I'm writing again, sorry to some of you who have been waiting for me to write something else. This should be a good one, I hope; if I don't lose it it'll be fine. There is of course AyaXOmi andperhaps some others that I will not tell yet! X3

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Breathe…just keep breathing…it'll be over soon… Omi sat up straight in bed, arms around his stomach, sweat beading on his forehead. Fire coursed in his veins like broken glass. Every muscle was tense, gritting his teeth together and making his eyes clench shut. Kami-sama, he couldn't breathe, it hurt too much. There wasn't enough oxygen. He wished he would die. Maybe he would.

"Gnnh…" His gut twisted harder inside, making him emit a soft cry of pain. Omi tried to relax but nothing would. He bit his lip until it bled. Now how was he going to explain that one? Tears welled up but weren't large enough to run down his frozen cheeks. How could his body burn and yet be so cold?

Just as it had began and built up, so the torture started to subside. His muscles slowly loosened, and Omi lay down again to catch his breath. He wiped his hair from his face and wished he could just get some rest like everyone else. Instead, he was now wide awake and probably wouldn't get back to sleep in time to get any decent rest.

Big blue eyes stared out the window at the night sky. It was beautiful out, and he got up to open the window. The little breeze was slightly warm, and even though it smelled strongly of asphalt and humanity, it still made Omi a bit happier. At least he could see some stars, and the moon was a bright crescent crowning the city.

He could fix this if he really wanted to; he didn't have to suffer this way. But the cure was more devastating than the disease. It made him shudder just to think about it. He preferred the pain; it wasn't that often anyway.

Omi sighed, letting the wind carry it away, perhaps with the thousand sighs of others with torn spirits. Sending out a last breathless exhalation he shut his window against the bodiless messenger of grief, warm and cold at the same time, just like him.

But no, there was warmth stealing back in his skin as he went to his computer and typed the date down on a computer. The glare was beginning to hurt his eyes again; too bright. He only made a quick note this time before closing the file and shutting the computer off. He really needed to sleep.

"Ne, Omi, you look wasted. Did you sneak out last night?" Yoji accosted him in the shop. Truthfully, Omi did look like crap, but that didn't mean the blond man could rub his nose in it. He half-heartedly waved a hand at the playboy to leave him alone, who only laughed.

" Iie, I know. Omi got sick of just looking at those girls, so he had to go and find one for himself." This actually got the boy to shoot up in protest, a blush written all over his face. The phone rang and he gratefully answered it.

"Moshi moshi…"

"Omi, you forgot to write the rest of this address down. What's the fourth address on the order sheet?" It was Aya, out delivering flowers. Oops, and Omi had botched the list. Ahondara! Aya made him nervous, always glaring at him, as if he would kill the boy any minute. Omi still worried that he might, for his relation to the family Aya hated so much. Sometimes he wanted to shout at the man that he too suffered at his family's hands. But that wouldn't solve anything either. He made his way around a knot of girls to look at the board.

" Wh…which one is it again?" He tried not to stutter, really he did, but lack of sleep coupled with a cranky Aya did that to him. And Aya was cranky. Omi could hear it in his voice.

" The fourth."

" S…sorry." Omi gave him the address and stammered out another three apologies. After he hung up he slapped himself mentally. Stop it Omi, Aya's not that frightening! It was more that Omi respected him, but at times like this it became scary.

Either way, he had to leave work early. The world was starting to spin, and though Omi wouldn't throw up unless he allowed himself to, it was impossible to work with annoying girls and deal with nausea at the same time. He lay down on the couch, trying to collect everything together.

The rest of the guys came down relatively early. Omi was going to ask why they closed before they were supposed to, until he saw Manx with them. Oh, another mission. He tried to get up, but spots blinked in and out of his vision. Damn it all…

He had to tell Ken that yes, he'd do whatever it was, because he really didn't feel good right now. And the brunette was making it worse.