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Chapter 23

Forgetting, Remembering, and Understanding

They had just heard the news. The Titans and the friends they had made at

Hogwarts sat somberly alone in the Gryffindor common room. Dumbledore had allowed

the classes of the day to be canceled due to the excitement of the night prior. Most

students were taking advantage of it by sleeping in, having a long breakfast, enjoying the

warm autumn day outside, or catching up on homework that they might of procrastinated.

"This sucks," commented Ginny to the silence of the group, putting none too

elegantly the feelings of the whole group. Cyborg nodded whole-heartedly in agreement.

"Can we do nothing about this?" asked Raven darkly.

"Dumbledore does not agree with this at all," explained Hermione, "If their was a

way he knew you guys could get by secretly without loosing your memories, he would

have told us."

"But your wizards, isn't their something?" asked Robin emphatically.

"Well, unless you can learn how to do our type of silent magic in the next hour or

so, no," answered Harry.

And so the group sat their. Though they had not known each other a long time, it

felt like a terrible lose. For the Hogwarts students it was hard to face that in not to long

they would friends that didn't even remember them, but it was even harder for the Titans.

To lose your memory, especially a memory of an important place and event, with people

that became important to you. It was scary, scratch that, it was horrifying, particularly

when you have to sit their and think about it, knowing there is nothing you can do to

change it.

It seemed like only seconds had passed before Ginny glanced at her watch and

then commented, "It's almost time, I think we should say our goodbyes."

The somber group got to their feet tiredly and began a sad farewell of mumbled

memories and regrets, handshakes, hugs, and tears. Raven stood away from the others,

observing them. She wasn't the touchy-feely type, nor was she the emotions type

either. Though the despair was common to her, the tearful goodbyes made her


Hermione detatched herself from the main group and went over to Raven.

Hermione sighed, "I hate the fact that I'm never going to get talk to you again, and even

if I do, you wouldn't remember me."

Raven nodded.

"Even thought I we only knew each other for a very short time, I kinda considered

you a close friend."

"Me too," answered Raven, not as fancily as Hermione, but she meant it.

Next thing Raven knew she was standing stiffly in Hermione's tight embrace.

Raven patted Hermione awkwardly on the back. Raven wasn't used to being hugged

often, except by Starfire.

Hermione stepped back, "Sorry, lost control."

"It's okay."

Hermione glanced over her shoulder and gave a half grin, "Looks like someone

else wants to talk to you."

To Raven's surprise it was Harry.

"I know we for the most of the time you were here we fought, and bickered-,"

"And hated each others guts."

"Yeah," Harry smiled, "But I think you should know that I respect you and I

hope you respect me in return." Harry held out his hand. Raven observed it for a moment

before she reached out and clasped it.

"We're good," answered Raven with a half grin which Harry returned.

"I guess I learned some things about not judging people before I know them," said


Raven was silent for a moment before saying, "I guess I learned some things

about working with people even if you don't like them."

Neither had anything else to say, but they understood each other perfectly. It

might have been because they were too alike. Both cynical in their own way, but

infinitively trusting in their few close friends, as well as being overprotective of them. Both with dark

pasts filled with secrets and questions they would rather leave unanswered And powers

with potential they could hardly control. But what connected them the most was that the

two of them had both faced the choices and chances to turn to the dark and evil side, but


A dry cough that was a clearing of a thought brought the teenagers attention to the

doorway were McGonagall stood. Her mouth was held in a firm straight line, and though

her expression was an attempt at stony, emotionless, and indifferent, it ended up looking

like a sicken grimace.

"It's time," she said hoarsely.

The Teen Titans and the Hogwarts students glanced at each other, neither group

actually believing this was happening. It was though they had hoped all along they would

somehow get out of it. They group murmured regretful last goodbyes to each other before

separating, none trusting themselves with more emotional farewells.

The Titans followed the saddened professor out of the Gryffindor common room

and into the mass corridors of Hogwarts castle in single file. They didn't talk to each

other, each lost in their own thoughts.

