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Chapter 6

"Darn right we do!"

Sasuke was a bit startled when Sakura suddenly glared up at him with a defiant look on her face. "Sasuke-kun… I don't know what your problem is, but do you really have to knock Lee-san out just so you can talk to me?"

She was yelling at him… and it was all because he put Thick Eyebrows to sleep.

He raised an eyebrow at her as he crossed his arms over his chest. Why in the hell was she getting mad at him for? It wasn't like he stabbed Thick Eyebrows repeatedly with his kunais or anything! All he did was knock him out cold!

Besides, Thick-Eyebrows wasn't seriously hurt. Even if he wanted him to be, he knew that the force of the blast from the exploding tag wasn't enough to put a dent on that green weirdo.

That was why he attached that sleeping powder in the first place.

Heck! She should be thankful that that was all he did to that damn beast.

"Why are you doing this, Sasuke-kun?" She demanded, her green eyes burned with supressed fury and something else that he couldn't quite understand.

Why? He already asked that question to himself a million times before. But sadly, he still couldn't come up with a decent answer. He just didn't want to see her with Thick Eyebrows! Isn't that reason good enough?

And besides, Thick Eyebrows wasn't a good teacher. Just look what happened to him! If he had been paying attention to what he was doing instead of showing off his skills, he wouldn't be sprawled on the ground like an idiot right now.

Sasuke glared down at her, hoping she'd get scared enough to forget about this whole 'Lee accident'. Unfortunately, the pink-haired kunoichi continued to meet his glare with one of her own... and it didn't look like she was thinking of backing down.

Time surely has changed... Sasuke thought amusedly as he studied this girl who was brave enough to challenge him to a glaring contest.

Years before, she couldn't meet him in the eye without blushing or stuttering like an idiotic fan girl would do. No matter how many times he treated her like dirt, she never fought back and would just cry in one corner or something.

But now... she actually yelled at him! And not to mention, she was actually glaring at him at this very moment...

Sasuke didn't know if he should be happy or sad at the sudden turn of events...

"Well?" Sakura tapped her foot on the ground. Her hands moved to rest on each side of her hips. "Sasuke-kun..."

"Come with me."

This surprised Sakura, but she shook her head in reply. "Tell me the reason why you're doing this first!" She said, her stubborn nature kicking in. She narrowed her eyebrows at him even further. "Did Lee-san do something bad to you? Why did you knock him out? And why..."

"That's why we need to talk." Sasuke stated coldly. "You want to know, right? Then come with me." He grabbed her arm before she could protest and was about to drag her deeper into the woods when she struggled. This forced Sasuke to stop.

"What now?" He snapped.

"What about Lee-san...?" She glanced back at the unconscious guy with a worried look on her face.

Sasuke frowned. "Leave him."

"But Sasuke-kun...!"

"Look." He jerked her arm towards him to gain her full attention and caused Sakura to cry out in surprise. "I thought you wanted to know why I'm doing this!" He threw Thick Eyebrows a glance before he glared down at Sakura again. "That man won't go anywhere. He's fast asleep!"

"But what if...?"

"Nothing's going to eat him, Sakura." Sasuke thought with scowl. "Now let's just go. I want to get this over and done with."

"I never said something would... oh nevermind!" He heard her heave an exasperated sigh before she finally let herself get dragged by him deeper into the forest.

Fifteen minutes passed before Sasuke decided to stop walking. They were finally in a safe distance away from Thick Eyebrows. He let go of her arm and turned to face her with a cold expression. He cursed himself when he saw Sakura rub her arm absentmindedly as she averted her eyes away from him.

He really should be more gentle with her next time.

Silence slowly crawled in the air. Sasuke would have welcomed the stillness but he still had a mission to complete.

It was then that he realized that Sakura wasn't angry with him any longer. In fact, she looked pretty uncomfortable as she stood there in front of him. A blush tainted her cheeks as she continued to look at everywhere but him. She kept avoiding his gaze as if she was afraid that he would eat her alive or something like that.

What happened to the fiery Sakura from before?

Then again, he couldn't really blame her for being like this all of a sudden...

He just did something that was so... not him. The Uchiha Sasuke that they all knew would never lose his temper just because he saw one of his teammates training with another guy. He would never throw a kunai with an explosive tag and a sleeping powder on a guy who attempted to get overly familiar with his teammate. He would never drag one of his teammates in a secluded spot just so he could tell her about some... things... that no one would ever expect him to talk about.

No. The orginal Uchiha Sasuke would never let these things happen to him because power and revenge were all he ever cared about. He didn't have these emotions, mainly because these feelings made him so pathetically weak. Hatred and loneliness were the only feelings that he learned to live with.

But that was a long time ago. The Sasuke that they all knew years ago was gone. And it was all because time and the people all around him changed him into the kind of person that he was right now.

He still couldn't say if they changed him for the better or for the worse, though, because one thing's for sure...

These damn hormones weren't making it a tad easier for him!

Fuck you, puberty... and Naruto for telling me to get on with it!

