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"Yami, Yami, wake up!" Yami opened his eyes. "Where am I?" Yugi chuckled. "You're at home!" Yami got up, and realized he was on the couch in the Muto's living room. He looked around, eyeing everything as if he'd never been in a house before. Then it hit him. "I have my own body?" Yugi chuckled again.

"Yep, what do you think?" Yami still looking around says, "It's not bad, can you tell me what happened?"

"Shadi got you your own body, you've been asleep for a about a day, my mom and grandpa didn't expect you to wake up soon, so they went to visit my aunt in Tokyo. Leaving you, me, Lynne and Danielle."

"Who's Lynne and Danielle?" Yami felt a pounce, and some claws in lap. Frightened, he looked down at a fluffy black cat. Even more frightened, he took a second to look up at Yugi questioningly. Who was laughing at the startled Yami. "Very funny!"

"That's Danielle" Then Yami felt something cuddle against his legs. He looked down and saw a mostly pure white kitten- it had a black little raccoon tail, and a black patch on the right eye going around the right ear. This cat was also fluffy. "That's Lynne, they're both girls, they're both sweet, and they're both playful. It looks like they might like you already. Either that, of they both want food."

"Where did you get their names?"

"The names are the middle names of the girls they used to belong to. They rescued them because the mother cat died before the kittens were done feeding.

They couldn't keep the kittens, so they gave them to me. That was a month ago. Now look at them! Both of them are a bit bigger than when I first got them, and a lot less helpless looking. Now I have to get their dinner."

"Are they friendly?"

"You know something; you haven't ended a sentence without a question since you've woken up!"

"Yeah, well wondering is in my nature you know?" Yami chuckled. "I'll try to stop asking questions, now you better get these beasts food before they do something drastic!" Danielle lay down in Yam's lap waiting for him to pet her, as Lynne nuzzled Yami's face. They both started purring simultaneously.

Danielle seemed more spoiled with her attitude of 'Come pet me yourself, I'm not a nuzzler.' While Lynne just warmed right up to Yami. She couldn't seem to stop nuzzling him.

"That's how they first responded to me. One month and they haven't changed a bit! They're both loving, they just have their own ways of getting attention."

The 2 kittens eyed Yugi with a death glare. "Ok, ok, I'm going, I'm going!" Yugi exited the living room into the kitchen for food. The sun was just setting.

Earlier there was enough light to see, so a light switch wasn't needed quite yet. But it seemed as if that the moment Yugi left the room the sun completely set. Yami didn't know where the light switch was, and it was already too dark to see. Yugi turned on the kitchen light, but with the way the couch was angled away from the kitchen, Yami didn't receive any. He decided not to get up to search for one because Danielle was on his lap with him stroking her fur with his left hand, the other hand was scratching behind Lynne's white ear. Now that the room was dimmer Danielle seemed to purr louder and Lynne just could not stop nuzzling! She nuzzled his face, his hand, Danielle, and his leg. Now she curled up in his jacket. While Danielle got up and walked off. Who knows where she went. She was a black cat in the dark.

In the kitchen:

"It sure got dark quick." Yugi was holding the large water dish that the 2 kittens shared underneath the kitchen faucet. He turned it off when it was full and set the dish down on the counter. Then he picked up Lynne's food dish and began pouring dry cat food into it. Then he set down the bag of food. "I guess I should go turn the light switch on in there so no one, namely Yami, trips." Yugi went into the living room where it was dark, and he still had Lynne's cat food dish in

his hand. Just because he forgot to set it down.

Back in the living room:

Danielle still didn't return from...wherever she was. Little did Yami know that she was nearby, and waiting. Now Lynne was sitting laying on Yami's lap. She was purring very loudly. She was just being happy being in the same room as him. She was especially happy lying in his lap with him petting her and her really clean white fur. He couldn't tell how clean it was though because of how dark it had gotten. Yami and the 2 female kittens were waiting for Yugi. Yami still had no clue where Danielle was. Then Yugi came into the living room. "Yami, are you still on the couch? I can't tell." Yami heard him, and could almost tell where voice was coming from. He looked in that direction and sure enough, he could see the shadow of Yugi's hair. He responded, "Yes Yugi, I'm still on the couch."

"Good, I'm going to go turn on the light, it's closer to you, but I don't want you to get up." Yugi was about to walk across the room, as he approached the couch something ran in front of him. It was something with fur. He tried to put his foot forward to stop himself from falling, but by that time it was too late. Yami could see Yugi falling; he could see the shadow of his hair going down. He had to think quickly, he had to get up. But Lynne was still on him. She didn't get up and run off

until the last second. Yugi was on the ground. The cat food had spilled, but he didn't know where. He got up to turn on the light to see where. He flicked the switch.

Where was the food? All over Yami! It was in his lap, in his hair, and he could've sworn some went down his shirt. Yugi looked at the ground beside the couch-where Lynne and Danielle were sitting right next to each other. They were both looking very pleased with themselves. The 2 balls of fluffed jumped back onto the couch and began eating the bits of dry cat food. Lynne chose the food in his lap and tried finding any in his jacket. Both cats had a keen smell, therefore they knew where any food was, anywhere, at any time. Danielle jumped onto the back of the couch to eat the food from his hair. Yami was sitting there in disbelief; it seemed as if the kittens had planned this. Yugi was thinking the same thing, and rushed over to Yami to clean up the food. "I'm really sorry; I should have turned on the lights before I left the room! The cats looked at Yugi as he picked up the little bits of food on the couch by Yami. Yami looked at the cats and they seemed to glare at him. But that was broken and they stopped glaring when Yugi spoke again. "You know, you can help too!" Yami looked away from the cats. He began to pick the food out of his hair and everywhere else.

"Well, it looks like we got all of it."

"Just in case..." He took off his jacket because something was itching, and of course. One more bit of cat food was shaken out of his jacket. He looked at the kitties and their, oh so innocent, but evil, looks. They began cuddling against his legs, almost as if they were apologizing- but not being sincere. Then he looked up at Yugi who was...laughing! His face was red and he was clutching his stomach. The short boy couldn't stop laughing. "What's so funny?"

Yugi took a second to answer that to stop laughing. "Your face when that piece fell out of your jacket. You just had the weirdest and funniest look. Don't mean to laugh at you though. I couldn't help it!" Danielle and Lynne went into the kitchen and sat by Danielle's food dish waiting for food. Lynne's was still in the living room. They still seemed to have that sweet, and innocent-yet evil looks on their faces. "What's' wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just getting to know Lynne and Danielle better!"

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