April 18, 1912
New York City Harbor

As the Carpathia docked, crowds of reporters and family members gathered and awaited the Titanic survivors disembarking the ship despite the rain. Once all the first class passengers were off and the reporters surrounded them, the steerage passengers were able to get off. Jack and Rose were the last ones to get off. They were already soaked and desperately needed shelter. They walked around for about an hour and found a sign that said Room Available For Rent.

"Come on, Rose. Let's see if we afford the place."

"We don't have any money, Jack."

"I still have the ten dollars to my name," he said, smiling at her and grabbing her hand. He pulled her inside the boarding house.

"But how?" Rose asked, as they came up to the front desk and Jack rang the bell.

"How may I help you two?" the old lady asked, coming around the corner from the hall.

"We saw your sign out front and were hoping to rent the room if we have enough for the night," Jack said, shrugging his shoulders and squeezing Rose's hand.

"It's five dollars a night, not including meals, which you go and get yourselves. There's one bed, a vanity, a desk, and a bathroom down the hall. My name is Mrs. Conway," she said, showing them the room. Jack and Rose walked in and looked around the small room. The bed was just big enough for two people. Jack looked at Rose and saw her expression.

"I know it's not what you're used to, but it'll have to do for now."

"I know. I just have to get used to it, is all. As long as I have you, my life is perfect," she said, smiling. Jack turned to Mrs. Conway.

"We'll take it for the night."

"All right. Here's the key. My room is 15A. If you need anything, just knock. Have a nice night," she said, leaving the room to Jack and Rose.

"Where are we going to go next? We're only staying one night here."

"Don't worry, Rose. We'll find somewhere else to stay tomorrow that's cheaper, plus the White Star Line is giving free tickets to all the survivors to get back home. I promise everything will be okay. I love you, Rose."

"I love you, too, Jack."

"Where would you like to go when we get the tickets?"

"I wouldn't mind going to your hometown."

"That sounds perfect. When do you want to leave New York?"

"As soon as possible. The longer we stay here, the better a chance Mother and Cal have to find me if he doesn't already think I'm dead."

"Okay. I'll go down to the station to see when we can leave. It's late, so let's get ready for bed," Jack said, getting undressed. Rose did the same, and they climbed into bed together and slept the night away.