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy, observed the halls as they passed through

them as though trying to absorb as much as they could or lock their memories away as to

protect them. Raven followed behind the rest of them by a few paces, hood drawn and

head downcast so that she couldn't be looking at anything but the floor or the other

Titans' feet.

Somehow it had the feeling of a condemned man's last walk to the gallows. It felt

like an eternity, but yet still not enough time, before the reached an extra room near the

entrance of the school were Dumbledore, a balding man wearing a pinstripe suit under his

robes, also know as Cornelius Fudge, and several others ministry wizards were watching.

"We better get this over with," said Fudge as the five teens and McGonagall

paused in front of them outside the door in the hallway.

"A moment, please," said Dumbledore in way that made it sound more like a

demand than a request, "For farewells."

Fudge sighed in an annoyed manner, "Make it quick Dumbledore," before

disappearing into the awaiting room.

"Well, I must say it was a pleasure having all of you and even though you will not

remember us in a few short minutes, you will always be remembered," the headmaster

said in almost fake cheeriness.

The Titans were not heartened at all.

Suddenly a look of great wisdom and a little sadness came upon the aged wizard

as he locked eyes with each of them in turn even Raven through the shadow of her


And he held her eye contact as he spoke, his power almost scaring the empathy

because she could not break away even if she dared to, "Do not give up hope, this is not

the end by any means. Even if this brief adventure in your young lives is over and

forgotten, you have many awaiting you, just know that your contribution and aid you

have given so selflessly to this school and the wizarding community as a whole has

helped us beyond any fit words of thanking."

Some of the dread and anxiety disappearing from the four young heroes standing

before Dumbledore. And it was enough.

"Well, I best not be delay you any longer or dear old Cornelius will come after me

too," said Dumbledore, back into his happy façade. He gave a goodbye nod or handshake

as they passed by him one by one into the awaiting room, but when he got to Raven he

stopped her.

"You really have an extraordinary power, Raven."

Raven said nothing.

"Being able to block things, material or energy, with your form of magic, and,

most surprisingly, our type of magic… well I bet you can even create a shield inside


Raven just looked at Dumbledore, confused. Then he winked at her.

"Well, goodbye Raven," he said, dismissing her to the next room. He was one

really strange old man, but he had just given her great advice.

She didn't pay attention as they were sat down in the next room and explained to

that no harm would come to them and this was just a necessary precaution and they next

thing they would know they would be waking up in their own beds unaware of any of the

events that had happened in the last few days.

Instead her eyes were shut in a silent meditation, locking everything, even herself,

inside her mind. It needed to be perfect. She whispered as quietly as possible her magic

words under her breath, "Azerath Metrion Zinthos. The wizards saying their own magic

words was the last things she heard before forcing herself unconscious.


Raven sat on the couch in the Titan Tower's common room as far as she could

from Cyborg and Beast Boy who were loudly and violently playing a video game.

Robin's music was blasting even louder, as in attempt to drown the others out as he

monitored his computer for any sign of trouble in the city while, in an oversight, Starfire

was allowed fixing a traditional Tameranian meal again.

Raven hadn't mentioned a thing about Hogwarts to the others, knowing they

wouldn't remember and would think her crazy, or if, by chance, it had all been just an

elaborate dream, but she doubted it. The half-demon Titan had succeed in preserving her

memories, by locking them away in her subconscious and clearing her mind like she had

done many times before in her daily meditations. Then she created just a hint of her black

magical aurora, but instead of releasing it outside her body via her hands, she kept it

inside and thus secretly deflected the memory erasing spell with the wizards being none

the wiser.

Raven was slightly upset that the others didn't remember because of the

deepening of some of their relationships with a new mutual understanding, but she didn't

let it get to her. She had gained something much more. A single new respect and

appreciation of her friends, yes friends, the best, despite their quirks.

So as Raven sat their with the noise and the arguing and the strange smell coming

from the kitchen area she hid a smile behind her book. Not a grin or a smirk, but a full

smile. No matter how annoying it could be Raven never wanted to live a life without this,

somehow comforting, residing chaos.

But right now, it was just another day at Teen Titan Tower.

The End

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