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Summery: Kagome and Inuyasha are childhood friends, and Inuyasha soon moves away to Kyoto. Later, Kagome wittness a murder and is under the wittness protection program. She has to pretend to be a boy and gets a whole new identity. When she goes to Hakamori school, an all-boys school, she surprisingly finds her childhood friend, Inuyasha there, and let's just say that he's way different then the last time she had seen him, which wassix years ago..

Childhood Friend

Chapter One: Moving Away

By Dreamer for Eternity

Kagome Higurashi was a sweet, nine-year old girl. She had raven hair up to her shoulders, and had brown eyes. She lived in a apartment and had a neighbor, Inuyasha Taishou.

Inuyasha Taishou was a hanyou, and had silver hair to his waist with two cute dog ears on top of his head. He had golden eyes and everyone was terrified of him, except Kagome and her family. They found him sweet and adorable.

Kagome wore a pink T-shirt and a white skirt. She had her hair in pigtails and went up to Inuyasha's door and knocked on it.

"Inuyasha-kun, answer the door!" Kagome said to the door.

Inuyasha slowly opened his door and his eyes were red and puffy. He has obviously been crying.

Kagome gently said, "Why are you crying, Inuyasha-kun?"

Inuyasha answered, between his sobs. "We're moving.. To Kyoto.."

"Kyoto? Is it far? Can I still visit you?" Kagome hopefully asked.

Inuyasha shook his head slowly as tears started to stream down from his eyes. "No.. It's too far.."

"But I can visit if I save money!" Kagome said.

"I think it'll take years of your allowance, Kagome-chan. You only get ten bucks in a month, remember?" Inuyasha asked and the hope in Kagome's eyes were gone.

"Inuyasha-kun.. You promised that we won't be seperated! We'll always be with each other for forever!" Kagome yelled.

"Kagome-chan.." Inuyasha breathed.

Tears came down from Kagome's eyes. "I.. I'm going to miss you, Inuyasha-kun.. You'll miss me too, right?"

"Baka... Of course I'll miss you." Inuyasha replied, as he hugged Kagome tightly.

Kagome muffled against Inuyasha's shirt. "I don't know what I'll do without you..."

Inuyasha stroked Kagome's hair. "I'm sure you'll do fine.. Like you always do."

Kagome said, "It's only because you were always there.."

Inuyasha said, "No, it's because you believed in yourself, Kagome-chan."

Later, Inuyasha's mom, Izayoi, came out of the front door and said, "Inuyasha honey, we're going now." noticing Kagome she said, "I'm sorry, Kagome dear. Maybe you can come visit Inuyasha in Kyoto." and headed towards the stairs to get out of the apartment building and heading towards her car, which was a camaro.

Inuyasha slowly stopped hugging Kagome and said, "Bye Kagome.."

Kagome said, "I don't want to say good bye.. It'll feel like I'll never ever see you again, Inuyasha-kun.."

Inuyasha started to walk towards his mother's car and whispered, "Bye Kagome.." and got onto the car and his mom slowly started to drive towards the sunset.

It had been seven years. Seven years was the last time she had ever seen him. Inuyasha Taishou, her childhood best friend. Kagome had survived without her best friend over the eight years. She was saving up her money to visit Kyoto, and Inuyasha. So far, she only need this month's allowance until she can go to Kyoto again.

Over the years, Kagome's appearence changed. She is now sixteen years old, with long wavy raven hair, and had a georgous body.

Kagome let out a sigh. Kyoto is a big place.. And how am I going to find Inuyasha there?

Kagome had been waiting eight years for tomorrow to come. The day she gets her monthly allowance.

Kagome said, "I feel like going to the mall.. Maybe I should buy a small cute bag to make me feel better.."

Kagome got dressed into a blue v-neck cotton shirt and wore tight navy jeans. She tied her hair in a high ponytail and grabbed her purse and walked out of her room. She saw her mother, making breakfast for her brother, Souta, who had short raven hair and was ten years old.

"Mom, I'm going to shopping, okay?" Kagome said.

Her mother, Mrs. Higurashi replied, "Okay dear, have fun." and gave her twenty bucks. Kagome accepted the money and walked out of the front door.

At the mall, it was really crowded and Kagome was starting to feel better. She looked at some summer clothes and bags. At the end, she bought two small bags and five summer clothes, with her mom's money.

On her way, passing this small resturant, Kagome heard a loud bullet sound. She froze in fear.

Is.. That a bullet sound? Kagome wondered.

Being curious, she walked towards the source of the bullet sound and let out a small gasp.

There was a dead man, who was lying on the ground, bleeding everywhere and there was another man, who was standing on top of the dead man, snickering.

Kagome slowly took out her cell phone and dialed 9-1-1.

"Hello? Operator?" Kagome spoke to the phone. "I would like to wittness a murder, near that Hot dog resturant.."

