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After an attack at the Xavier's Rogue shows up all bloody and beaten at the Brotherhood Can they help Rogue and find out what happened? Rietro all the way baby!

Chapter One: Last Resort

Rogue's had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out in pain. Her body hurt everywhere from the beatings she had taken. Right now all she wanted to do was curl into a little ball and cry herself to sleep. The blow she had taken to her head kept threatening to send her into unconsciousness, but if she stopped to rest now they would find her, so she kept running.

Blood trickled down her face as she ran down the road. Cars zoomed by but didn't stop. No one stopped for a mutant. Some slowed to get a look at her, but then resumed back to their normal speed. Probably glad someone had given her these wounds, Rogue thought spitefully.

It was impossible to tell how far ahead of them she was. She couldn't see them behind her, but they had methods of catching up to their prey quickly. She needed a place to go, but where? Where the hell would she be safe from them? Xavier's was gone, along with everyone in it, and there was no one she could think of who would want to help a mutant. Maybe Amanda, Kurt's girlfriend, but if they found her there they would hurt Amanda and her family. Being a non mutant Amanda had no means to defend herself from them. Hell, Rogue was a mutant and she couldn't even defend herself from them.

Despite not knowing where to go, Rogue kept running. Her run was slow from having to limp all the time. She just kept going, not knowing where she was headed. Before she knew it she found herself standing in front of the brotherhood house.

Rogue's run slowed to a walk. She limped over to the front porch and just stared at the house. The brotherhood were her enemies. But once upon a time she had been apart of the brotherhood. She thought about turning around, but where would she go? Magneto was completely out of the question, and even if she could go there, she didn't know where to find him. This place was once her home. They might not be able to help her, but at least she'd have a place to hide. She'd go there. Once her wounds were healed she'd figure out what to do.

With much effort, Rogue climbed the porch steps. Her head was beginning to get very dizzy and her body threatened to collapse on her at any minute. Every second was a fight for consciousness. As she reached the top step she nearly stumbled over to the door. Leaning against the door frame Rogue began to pound on the door. The pounding wasn't hard, just constant. She refused to stop knocking until someone opened.

Luckily that person was Lance. She and Lance had always gotten along alright when she was a member of the brotherhood. Even after she left them they had an understanding. Lance understood why Rogue left. He himself had tried to leave once too. And Lance's feelings for Kitty gave him a reason to talk to Rogue, who was Kitty's roommate and friend.

Rogue watched as Lance's eyes widened as he took in her bloody sight. Rogue held on to the door frame, knowing if she let go she'd collapse. "Holy shit Rogue. What happened?"

"Institute. . .attacked," she muttered, fighting the dizzy feeling. "X-men. . .gone." That was it, Rogue had no more strength left, and let go of the frame. She collapsed before Lance's feet and gave into sweet unconsciousness.