As you can see, this story basically follows the original version then takes an abrupt turn in a vastly different direction. Essentially this story is the same as you saw on TV up until Julie's rescue. Then something happens to change the story. While some things that occurred in the mini-series will occur here, don't be watching for them.

Book Two is outlined (doesn't mean I'll actually follow the outline) and rough outlines have been done for Book Three/Four.

At various times while writing Book One, I considered the following options:

having Ruby survive (discarded because the story started after her death).

having Mark survive the water plant raid.

having Maggie get injured instead of Mark, in which case Tyler would have gotten her away while Mark covered their escape. This didn't occur to me until after the part was written and posted.

having Tyler caught in the water plant explosion and ending up in the water, which would have revealed his ability to breath underwater much sooner, along with his people's tendency for deafness.

having Tyler find out about the plan to trade him for Sean much earlier but waiting it out to see what Donovan would do. An advance reader pointed out how unlikely this would be. Tyler would be more inclined to angrily confront Donovan right off. After thinking it through, I was inclined to agree, especially with Ham being so off-balance both mentally and emotionally at that time.

having more anti-alien/homophobic instances. I found I just wasn't good at writing such scenes, though there will be more written about both in later parts.

having Reginald and/or Ully remain behind. But that would have been against the Rules.

Originally, Fontana and Ham were not going to become lovers. It just happened.

PLEASE NOTE: This story appears in it's entirety at my site with such added features as styling, graphics, and an xxx-rated interlude, all of which are not included here.