The tears come, but I don't know why. I feel nothing. But still I cry. Salty raindrops fall, to join those from the heavens. I knew this day would come, after all. It's part of life. It comes with the job.

Why cry over what can't be changed, right? But it's not right. Somehow... Somehow, I doubt it'll ever be right again.

It was supposed to be the other way. It should have been me being lowered into the rain–softened earth. The headstone should have my name on it, not the one it reads now.

This is the reward for saving my life? A cold stone marker and a nice, long nap, six feet beneath us? My partner... My friend... My other half. Half of my soul is being laid to rest today.

No more office banter... No more Friday night movies... No more "Just Friends". The most important person in my life is being placed in the ground, without ever knowing my true feelings. How could a heart, shattered into a million pieces, still beat?

"I love you..." I whisper into the wind, as even Carl and Page begin to cry. I only hope that, wherever my partner is now, my words were heard...


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