Let's Sing a Song

Chapter Five

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – I don't own Full Moon wo Sagashite or its characters.

Author's Notes – Hmm. Long time, no update. Sorry, but I've lost the will to write. Life has taken me in a different direction. However, today I sat down and wrote this chapter, so rejoice! An update! No promises when the next one will be, if ever.

Warnings/Pairings – Spoilers for ending of Full Moon wo Sagashite. The main pairing will be Mitsuki and Takuto, but there may be some side romance in later chapters (such as Izumi/Meroko).

Summary – Takuto's searching for his past, and the only one who can help him is the famous singer Full Moon. But she disappeared six months ago, so how will he ever find out the information that he's seeking?


The entrance room to the building was large and richly decorated. With a reception desk to the right of the entrance, and a small coffee bar to the left, Takuto had to admit that he was quite impressed. In the middle of the room there were black leather chairs set out in front of a glowing fireplace, and a lot of musical things, especially pictures, hung from the walls. Looking around, Takuto thought that, if he were to read all of the articles on the walls, it would take him days.

Looking towards Madoka, whom he had deemed his 'guide', he silently hoped that she actually knew where to find the picture that she had told him about. If she couldn't remember where she had seen it, they'd be looking for it for days. And, if it wasn't in the entrance and it was somewhere else in the building, it could take years, he decided, judging from the size of the buildings he's seen outside. Coming out of his daze, he realized Madoka was talking to someone.

The woman wore a navy color blouse with a black skirt that clung nicely to her figure. With long chestnut colored hair done up in a high ponytail, and black rimmed glasses, she reminded Takuto greatly of a bookish type librarian woman. She stood behind the main desk, talking to Madoka as if they were good friends. Takuto paid little attention to their conversation, staring at the papers on the woman's desk as they chatted.

"And who is your friend, Madoka?" The woman finally asked, and Takuto glanced up at her.

"We actually jus met, really," Madoka smiled, glancing at Takuto and blushing softly. "Naru, meet Takuto."

Takuto nodded in her direction, his eyes traveling to a woman walking across the entranceway not too far away. Where ever she was headed, she looked like she was in a hurry. Naru managed to catch her eye and wave to her, and Takuto found his attention drawn to a nearby list of employees that was mounted on the wall. As his eyes drifted down the list, one name stood out to him.

Keiichi Wakaouji. Why does that sound familiar?

Narrowing his eyes, he raked his mind in hopes of trying to figure out where he had heard that name. Coming up empty handed, he shrugged it off and looked back at the two women. Their conversation seemed to be coming to an end, and he tapped his foot somewhat impatiently.

"Well, I really have to be going," Madoka gave the older woman small smile, then winked. "I promised this cutie I'd help him out."

"Have yourself a nice day then," the woman replied.

Madoka turned around to glance at Takuto, giving him a signal with her hand to follow her. He did just that, keeping up with her every stride as she walked down the first hallway they came to. His eyes were on the walls as they passed statues and awards and pictures and articles alike. He searched each one as they passed – if he was in a picture within Seed Records, then it was entirely possible there would be others, right? Some sort of article, anything?

So far, nothing was catching his eye. Beside him, Madoka was carrying on a conversation he only half listened to.

"So are you from around here?" She asked, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

"I guess," he said with a shrug. "It's a long story," he added when he saw her raise an eyebrow.

"Oh?" She replied, looking interested. "I've got time, if you want to tell me."

With a smile in her direction he asked, "How about the brief version?"

She only nodded in reply.

"Well," he started, "Basically I woke up in a hospital a few months ago with no memory whatsoever of my life. Besides my name, I know nothing. I do know, however, that I used to like to play guitar. As soon as I picked up my first guitar after the accident…it just felt right, if you know what I mean."

"So you were a musician?" She questioned, but then answered herself, "That might explain why your picture is on the wall!"

"Think it's possible I actually worked here at some point in the past?" He asked, thinking about his past. Could he really have worked here at Seed Records at some point in his life? He didn't remember any of these halls, or any of the people he'd passed…

"Don't know," Madoka shrugged, "But I'm sure you'll find out."

Passing yet another statue, Takuto wondered just where the girl was leading him when she suddenly stopped. He almost banged into her, his mind so lost in thoughts. Blinking at her, he looked to her face, which was staring at something on the wall. Following her gaze, he found a picture set on the wall, framed in gold. The first thing that registered were the names sighed in silver under the picture.

Keiichi Wakaoji. Aoi Koga. Takuto Kira.