"Oh my, we'll be there right away!"

"Thank you.." Kagome said as she slowly hung up.

"You!" the man yelled as he spotted Kagome.

Kagome let out a small scream as the man had pointed his gun at her. In flash, cops had surrounded the man carrying the gun and yelled, "Halt!"

The man was forced to drop the gun and had been arrested, while paramedics asked Kagome if she had been alright.

"I'm f-fine." Kagome shuttered in fear.

Then, a cop came up to her and said, "Miss, we would like to have some word with you."

Kagome nodded slowly and the cop said, "Tomorrow, please have your family come to the police station so we can discuss about this." and Kagome gulped.

"Yes sir." Kagome murmured.

The next day, the Higurashi family went to the police station and Mrs. Higurashi asked, "What was it that you wanted to discuss, officer?"

"Your daughter, had wittness a murder." The cop replied.

"Yes, and is there something about that?" Mrs. Higurashi asked

"Well, we're worried that the murder might come after your daughter, so we suggest that your whole family should be put in a WPP" The cop explained.

"WPP?" Mrs. Higurashi repeated.

"Wittness Protection Program." The cop translated.

"Oh. I understand." Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Okay, we'll have forms for you and your family, it should arrive tomorrow morning." the cop said.

Mrs. Higurashi nodded and Souta asked, "Does it mean we have to move out of Tokyo?"

"I'm afraid so, young lad." the cop sincerely said.

"Okay, children, let's go home now." Mrs. Higurashi said.

Kagome, who had been staring blankly at the wall for the whole time said, "Huh? Oh! Wait for me!" and exited the police station.

The next day, the forms have arrived.They each looked at their forms.

Souta exclaimed, "I'm going to an all boys school and our last name is Mokoto?"

Kagome stopped reading. "Mokoto sounds weird."

"I know." Souta agreed.

"Now, now, kids. The wittness protection program had spent alot of time doing this for us. We should appreciate this." Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Ahhh!" Kagome yelled.

"What?" Souta asked.

"I have to go to an all boys school and my name is changed! It's Kaguro!" Kagome complained.

Souta laughed. " That is so hilarious! Your reaction!"

Mrs. Higurashi said, "It says that since you are a girl, Kagome, they decided to put you in an all boys school."

"It's not fair! I don't want to go to an all boys school!" Kagome complained.

"Well, Kagome, it says here that you have to." Souta said.

"Ugh! It's so not fair!"

"And look, we're moving to Kyoto!" Mrs. Higurashi exclaimed.

"We are?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, we are."

Kagome stood in front of Hakamori all boys school with Souta beside her.

"Are you ready?" Souta asked.

Kagome gulped. "I think I am."

And together they both went into the Hakamori school's enterance. Kagome looked like a boy because she was wearing a very loose school uniform and had her hair in a very low ponytail. They both arrived at the front office and the principal said, "Oh, you must be Souta and Kaguro Mokoto."

Kagome's eyebrows twitched at the name.

"Yes, we are." Souta replied.

"Well, Souta, you're going to be in the classroom A and you, Kaguro, is going to be in classroom F." the principal said.

"Yes sir." both Kagome and Souta said in a unison and they exited the front office.

"Creepy principal, huh?" Souta asked as they were walking in the halls towards their classroom.

"Yeah.." Kagome agreed.

Souta stopped walking and said, "Hey, this is my class room, so I'll see you later, okay?"

"Okay." Kagome said as she kept on walking.towards her class room.

When Kagome had finally arrived at her class room, she surpisingly found out that the teacher was Ms. Kaede, and was a woman, teaching an all boys school.

"Kaguro Mokoto?" Kaede asked, reading the name from her list as the moment when Kagome stepped into the class room.

"That's me." Kagome said, in a low voice.

"Well, that's wonderful. Have a seat beside Miroku Houshi." Kaede instructed, and looking towards a boy, with a small ponytail, she said, "Miroku Houshi, please raise your hand."

The boy, Miroku raised his hand and Kagome saw that he had a small ponytail and had crystal blue eyes.

Kagome walked towards Miroku and took a seat beside him. Miroku took out his hand and said, "I'm Miroku Houshi."

"Kaguro Mokoto." Kagome said as she shook his hand.

"Hey, do you want to have lunch with me and my friends?" Miroku asked.

"Sure." Kagome answered.

Kagome was following behind Miroku as they were walking in the cafeteriaand they were both carrying their lunch tray, filled with food.

Kagome stared down at tray filled with food and sweat dropped. Does boys eat so much? I mean, I seen Souta eat, and he barely eats, compare to this..

When Miroku stopped walking, he was in front of this big lunch table and said, "Kaguro, meet everyone."

Kagome saw all of Miroku's friends and gasped. She had gasped because in the middle, was her childhood best friend, Inuyasha Taishou.

"Inuyasha-kun..." Kagome whispered.

End of Chapter 1!

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