"Umm... Sasuke-kun?" Sakura's nervous voice snapped him back to reality. "I know that you do things for a reason... so I'll let you go this time." Sasuke wasn't sure if she was teasing him or not. "But you really shouldn't have involved Lee-san in this."

Sasuke sighed in exasperation. So she was still upset with that Thick Eyebrows thing? "Sakura... How many times do I have to tell you? Thick Eyebrows is alive. He's just sleeping."

She frowned. "I know that! And will you please stop calling him Thick Eyebrows? I know that his eyebrows are too thick for his own good, but you don't have to rub it in like that!"

Sasuke rubbed his temple in an attempt to stop an incoming headache. "Sakura, shut up for a minute, okay? I didn't drag you here just to talk about Thick Eyebrows..."

"Then what is it, Sasuke-kun? Why didyou drag me here?" She sounded so unusally demanding, much to Sasuke's annoyance.

Couldn't she wait? He still didn't know what he was going to say just yet!

How was he going to say it, anyway? I'm getting incredibly horny because of you? Fuck. There was no way he was gonna say a stupid thing like that! Only that dobe, Naruto, is idiotic enough to say such words.

Then how was he gonna say it then? And how in the hell would he explain what happened to both of them a few weeks ago without getting uncomfortable as hell? And if he did manage to say it, how could he be sure that all his pent-up desires wouldn't bother him anymore?

"Sasuke-kun? Are you okay?"

Sasuke's eyes widened in surprise when he found himself just a few inches away from her face. She was gazing at him with innocent green eyes, her full pink lips half-open in wonder...

...and looking so delightfully tempting.

Oh shit...

"I'm fine..." He muttered darkly before forcefully turning his back to her. Darn it... This girl's gonna be the death of me.

Moments passed by and neither of them said a word. Sasuke cursed himself again and again. He couldn't do it. He couldn't say it. Shit! He was making a complete fool out of himself!

After a few minutes of vein popping and fists clenching, he finally managed to calm himself down.

That's it. He'd just say whatever damn words that he could think of... "Sakura..." He began as he once again turned to face her.

Sakura blinked up at him, her face filled with innocence and confusion. She flinched slightly when she saw the edgy expression that was plastered on his face.

Sasuke could feel his blood boiling. She looked so enticingly... Damn it! Why was it that he was the only one who was suffering here?

"Sakura..." He made sure that his voice was steady enough before he decided to continue.

Before he could stop himself, however, his mouth blurted out the first thing that came inside his mind.

"I'm getting horny..."

Sakura looked like she was hit by thousands of chidoris. Her face was deathly pale as she gaped at him, her green eyes as wide as saucers. "You're... you're what?" She stuttered the question as if she had trouble breathing.

What did he just say? "Wha... Shit! That's not what I meant!" He growled out, his temper rising at a critical rate. Gods! This just couldn't get any worse. "It's because of you! Your stupid plan did this to me!"

She stared up at him, shock and total confusion written plainly on her face. "Wh-What are you talking about, Sasuke-kun? I don't..."

"Your plan! Can't you remember? The fan girls? At the alley? The bushins?" He exclaimed, his patience wearing dangerously thin. "Darn it, Sakura." He marched in front of her and glared down at her furiously.

Sakura shrank back. "P-Plan...? What plan?" She practically stuttered beneath him. She was still shaken because of what Sasuke just said to her. "Sasuke-kun," He saw her gulp. "I have no idea what you're talking about!" She stood her ground, her eyes forced to meet his intense gaze.

Hell... He glanced down and noticed that her knees were shaking. He could even hear her heart thumping wildly in his ears! Or maybe it was his heart...?

This just couldn't get any worse.

"Sakura... Can't you remember anything? Can't you remember what happened after my fangirls..." He spat the word 'fan girls' as if it was the most disgusting word ever. "...insulted you?" He asked in a little gentler voice.

Darn it, she'd better remember!

Sakura bit her lip nervously. Her gaze darted to all directions except on him. Obviously, she was as nervous as hell. Sasuke couldn't help but feel slightly guilty for yelling at her like that.

After a few more minutes of pointless staring, Sasuke finally gave up.

It seemed like talking wouldn't work. Does that mean he'd have to force her to remember everything that had happened by doing it again? Hell... this isn't good. He didn't want to resort to that! He didn't know if he could stop himself from doing something... more!

But how in the heck was he gonna tell her then? How the fuck could he make her remember?

He didn't have any choice... did he?

"Sakura..." He braced himself for what he was gonna do next. "Don't get the wrong idea."

And with that, his arms encircled her waist as he crushed his lips down to hers.

The kiss wasn't gentle nor romantic. But damn, it was so hot! Sakura thought she was gonna faint in absolute pleasure! It was hard and overly demanding. He rubbed his tongue against hers again and again as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Sakura could do nothing but sigh into his mouth.

What was she supposed to say to him again?

She couldn't remember at all.

In fact, she was having trouble thinking. Sasuke's mouth ignited so much passion deep within her, she never wanted him to stop. She moaned when he nibbled her lower lip before he traced his wet tongue over her half-parted mouth.

