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Brotherhood Heroes

Chapter Three

It had become Pietro's task of taking care of Rogue, but only until Lance gets back, he assured himself. He brought her in he can take of her. Its not that he hated Rogue, she was alright for an X-Man. He just felt weird taking care of the enemy. What would his father say? What he should be doing is getting a hold of Gambit and tell him about Rogue and the institute. Gambit would pass the message to Magneto and he would make the final decision of what to do. What that would be, Pietro had no idea. Magneto might say tough luck for Rogue and make them throw her out, or he might even take her away and deal with her himself. And then there's always the chance that he just might not care and leave the decision up to Pietro.

For the millionth time, Pietro dipped the wash cloth in the water. Looking down at the bucket he nearly gagged. It was red with the Rogue's blood. If Pietro hadn't been wearing gloves he would have thrown up while rinsing the cloth. "That's it," I'm calling Magneto." As he stood up something weak caught his arm.

"No." It was Rogue. The "No," seemed more directed at something in a nightmare than it was at him. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she began unconsciously shaking her head. "No," she said more frantically. "Please don't," came out in a cracked plea, as if her spirit were breaking.

Wow, Pietro thought. Whatever happened to her must have been bad. Pietro pulled Rogue's hand off his arm and set it back down on the couch. She began twisting and jerking as if she were trying to get away. Holy crap, she's going to fall of the couch . . . not that I care. Only on some level he did care. Pietro sped over to a closet and back before Rogue had made any more movement. From the closet he had taken out a blanket, leaning down he wrapped the blanket around her body, and then lifted her up in his arms. The blanket would probably get some blood stains from Rogue's stained clothing, but that was okay, it was Blob's anyway.

With Rogue in his arms he sped up to the second floor. He paused in the hallway trying to decide where to put Rogue. He didn't want to put her in his room because well, that would be awkward, and it would be to cruel even for him to even consider putting her in Toad or Blob's room. Wanda now occupied Rogue's old room, but Wanda would freak out if she came home to some bloody x-man in her bed. He should have put her in Lance's room, but another idea suddenly hit him. Mystique's room. Mystique had not been in the Brotherhood House since Pietro's betrayal, and now that Magneto once again controlled the Brotherhood it wasn't very likely she was coming back, and since her room was not currently in use it was the best place to put Rogue.

Pietro carried Rogue into Mystique's old room. It looked a little ransacked from when Magneto sent the acolytes to see if they could find anything useful from Mystique's stuff, which also explained why the lock had blown up. This lock was a lot stronger than the one Boom Boom had blown up when she moved, which is why Mystique picked it when she replaced the damaged one, but it still didn't stand a chance against Gambit's powers. Despite the messy look of the room, it still looked a lot nicer than any of the other bedrooms in the house. Mystique was a total neat freak. For once Rogue lucked out, it even had its on bathroom.

Pietro set Rogue down on the be and pulled the covers over her. The bed was big enough so that if she thrashed around in her sleep she wouldn't fall off, but it seemed that Rogue's thrashing had lessened considerably since he put her in the bed. Soon Rogue had completely settled and even seemed to have a peaceful look on her face. Pietro stood by the edge of the bed for a few moments and watched her. Weird, he thought. Oh well, time to call the acolytes.


At first Rogue dreamt of pain. The only sound she could hear were the screams of her team mates and her own screams. "No," she cried. "please don't." It hurt so very much. She was so cold, so very cold.

Then she heard a voice. Someone was singing, some woman was singing. At first she could barely hear it, but then it drowned out the other screams until they had all completely faded. The beautiful singing scared her tormenters away and soothed her pain. Suddenly Rogue was a child again. A woman rocked her in her arms as she sang that beautiful melody. Rogue snuggled in closer to the warmth of the woman and listened to her beautiful voice.


Pietro was downstairs in the kitchen now, dialing the number to the acolyte base. He doubted Magneto would actually be there. It was difficult to contact Magneto himself. The only people Magneto kept a constant contact with were his acolytes. They were the closest thing Pietro had to contacting his father. The phone rang a few times and then finally someone picked up.

"Bonjur," Gambit's Cajun accented voice said. Pietro rolled his eyes. He hated Gambit, but he was one of Magneto's favorites.

"Hey Gambit it's Quicksilver," Pietro said. "My dad there?"

"Non, he be out working mon ami," Gambit replied in bored voice. "Care t' leave a message?"

"Tell him the X-Men are gone. They got attacked. Lance is out investigating the mansion now." Of course Pietro didn't mention that Lance just up and left without telling him, and that he was only doing it to check on Kitty.

"Really?" Gambit asked, now a little more interested. "All o' dem are gone?"

Pietro hesitated in answering. Did he really want to tell him about Rogue? He wouldn't have minded telling his father, but telling Gambit? That would have motivated Gambit to come down to the brotherhood house to see Rogue, only because Gambit was a player and he loved making moves on women, even women like Rogue, who couldn't touch. He'd just see her as a challenge. For some reason that bothered Pietro. He convinced himself that it was only because he didn't like Gambit and didn't want him here. "Well . . . there is one X-Man left. Came down here for help, heh can you believe that?" He was careful not to say anything else that might give away which X-Man, but then Gambit specifically asked.

"Which one?"

"Uh . . ." Pietro started. ". . . I don't know. One of the short ones." He mentally smacked himself for that.

"Short ones?"

"Yeah uh . . . one of the new recruits."

"Ah Gambit see," he said, no longer sounding interested. Gambit wasn't interested in kids. "Well Gambit tell de boss man next time he comes by."

"Good, thanks."

"No problem."

Pietro hung up the phone and sighed. Why did he feel bad about telling about Rogue? Well he didn't specifically say it was her, but he still felt bad for giving her away. Well at least its not Mystique I'm handing her over too, he thought. Rogue would go anal.

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