"I see they've brainwashed you well." muttered Wyatt with a dark look at Leo.

Leo sighed, "Wyatt, Chris is right. You can say good and evil don't exist all you like, but your actions are actions of someone who is evil." Leo looked sadly at Wyatt, "You weren't always like this, you used to be good, and we will find a way to right this."

Wyatt shook his head in disbelief and moved threateningly towards Chris and Leo. Chris backed away, his feet crunching over the shards of glass covering the floor. Wyatt suddenly laughed.

"Even now, you won't do anything to stop me," he sneered, "That's why I will win in the end; because I'm not afraid to use any means to get what I want."

"If we use evil to fight you, then we're just as bad as you are," retorted Chris.

"Give it up, Wyatt." Leo told him, "Just leave now." Leo was upset, having just heard his eldest son justify his actions.

Wyatt looked between Leo and Chris. Chris spoke up, "We can orb out of here before you can do anything and the Elders can block you from orbing up to the Overworld after us so you can't win here. Give it up."

"Alright, I'll 'give it up' for now" sneered Wyatt, "But it's not over yet. As I told you before, I won't give up on you Chris. In the end you'll fight by my side, the way it's meant to be. I haven't given up."

"And I won't give up on you." Chris told Wyatt quietly, "I'll turn you back, you see if I don't find a way."

Wyatt held Chris's gaze for a moment before silently orbing out.

There was a long silence in Gideon's office while both Chris and Leo were absorbed in their thoughts.

Chris was still staring at the spot where Wyatt had been, images of his brother flowing through his head, images of Wyatt's opposite. 'It will be that way, one day.' He promised fiercely, "as Wyatt said, we will be the way we were meant to be. Just, good not evil.'

Leo shook his head to clear the images of Wyatt and Chris as babies. He could still see Piper posing for a photograph with them, her smile lighting up the picture. He had thought seeing her again would make it feel that he had lost her again but instead it felt like they had been brought closer. Their love was strong enough to survive through death so it would be strong enough to bring Wyatt back; it had to be.

Leo stepped hesitantly up to Chris and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "We should get put of here." he told him.

Chris nodded silently and turned to face his father, managing a wan smile. "Yeah." He agreed, "Lets get out of here."

Leo nodded, "We will save him." he promised Chris, "Together."

Chris smiled again, he may have lost Wyatt but through him he had found his father again. They were closer now then they had ever been before.

Orbs swirled around Chris and Leo and rose to the ceiling leaving behind them an empty office. The orbs lit up the office but from the shards of glass there were no reflections. The mirror's magic had been completely broken.

The orbs floated higher and left Magic School. Left it as an empty shell again, empty even of the echoes of a past where the corridors had been filled with chattering students. A magical wind blew down the endless hallway, blowing out all the candles and leaving it to be swallowed up by the darkness. The heavy doors of the Great Hall swung shut with a final and resonating bang. And in a small, hidden office off the Great Hall the dust settled back down, blanketing the remains of what had been a mirror.

The End