Let's Sing a Song


By Crow Skywalker

Disclaimer – I don't own Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Author's Notes – I probably shouldn't be starting a new fanfic, but after seeing Full Moon wo Sagashite and bawling my eyes out in the end, I knew that I had to. I'll warn you here and now that if you haven't seen the ending of the series, then the prologue contains massive spoilers. It's a retelling of the very last few minutes of the anime, so if you haven't seen it and you don't want to know how it ends, stop reading. If you've seen it, or you don't care, then go ahead. I'll be uploading the prologue and the first chapter, since I have them both written and done, and updates may follow, depending on if anyone likes the fic. So don't forget to read, enjoy, and review:)

Warnings/Pairings – Spoilers for ending of Full Moon wo Sagashite. The main pairing will be Mitsuki and Takuto, but there may be some side romance in later chapters (such as Izumi/Meroko).

Summary – Takuto's searching for his past, and the only one who can help him is the famous singer Full Moon. But she disappeared six months ago, so how will he ever find out the information that he's seeking?

It was a beautiful spring day, the sun shining brightly in the sky and the air filled with warmth. All around the house trees and flowers were blooming and birds sung as they flittered and played in the glow of the sunlight. All of this went unnoticed by the girl sitting on the porch of the house, her music box by her side as she sat staring at the green grass beneath her feet.

Tatta hitosu kawaranai mono

Zutto egaiteta yume

Ima no jibun ha dou utsuru no

Ano koro no chiisana hitomi ni

Nee miagete konna ni hiroi yozora dakara

Sou sugu ni wakaru you ni

Seiippai kagayaku kara hayaku

Full moon wo sagashite

Mitsuki Kouyama was thirteen, though she was much more mature than she looked. Over the past year she'd become the famous singer Full Moon, discovered the love of her life, Eichi, had died, had fought to save the life of her precious friend, and had undergone surgery on her throat in hopes of removing the cancer that had stopped her from singing. She'd faced many troubles on the way and had overcome them all…and now, it seemed she had beat fate and had lived, despite the fact that she had been told she only had a year to live.

But the question was – where were the Shinigami Takuto and Meroko to? It had been six months since Full Moon's performance – the last time Mitsuki had performed, and the day of the surgery – and the Negi-Ramen were nowhere to be found.

Lowering her eyes, Mitsuki studied the lush grass beneath her feet. In the background, somewhere in the house, she could hear people speaking and the sound of a radio playing. One of Full Moon's songs were on the radio, which made her chest constrict in pain as she remembered her time as Full Moon and the time she had spent with her friends.

Her eyes misting over, Mitsuki silently wondered where they had disappeared to. It was very unlike them to leave her for such a long time, and she desperately wanted to see them and tell them that she had made it, that she was going to be okay. But most of all, she wanted to see Takuto and see if he was alright.

Takuto, where are you? She looked to her music box, which twinkled as it quietly played Eternal Snow in the daylight. Her eyes widened and she gasped in shock as a small familiar figure stepped out from behind it – the little replica of bunny Meroko that Mitsuki had made stared up at her, moving as if it was alive.

Let's sing a song

Itsudemo issho kimi no tame ima no watashi ni dekiru subete

"Meroko!" Mitsuki gasped out loud, her voice low. She was still getting over the surgery she had done on her throat and, while she had managed to keep her voice, it was still hard to speak. The doctors had told her it would gradually come back in time, all depending on time and how much she used her voice.

Day by day

Kyou made on unmei ashita kara no kibou kono mune ni dakae

The small stuffed animal did not reply, though it flew into the air as Mitsuki watched.

"Meroko!" Mitsuki tried to call a bit louder, but her voice was still no more than a squeak.

Let's sing a song

Itsudemo issho kimi to nara tsurai koto nori koerareru yo

The small bunny turned its head, looking at the girl before it continued to fly off. Mitsuki watched with large sad eyes, her heart beating loudly in her chest as she searched the sky for the pink haired girl. Meroko was no where in sight, but the bunny was still there, flying off into the sky as if it was held by an unseen force. Getting to her feet, Mitsuki chased after it, her heart racing as she followed the rabbit through the gardens and out through the door, where Mitsuki bumped into her Grandmother, the maid, and Madoka, whom had come to bring her flowers in hopes Mitsuki got well soon.

They stared in shock as the girl ran, not even bothering to slow down to apologize or to explain why she was in such a rush.

"Mitsuki?" Madoka called, but the young girl paid no attention as she ran after the small Meroko.

"Meroko!" Mitsuki desperately called out to her friend, her eyes never leaving the small stuffed animal. She never once looked down from the sky, and as she ran she almost knocked over three of her friends as they walked up the street. They gasped and quickly moved out of the way, calling after her, though she paid no attention.

More and more

Motto motto motto chikazukitai ima koko ni ite kurete

Many thanks for you

"Meroko!" She gasped weakly, running as fast as she could and almost tripping over her own feet. "Meroko!"

The rabbit continued to float forwards and Mitsuki followed, gasping for breath as she kept her eyes upwards. She could picture Meroko in front of her, flying away teasingly with a grin on her face as she ran. She blinked, and the image faded, though the rabbit was still there and very real.

