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Two months later

Claire looked around her new office at the Tarin Publishing Company. She had a big desk and a huge window to view over the city of Sydney. She smiled as she looked down over the city. She loved the feeling of being at some important job in a big building.

Someone knocked on the doorframe and Claire turned. Kate was standing there. Kate's stomach bulged a little from where the growing baby was.

"So, you like your new office Mrs. Pace?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, I can't wait for Charlie to see it," Claire said sitting in her chair. "He should be here by now with Aidan and Cammie."

All of the sudden Kate and Claire heard a little kid scream in excitement. And then they heard, "Aidan Pace! Stop running down the hallway!"

Claire giggled as Charlie out of breath came to the door, Cammie was being supported with one arm and he had Aidan's shirt by his other hand.

"Had some trouble?" Claire asked walking over to her husband and children.

"A little," Charlie said kissing her. "This your new office?"

"Yeah, what do you think?" Claire asked letting him in. Charlie looked around and whistled.

"Nice," Charlie said watching Aidan spin in the chair.

"Aidan, be careful!" Claire warned. She grabbed the chair to stop it from spinning. Kate looked down the hallway and saw an older woman walk down the hallway.

The woman came to the door. "Excuse me, but some of us are trying to work!" she scolded.

"Sorry," Claire said. She left and Kate rolled her eyes.

"You'll have to get use to this, the older people in this office don't believe in having fun," Kate replied.

"I don't think it will be a problem as long as my best friend is here," Claire said.

"Don't worry, they don't like me either," Kate said. Claire laughed. "Well, I got to get back to work. See you guys later."

"Kate, you want to go to lunch with us?" Charlie asked.

"Nah, you guys go ahead," Kate replied. "Sawyer is suppose to be coming soon, we have a doctor's appointment later."

"Okay," Claire said. "Bye." Kate waved and left the doorway.

"Ready to go?" Charlie asked. Claire nodded and picked up Aidan as they walked down to Charlie's car.


Claire sat on the couch after she got off work and opened up her book. Charlie was busy cutting the grass, Cammie was asleep and Aidan was sitting next to Claire watching TV.

Claire opened up to the part where Charlie brought her the peanut butter. She smiled reading the passage.

'I opened my eyes to see Charlie taking down my laundry. It was nice that he was doing this for me, but I just didn't feel right that he was taking down my underwear.

"What are you doing?" I asked him. He turned to me with a kind of mischievous, cheekiness look.

"Packing your stuff, you're moving to the caves." He said it all to nonchalantly. I remember feeling like excitement burst in me. He couldn't have found it, could he?

"You didn't?" I asked, I was so excited I could hardly contain it. "Peanut butter?" He just looked at me not answering. "No way!"

"Just like you ordered," he replied. I remember smiling like a fool as he sat in front of me. He then seemed to be disappointed. "Just one thing, it's extra smooth."

I giggled. "That's okay," I said. I was eight months pregnant, he didn't have to worry about giving me a special kind, I just wanted it!

Charlie then smiled so brightly and reached into his pack to pull it out. Except it was empty. I was a little devastated.

"It's empty," I stated flatly. Charlie looked up downhearted.

"What?" he asked. "No, no it's not. It's full," he said. I started to believe I had befriended the wrong guy here. He seemed to be going kind of loony. "Full to the brim," he continued. "With stick to the roof of your mouth, oh God, it makes you want a glass of milk, extra smooth…" as he said all this he put his finger into the jar and swiped an imaginary bit of it. He stuck it into his mouth and closed his eyes. He moaned softly in pure ecstasy.

Charlie opened his eyes and looked at me and said with all sincerity, "it's the best bloody peanut butter I've ever tasted."

He had described it so beautifully, that I wanted some. "You want some?" he asked. He didn't even have to offer. I giggled and stuck my finger in the jar and pull it out. I sucked on my finger and I could actually taste it!

We smiled at each other and I knew at that moment, that this man would probably do anything for me. And I had no idea why.'

Claire sighed and put the book down. She looked down at Aidan who had fallen asleep with his head in her lap. She kissed his forehead softly and stood to move him on the couch. She placed him down and covered him up.

Claire walked out to the backyard. Charlie was cutting the grass in nice neat rows and Claire watched him for a little bit. The sun had started to set and the pre moon sky came. Charlie stopped a few seconds later. He was done, so Claire walked off the patio and over to him.

Charlie wiped the sweat off his forehead as Claire walked over to him. Charlie smiled down at her. "Hey," he said. Claire smiled and kissed him passionately.

"What was that for?" Charlie asked when they parted.

"Just because I love you," Claire said.

"I love you too," Charlie said smiling. He wrapped an arm around Claire. She placed her head on his shoulder. "What's wrong?"

Claire looked up at him. "How come on the island, you did everything for me. But I never did anything for you?"

"What?" Charlie asked.

"You always seemed to be taking care of me, the peanut butter, helping me through false labor, protecting me, everything. I never did anything for you," Claire explained.

"You cut my hair, remember?" Charlie asked. Claire smiled.

"That's not what I meant," Claire said.

"You did lots of stuff for me, every time I was hurt, you helped me get past the scars, you made me feel a hundred percent better on that island, you gave me your love, and you took care of me too," Charlie said.

"I just don't feel as though I did," Claire said.

"Don't feel that way," Charlie replied kissing her forehead. "You did, and you still are."

"Well one of these days, I'll cut the grass for you," Claire replied. Charlie laughed.

"I'd like to see you try," Charlie said. Claire playfully punched him. "For that, you get chased around the yard!"

"Ahh!" Claire screamed. She started running around the yard as Charlie chased her. Claire slowed down so Charlie could catch her. Charlie grabbed her from behind and lifted her in his arms.

Charlie spun her around in a circle. "Okay! Put me down before I get sick!" Claire said. Charlie sat her down.

"Feel better?" Charlie asked.

"Much, thank you," Claire said. "Aidan's asleep on the couch."

"Well, I'll put the lawnmower away, get cleaned up and then we can watch a movie," Charlie said.

"Okay, I'm going to put Aidan to bed and then check on Cammie," Claire said. She ran inside and carried Aidan up to bed.

She covered him up and kissed his forehead. She then walked down the hall to Camille's room. Camille was still asleep, sucking her thumb. Claire kissed her softly and then walked down the stairs.

Claire went to the kitchen and grabbed drinks and snacks to eat while watching the movie. Charlie came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and sat next to Claire.

"Ready?" Claire asked. Charlie nodded. They sat and watched the movie and soon, Claire had fallen asleep in Charlie's arms.

"Claire?" Charlie asked. Claire didn't respond so he kissed her softly. "Good night love." He pulled her closer and kept watching the movie. Claire snuggled into his embrace and Charlie leaned his head on top of hers.

Charlie knew that she had done millions of things for him like he had done for her. And even though she didn't think she did, she had and Charlie knew deep down inside, she knew it.


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