He repeated each name in his head, over and over, before his eyes moved up to the picture above the writing. The picture was in black and white, the three of them standing together smiling at the camera as if they didn't have a care in the world. Takuto studied Keiichi's face, then Aoi's, trying to remember anything. Then, he looked at himself, noticing that nothing had changed since the picture was taken – not his height, hair length, nothing. It was as if the picture was taken yesterday.

"How old are you, Takuto?" Madoka asked, as if reading his mind. "Route L disbanded almost fourteen years ago…"

"I don't know," he replied truthfully. "I assumed I was still a teenager – maybe sixteen, seventeen – but this picture was taken years ago."

"Strange," Madoka frowned, looking at him. She took a step away to get a better look. "You don't look like you've aged at all. If your picture wasn't there on the wall, and I hadn't seen it every day and know that it was you, I wouldn't believe it."

"Yeah," he said quietly, still looking at the picture. "Where would I be able to get in touch with these people?"

"Well, Aoi Koga died a long time ago," Madoka told him sullenly. "But Keiichi works at this very company. Would you like for me to take you to him?"

Takuto nodded without a word, his eyes still focused on the picture.


Masami burst through the twin doors, interrupting Mitsuki in the middle of her song. The young singer blinked, looking at her manager through the glass of the room that she was in. Masami was panting, her short hair hanging down in her face as she huffed. Within the room, Mitsuki couldn't hear what was being said, so, stepping away from the microphone she headed for the door.

Keiichi had a hand on her back, telling her to take deep breathes. Repeatedly asking what was wrong over and over again, he got no answer until Mistuki walked out of the door and into the studio room.

"You knew, didn't you?" Masumi said between pants, her eyes softening as she looked at the young girl. "You knew, and that's why you've been so down lately."

Keiichi looked from the tired manager to Mitsuki, not understanding what was going on. When Mitsuki didn't speak, Masumi turned to him.

"Takuto's returned. He's downstairs, probably heading up this way."

Blinking in shock, Keiichi looked at Mitsuki for confirmation. She looked away, but nodded.

"He's human, as far as I can tell," she said in a small, but pained voice. "He has no memories of being a shinigami, or any of the past few years. He has no idea who I am."

Masumi was by her side now, down on her knees so that she could look Mitsuki in the eyes. "Hunny, you could have told me, you know. You're in such pain – after all that happened, and now this – I've told you that if you've ever needed anyone to talk to, come to me." With tears in her eyes, the older woman pulled Mitsuki towards her, embracing her as she felt the poor girl break. Sobbing, Mitsuki put her arms around her manager and friend and cried.

"Have you talked to him?" Keiichi asked after a moment of silence. "Have you tried to get him to remember?"

"I-I-I didn't, no," Mitsuki admitted. "I was so happy to see him – and then he had no idea who I was…" she paused to gulp, the tears still flowing. "I just ran. I turned around and ran."

Masumi held her closer, rubbing a soothing hand up and down her back. "Well, he's here now," she felt Mitsuki turn to stone in her arms, "So I'm sure we can talk to him…"

Mitsuki pushed away, her face red and her eyes tearing up even more. "I can't. Izumi came to me and told me that Takuto is not allowed to remember. He's not allowed to remember his time as a shinigami, so he'll never remember who I am." She looked down, unable to look at them.

"Did this Izumi threaten you?" Keiichi asked quietly.

"Not exactly," Mitsuki admitted. "He just told me to stay away."

Keiichi gave her a small smile. "Then, unless he can stop you, I say you try your hardest to make Takuto to remember you."

Masumi nodded, standing from her kneeling place on the floor. "He's right. Try your hardest to make him remember, Mitsuki." She smiled in encouragement, "I'm sure you won't have to try too hard – Takuto adores you, and even if he doesn't remember his past, I'm sure deep down he'll remember that, at least."

Taking in a deep, shaky breath, Mitsuki wiped the tears from her eyes and forced a smile.

"Thank you," she said from the bottom of her heart. They were right – Izumi hadn't exactly threatened her, now did he? She could choose to ignore his warning and see Takuto. If she wanted him to remember, and Takuto was willing, then she could help him do it.

A knock on the door interrupted the moment, and Mitsuki's heart stopped momentarily before speeding up. She knew who was on the other side. A deep feeling inside knew it to be true – Takuto was here, for whatever reason, standing on the other side of that door. Steeling herself against her emotions, Mitsuki held her breath

Looking from Mitsuki to her manager, Keiichi slowly made his way towards the door to open it.

An invisible presence took Mitsuki's hand, and she suddenly felt very confident.

She could do this.

"Mr Wakaoji, I have someone here to see you."

To Be Continued…