Down streets and through the city she ran, her legs pumping fast and her dress fluttering around her. Her breath came out in gasps and her voice was still too weak to call out to her friend, but she followed none the less. Soon she found herself near the road that went by the beach, a crosswalk and a red sign keeping her from crossing the busy road. She slowed momentarily in front of the Bakery, searching frantically for the little Meroko rabbit.

For a moment Mitsuki thought she had lost sight of it, and her heart clenched tightly in her chest. She had been so close to finding Meroko – she had been right there and she had lost her! – but the small red eyed rabbit appeared in front of her, staring at Mitsuki as if begging her to continue forward, leading her to something.

Mitsuki reached out, grasping the small teddy bear in her hands and brought it close to her chest as she wept. She cried, missing Meroko so badly, and she moved the small teddy bear close to her face where it patted her on the cheek in a comforting manner. Suddenly, Mitsuki opened her eyes, looking across the street where Meroko was pointing. Her mouth opened slightly and a blush came to her face as she spotted someone painfully familiar.

Fushigi na deai

Kurikaesu uchi

Taisetsu na mono ga suete

Guuzen to iu itazura na hibiIma de ha waratte aiseru

Sou itsumo hiroi stage ni akogaretetaMou watashi hitori janai

Minna no egao ga afureteru

Koko ga ibasho nano kara

Sitting on a bench overlooking the sea was Takuto, though dressed differently than she had last seen him. His dark silvery grey hair was done up in its usual purple tie, but he was wearing human clothes – a jean shirt and pants – and by his side was a guitar case. He was looking out over the ocean, oblivious to the girl across the street.

The street light turned green, signaling that Mitsuki could cross, and she shakily took her first step. Emotions were flooding through her, and for a second she really couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Takuto was just a few steps away from her…and he wasn't a ghost!

Breaking into a run, she called out to him, but he was unable to hear her weak shouts. He stood up and made to leave just as she got across the street and, picking up the pace, she awkwardly tripped over the sidewalk. The small Meroko teddy bear flew out of her hands as she crashed into the cement and it landed a few feet away from her. Getting up on her elbows, Mitsuki gasped as she spotted Takuto leaving. Something dangling from the guitar case caught her eye – the small cat teddy bear that she had made for Takuto – and her eyes started to water when she realized that it really was Takuto that she was seeing.

Let's sing a song

Konya ha spotlight yori ima watashi no kagayakaseru

Gasping for breath Mitsuki yelled as loud as she could.

"Takutoooo!" Her voice sounded loud and clear this time and he stopped in his tracks.

Day by day

Atsui manazashi to seien ga nagareru ase wo terashiteru

Turning around, he stared at the girl sitting on the sidewalk with wide eyes. Mitsuki slowly got to her feet, staring back at the man she had thought she had lost.

"Takuto.." She mouthed, her tears threatening to fall.

Let's sing a song

Konya ha eien ni kawaranai atsui omoi aru to shinjitai

Looking bewildered, Takuto started to walk towards her.

"Farewll, Mitsuki," a voice said from somewhere beside her and Mitsuki felt something touch her cheek that felt oddly like a kiss. Her eyes widened as she twirled around, only to find feathers floating softly down to the ground in the sunlight. Looking higher, she saw someone that looked oddly like Meroko, though the figure did not have any rabbit ears or a cute bunny tail. Instead, she had wings like and angel and she was smiling beautifully at Mitsuki. Her sad eyes and the pink hair gave her away though, and Mitsuki immediately knew whom she was looking at.

More and more

Motto motto motto sakebitai kono utau kono yume ha owaranai

"Meroko!" She called loudly. Meroko only smiled in response, flying higher into the bright sky. "Meroko!"

Meroko raised a hand, showing Mitsuki the small rabbit teddy bear as she winked. In a way, Mitsuki knew that this was Meroko's way of saying goodbye. Mitsuki would never see her again, and this was her last chance to say what she really wanted to say to the Shinigami.

Mitsuki smiled, raising her hands to her mouth as she yelled, "Thank you!"

Let's sing a song (let's sing a song wooo)

With that, Meroko took off into the sky, her wings carrying her until she could no longer be seen. Mitsuki let her hands fall to her side, watching as Meroko disappeared for the very last time. She'd gotten to say what she had really wanted to say – she had wanted to thank Meroko for everything that she had done. Especially for leading her to Takuto…

Repeat and repeat (repeat yea yea yea)

"Meroko?" A familiar voice asked from behind her, and Mitsuki was startled as she looked away from the sky. Behind her, Takuto was standing with a confused look upon his face, looking at a feather in his hand. He raised it to his face, looking it over as it shone brilliantly in the sunlight. He seemed mesmerized by it for a moment and finally he looked past it to Mitsuki, his eyes widening, and it was as if time stopped for both of them.

Let's sing a song (oh let's sing a song yea yea yea yea yea)

Before him was a girl who was so familiar that his heart ached…but at the same time, he had no idea who she was. She stared back with a smile on her face, unsure of what she should do.

Repeat and repeat (come on on yea)

"Takuto…" She said, and suddenly the tears started to fall as she flung herself forward into his arms.

This is song for you

To Be Continued…