Hello, minna-san, this is Tsu-chan here, presenting a brand new fanfic! I hope everyone likes it If any of you read people's LJ or blogs, you may understand the system that the chapter will go through, but here's a small overview, anyways.

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Another author's note, this is set after the Battle City Tournament season and before the Orichalcos season begins. It would be the KC Grand Prix, but I'd need the information of what happened during the 'Orichalcos' Season, first. If anyone would help and give me episode summaries, even if there are spoilers, I'd be thankful

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By The Amazing Tsu-chan

Chapter One: Posts

Post #157 Date: October 15th Time: 1305 hrs "I'm Back"

Yo. 'Tis the Sacred Fang, and I'm back and ready to talk about, well, talk about anything that pops into my mind. Which happens to be the person who I'm infatuated with. If you are just starting out and reading my entries, then hurrah, I am getting more hits by the month. Anyways let me tell you a bit about him. He's shorter than me, and I think he may be schizophrenic. Sometimes, he can be harsh and cruel, powerful, and maybe a bit evil. Then, most of the time, he's absolutely gentle and kind hearted and always positive. Sometimes, his optimism scares me, but… It's the gentle side that I like; I absolutely hate the darker harsher one.

Since school started again, we have been having un-seasonally warm weather, so we had to go swimming in gym. I was one of the last people to get out, and I saw my crush walking out with his friends. And, since no one else was around, I did the damn most girlish thing I have done since I first saw him- I took his towel to my face a sniffed it! OMFG, I am so obsessed! Oh, by the way, I'm typing this during study hall.

The Sacred Fang

Comment #7 to Post #157 1400 hrs. on October 15th

Great to see you back, Fang. I was waiting for another post And I think you get more hits by the day, not the month! I'm pretty sure that I have been telling my friends to read your site too! And I love the animation that you made for me, it's so cool! huggles the Magical Elf plushie animation you made for me

Anyways, I think that's so cool that you did that, if I was crushin' on someone I'd do the same thing! Anyways, I'm out the teacher's coming back.

Purple Lighting

Post #158 Date: October 17th Time: 1800 hrs "A Bit about His Friends"

Thanks for the comments for the last one, geese, I mean 126 comments! And they seemed to be miniature side conversations about my posts . Someone asked me to talk about who he hangs out with, so let me break it down.

There's this whore in his little 'posse' and she thinks she can dance and is always making friendship speeches; this whacko imbecile who thinks he's so great; a albino who's kind of hot but is also shitzo (sometimes he's masochistic); and a pointy haired imbecile. And then this dice-dude a little bratty girl comes in, too.

Okay, they aren't that bad, but they tend to get on my nerves. Let's see, pointy-hair and wacko are strong, and they know how to help out sometimes, the albino's got a body and is a good player, and the whore, well, she's at least nice… Barely, but nice…

The Sacred Fang

Comment #7 to Post #158 700 hrs. on October 18th

Geeze, if there's one thing I can't stand, its dumb two headed bimbos who think they know about friendship… If I knew who she was, I'd go and beat the living daylights out of her! Crap, I gotta go, it's Saturday, and I have half-day classes then a dance rehearsal.



A slight smile appeared on Seto's lips, the brunette boy sitting back comfortably into the black swivel chair of his office. It was so quiet, so dreadfully quiet, like the calm before the storm. It was a bright Monday afternoon, school had been left out early due to some unusual 'circumstances' that the owner of Kaiba Corp could care less about. At least classes were cancelled before they had to take their midterm…

"Kaiba-san, there's a phone call on line one from a Mr. D from H?" the slightly shaky voice of his temporary-secretary announced from the small speaker on his desk.

"Hai, arigatou, Kasen-chan." He said, instantly knowing that the girl was blushing. Picking up the phone, he pressed the 'L1' button. "Hello, Mr. Devil." Seto had replaced his once innocent smile with his more sarcastic one that Yugi and his friends knew all too well.

"Kaiba, as cocky as ever, I see…" a snide voice replied, hissing in a demonic way.

"I doubt that you called just for the small talk, eh?" the boy had linked his hands behind his head, awaiting the fallen angel's answer.

"You really are a kill-joy, eh, Kaiba? I'll look forward to meeting you personally if I still own Hell after this."

Seto gave an inaudible snort. "Cut to the chase, I have better things to do then listen to your ramblings, no matter how amusing they are."

"Tsk, tsk. You should learn patience, Kaiba, it does well for business."

"And you, Satan, should learn how to summarize what you need to say."

"True, oh so very true." There was a dramatic pause, before the Devil continued. "Sony's winning."

That got Seto's attention, who stopped looking out the window and diverted his gaze towards the phone. "Really?"

"Personally, I'm all for evil, but I'd hate for Sony and Microsoft to go too far in the my domain. They are what people say to be hells on earth, and that's not good. Alright?"

"Could you hold on for a moment, then, so I can ask my co-owner whether or not we should keep bidding."


Seto stalked away from his desk, "Yo, Mokuba-chan!" he yelled into the room in front of him.

Mokuba looked up from his seat next to Kasen, whose light green hair contrasted deeply against his brother's black one. "Hai, Nii-sama?"

"He has the devil on line one wondering if you guys want to continue bidding. Sony's winning right now." Kasen said in a matter-of-factly tone, despite the fact that she was only ten.

Seto rolled his eyes. "You are very, very lucky that you are Mokuba's girl friend. And yes, what are your thoughts on it?"

Kasen gave the man a devious smile, while Mokuba sighed. "Really, I don't care…."

"Fine…." Seto walked back to his desk, and picked up the phone. "Yo, Satan, go and call the other bidders and call me back with what they tell you…. Alright… thanks… ja matta."

Seto rubbed his temples and sighed, booting up his webpage again.

Post #159 Date: October 19th Time: 1500 hrs "Yeah…"

I seriously need a hobby, or maybe another job… I have way too much time on my hands if I could go and reread a lot of my posts and your guys' replies. Maybe I should take up stalking, ne?

Oh, also, I want your thoughts on this. If you could make a deal with the Devil, would you? Of course it'd be used for 'good' more or less… But, yeah…

Anyways, ja matta!
The Sacred Fang

Alright, that's the end of the first chapter! Okay, it seems really slow, but things will start becoming more interesting as the story progresses... What do you think? I plan onupdating on Sundays and/or Wednesdays. I put the 'and/or' bit because I may not be able to update twice a week, every week. Anyways,I really hope you like it! And, the part about the bid on Hell was an idea I got from Megatokyo It's a good comic, go read it!

Ja matta, from the Amazing Tsu-chan!