Title: Two Hanging Sapphires

By: Tirya King

Category: Angst/Action/Adventure

Rating: PG

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Time Frame: Obi is 16.

Summary: A dangerous mission sets Master and Padawan at odds. What will happen when Obi-Wan comes face to face with an elusive cult… and joins?

Disclaimer: Siths' blades are red, Obi's is blue, I don't own SW, so please don't sue.

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Part One: Visions In The Dark

Obi-Wan was losing control of his rapidly growing temper.


He drove hard at his opponent, intent on causing some damage. He failed.


The blue blade flashed and was knocked away by an equally quick green blade.


The boy tried another tactic, choosing to flip over his opponent's head. This too was blocked all too easily.


He stared at the far wall in irritation. Force, when would this torture end? He feinted to the left and received a face full of a low-set burning green saber.


He mentally groaned. Apparently he wouldn't be free for a long time. He tried a trick he had seen Master Yoda do once when teaching an arrogance lesson to Bruck. It was an impressive series of flips and twists that was sure to stun the most confident opponent. He didn't remember Yoda falling on his butt though.

Qui-Gon couldn't help smirking at his frustrated Padawan who was currently sitting on the mat looking very surprised to be there. He vaguely recognized the move and stopped his attack long enough to inform the apprentice that size and experience also contributed to the advanced move. His apprentice had neither.


Obi-Wan leaped up and attacked his Master, his temper now properly lost. He sighed in defeat as he promptly found himself on his back with the green blade at his throat.

"You lost your temper and fought in frustration," Qui-Gon remarked dryly, not removing his blade from the boy's neck.

"Yes, Master. I apologize," Obi-Wan said meaning it. It was then that his Master removed his blade.

The boy rolled over onto his stomach and coughed. Normally he would not be so winded after a routine sparring session. Qui-Gon helped him up and they walked towards their apartment after they showered off. "Is something bothering you, Padawan?" asked his Master. "You seemed to be distracted this morning."

Obi-Wan contemplated before answering. "It was the same as always, Master."

"Your dreams."

"Yes. They came back to me last night."

"Do you consider them just dreams or visions?" Qui-Gon knew that while he was intimately attuned with the Living Force, his student was very adept with the Unifying Force. He knew to trust Obi-Wan's visions for what they were and to listen to the boy's instincts. If he seriously admitted to there being something wrong, there was a good chance that something was indeed amiss. The problem was discerning whether the vision wasn't just an issue on a faraway planet they had no business in. The Force could not always be reliable to send relevant or solvable visions.

"I'm not sure yet, Master. Sometimes they are as clear as any meditation vision. Other times, like last night, they are obscure and I am left only with a surreal feeling of it."

Qui-Gon mentally stored this away as they continued to walk passed the Initiates' classrooms on the way to the lifts. "Can you describe the clear ones to me, Padawan?"

Obi-Wan frowned as he struggled to recall all the intricate details of the dreams. "Well, I am walking through the forest and come across a small structure. I am happy to be there. I have friends there, but I cannot see their faces. Then I am sitting inside the structure with about a hundred other people. They are all dying and I cannot stop it. I try to help, but I find I am too weak to move. I fall to the ground next to the others who are too far gone to stand. I stare up at the ceiling and try to call out to you, but you are not there. The Force does not answer me. The next thing I remember is two bright blue orbs hanging in darkness and a burning pain all over me. There is fire everywhere and I cannot breathe. Then I wake up. It's always the same…" Obi-Wan drifted off, haunted by the images he was faced with.

Qui-Gon tried to process it inside his head. From what he heard and felt from his apprentice, it appeared to be a vision of some sort. Especially since it was recurring. But there was something else he wanted to know. "And the unclear dreams, Padawan? What are those like?"

Obi-Wan shook his head, "Sometimes they are worse, Master. All I get is certain emotions. It is mostly a sad hope covered by specks of anger and fear. I am angry as well… but at you. I can't explain it. There is much darkness in them, Master. I don't understand."

The Master considered his words carefully, "This is interesting and I shall meditate on it later. However, do not let your dreams, visions or no, interfere with your daily routine. You must be alert at all times with your mind focused. What will happen will happen and there is no sense in worrying about it."

"Yes, Master."

"Now go get cleaned up. We have a meeting with the Council in an hour."

"Yes, Master. Do you know what it's about?"

Qui-Gon chuckled softly, "Knowing Mace, it could be anything."

An hour later found the pair of Jedi standing before the Jedi Council of 12. Mace, newly appointed to the seat at Yoda's right, took out a datapad and handed it to his long time friend.

Qui-Gon stared down at it and read from it while Mace spoke of the mission. "This matter is of a delicate matter, and that is why you were requested. War is ready to break out on a planet called Son'Tula. It only recently joined the Republic, and a vast number of its citizens do not approve. This group calls itself the Followers of Sat'qu, and they are widely considered a religious cult. Lately, they have been getting more and more violent towards the government which has asked for our intervention."

Master Mundi looked intently upon the pair. "This is to be treated with extreme delicacy. If war breaks out, then the planet will likely leave the Republic for good." He sat back in his chair and relaxed. "You leave after the mid-day meal. May the Force be with you."

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan bowed before the Council and left the chambers. They were silent as they walked, both deep in thought about the mission they were about to leave on.

As they reached the door to their quarters, Qui-Gon turned to his young Padawan. "Do you feel well enough to go on this mission?"

"Yes, Master," Obi-Wan automatically said. "Why do you ask?"

"Your dreams concern me. You have not been sleeping well and that makes you lose focus and your energy wanes." They entered their small apartment. "This is a delicate matter as the Council said. If you do not feel up to it…"

Obi-Wan was silent for a moment. Never had his Master been lenient with him. Giving him the option to take off a mission was so unlike Qui-Gon that he wondered if he wasn't joking. Then he remembered his Master didn't joke. Not about things of this nature.

Testing the bond, Obi-Wan found a bit of guilt on the other end. His Master felt guilty about his condition? Probing further he found that Qui-Gon thought he had been pushing him too hard. Before the Master could discover his probe, he pulled back out.

"A Jedi cannot always choose their time for a mission," he responded, "or their health. I need to be able to function in any state of being. Thank you for your concern, Master, but with your permission, I'd like to join you."

His Master smiled gratefully. "I'll be glad for your help. Pack up. We'll bring our things to the ship and go to mid-day meal before we head out."

The food tasted like dust in the boy's mouth, yet he ate anyway. Lately, his appetite had gone with the increasing sleepless nights. He neither had the energy nor will to eat like he used to. But if he didn't have at least one plateful then others would notice and make a fuss about it. And he hated being fussed over like that.

All too soon they were on their way. The planet was quite a distance from Coruscant and would take a few days to arrive, so the two Jedi had some time to relax. Obi-Wan used this time to try to catch up on his sleep. But easy sleep would not come to him. His dreams were ever haunted with anger and death and two sapphires hanging in space.

In spite of this, he found the energy to spar with his Master as they tried to pass the time. They did not work on any new lessons; only tried to hone the ones already taught. The Padawan was grateful for this; he did not think he had the attention-span or energy to try to master a new kata or mediation.

For his part, Qui-Gon couldn't imagine what it was that seemed to be upsetting his young student. It was true that his strength lay in the Living Force, but surely even he would be getting a hint of what was bothering the boy by now. If it were not a vision, which would explain his lack of insght on the matter, then why would such a vivid, haunting dream be tormenting his Obi-Wan night after night?

End Part One

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