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By The Amazing Tsu-chan

Chapter 3: A Little Bit About Myself

Seto rubbed his temples, what exactly could he say about himself… As he started typing, a knock was heard from the opposite side of the door. "Who is it?" he asked nonchalantly, closing the program and taking off his glasses that he wore at home.

"Nii-sama, it's almost time for dinner. Come on, let's go downstairs." Mokuba had opened the door a fraction to look inside.

"Hai, one moment." Getting up, Seto had made his way to Mokuba's side, as they waited for the elevator to go downstairs. "Why don't we ever have our recreation facilities on the same level as our eating areas?" he asked his little brother with a raised brow.

"Why should I know? Talk to our idiot step-father!"


Both of the Kaiba brothers looked into the open elevator to see Kasen, who was rocking back and forth on her feet, her reflection bouncing off the sides of the box. "Koban wa."

Seto and Mokuba both gave her their own greetings as they stepped into the lift.

"Um… Domo arigatou, Seto-kun for allowing me to stay over for a few weeks. I am very thankful for your hospitality. I am grateful." Kasen replied solemnly, giving the elder brother a formal bow.

Seto, who never seemed to like the formalities, shook his head. "It's alright. You're pretty much welcome to stay, just no more hacking into the Kaiba Corp computer mainframes."

At those words, Mokuba pouted. "But, Nii-sama! You said you wanted to see someone crack your security system, so I asked Kasen-chan!"

"I was being sarcastic when I said that, and you know ototo-chan." Seto rolled his eyes, tapping his foot impatiently. Soon enough, the doors opened to the second level of the large mansion.

"Wow, sugoi!" he could hear Kasen say under her breath.

It was Mokuba's turn to raise a brow. "What, it's just a normal dinner."

Seto had taken his seat at one end of the table, Mokuba and Kasen across from each other, the former looking bored and the later wide-eyed.

"Sugoi…. Wow, this is SO cool! You're house is the best, Seto-kun!" Kasen practically squealed, saying a small grace before digging in.

"Christian?" Seto asked, poking around his plate. "And you may not want to think so highly of this place. You haven't tasted the dessert."

Mokuba gave a slight scowl as Kasen finished off her meal quickly. She excused herself, Seto and Mokuba following suit.

The eldest of the three gave the two a reassuring smile as he directed Kasen to her room, which was AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE to his brother's. No, he wasn't worried about poor Mokuba getting hurt by his temporary secretary, he was afraid his brother would hurt her, the most naïve girl he has probably ever met on this planet. Seto could tell his ototo-chan had been watching some hentai….

When Seto was sure the two were tucked away, he went back to his own room of comfort. And, like so many nights before, the older boy booted up his black computer and started typing.

Post #160 Date: October 19th Time: 1909 hrs "About Me"

Alright, you really want to know about the REAL me? Fine, I am 16 years old, and was born on October 25th. I weigh about 65 kg and I am 186 cm tall… My hair is brown, but I have blue eyes… I have a younger brother who's 11 and he's a Cancer (July 7). His eyes go from green to blue/grey. Oddly enough, or thankfully, my brother has a girlfriend… Yes, my brother has a girlfriend before I even dated… our parents died when we were young, some people adopted us, and they died. We even had a stepbrother, but he kinda died… so it's just me and my brother. I go to school; I work in a large company. There is probably a legion of girls chasing after me but there is only one person who I like. Unfortunately I'm a total ass to him and his friends… And sometimes I wonder why my fantasies never seem to come true…

Alright, that's all you're going to know about me, unless you can figure out who I really am, or if you can tell who my crush is . So, any of you living in Japan may be able to guess.

The Sacred Fang

Seto, yet again, reclined into the black leathered swivel chair, looking at the post. He yawned, making his way to his bed, where he would probably sleep in until some sort of crisis or his damned blue-eyes alarm clock goes off…

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