Author's Note: WOWZERS! Wow, I never knew that I had this much reviews for this story... Wow, and I KNOW it is a sad, sad ending for the story, only because I decided to write a sad ending because I wanted to experiment, so yeah... Oh, and for those who loved this fanfic, I'll write a version quite like this one, but more complicating... and no, Kagome won't be dead in the ending. And I'm sure that some people are wondering why I wrote TWO of the exact same endings... Well, I my computer was slow that time and I thought it wouldn't come out, so I put two of them out there, just in case.

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Summery of Big In Japan:

Kagome Higurashi's the daughter of the most successful business man in Japan, Ryouga Higurashi. She has everything that she needs and wants. Soon, Ryouga's business rival, Naraku Onigumo, wants to buy his company, threatening him, and kidnapping his co-workers and his friends. Ryouga's worried about who he'll kidnap next, so he arranged, Inuyasha Taisho, to be Kagome's bodyguard. He'll have to follow wherever Kagome goes, but never suspected that he'll fall in love with her...

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