She could hear Inner-Sakura whooping in joy...

She was just about to respond to his kiss when he forcefully pulled away from her. He leaned his forehead against her as he let his ragged breath mingle with her own. Both of them neither said a word for a moment and just stared at each other's eyes.

"Well?" He finally broke the silence. Sakura didn't understand what he was trying to say. She was too entranced at the tone of his voice. It sounded so husky and...


"Huh? What?" She was still having trouble getting her wits back. The kiss jumbled her thoughts completely.

She felt him sigh, his breath hot against her cheeks.

Oh no... the butterflies inside her stomach were starting to move again!

"Do you remember now?" He sounded so forced, as if he was still having a hard time catching his breath. "Sakura?"

Remember? What was she supposed to remember? Or better yet, how could she remember anything now? She was already having problems believing that he had just kissed her a second ago, so how could he expect her to remember anything else? Or let alone think?

She gasped when she felt his arms tighten around her. "Sakura... remember, damn it!"

He pushed her a few steps back. Everything happened so fast. When she finally got her wits back, she found herself leaning against the strong trunk of a tree. He pinned her body against the tree with his own before he kissed her again, his mouth slanted over hers numerous times. Before Sakura knew what she was doing, both her arms wounded around his neck as she forced him to deepen his kisses even more.

However, this bold action made him growl into her lips. He jerked his mouth away from hers, his breathing more ragged than ever. Sakura collapsed against his chest in response.

"Stop... that..." He muttered to her. Sakura could imagine him scowling down at her with his dark eyes filled with unsaid desire. "Don't... tempt me..."

As soon as she heard that, Sakura was instantly lost for words. She looked up at him with her eyes narrowed in confusion. "Sasuke-kun... what?"

He interrupted her. "I said, don't get the wrong idea."

Wrong idea? "Then why are you doing this?" She was so confused by what Sasuke was trying to tell her, she didn't know what to say or do. She tried to back away from him, but she was trembling so much she could barely get her legs to support her.

He must have realized that she was trying to get away from him because he gripped her waist even tighter. "I'm trying to make you remember..."

Remember? Just what in the world was he trying to make her remember? She just couldn't understand him at all! And what does kissing have anything to do with it?

For all she knew, she never kissed anyone on the lips before. This was her very first kiss!

Or so she thought... before a lone memory decided to creep inside her head.

Several blurred images suddenly flashed before her eyes. Someone was kissing her... She was enjoying it... Hands were exploring... Her moans were echoing across the silent walls inside the alley...

Sakura blinked in surprise. What...?

Someone was holding her tight... something wet was trailing down her neck... She could hear people gasping all around her...

Before she could see more, pain shot through her head. Her ams that were wounded around Sasuke's neck immediately broke loose as she brought her hands up to her face.

The pain... it hurts so much... it hurts too much...!

She could hear someone yelling, but she couldn't understand what the person was trying to say. Her head felt like it was being split into two! She heard herself whimper, and the next thing she knew, tears were flooding down her cheeks.


It took a few more agonizing seconds before the pain finally disappeared. She fluttered her eyes open and took her hands away from her face. Her head continued to throb, but thankfully, it was not as painful as before.

"Hey." She saw two dark eyes staring at her in... concern?

She forced her mouth to speak, but no words came out except a silent moan.

She knew she had to get a hold of herself. She tried to take a step back, but she realized that she couldn't. She looked down and found herself sitting down on the grassy ground. Sasuke was kneeling next to her. "Sasuke-kun...? What...?"

"Do you remember now?" He interrupted her again with the same question that he kept on asking from before.

"Remember...?" She whispered to herself. Yes, she remembered now. Sasuke kissed her inside the alley... It was his hot tongue that trailed across her neck... It was his hands that...

Wait a minute...!

Sakura's eyes widened in shock.

From the way her eyes grew huge and the way her mouth gaped wide open, Sasuke knew that she finally remembered what happened between the two of them a few weeks ago.


It was a close one... It was a good thing she finally got her memory back.

He slowly got up and took a few steps away from her. He could only hope that after this, he wouldn't suffer any hormonal urges anymore. He had released all his desires on those few kisses that they shared a while ago, after all. That should be enough to put a stop to all these madness, right?


He tilted his head to the side in order to take a look at her once again. His eyebrows twitched when he saw her still looking as shocked as ever.

Was it really that shocking...?

Yes it was.

Sasuke sighed.

"Sakura?" He called her attention. It took him a few tries before he finally distrupted her thoughts. He was a little startled when she gazed at him with an unreadable expression on her face. "Now that you remembered..." He trailed off, her look made him unusually uncomfortable. "You'd better stay away from me if you know what's good for you."

He didn't waste any more seconds. He was gone in a blink of an eye.

Later that night, a certain pink-haired girl continued to thrash on her bed. She made weird sounds in her sleep as she unconsciously let her pillows and bedsheets drop down to the floor.

Obviously, she was having a very disturbing dream.

But fortunately, she was not the only one.

Because there was a certain Uchiha who was having the same dreams as she was.

The only difference was, his was a full-blown nightmare.

The End


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