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Summary: Woody thought she was done with this charade. He thought she was done with running.

Spoilers: "You Really Got Me"

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Letters to You

"Maybe all you need is for someone to hold you a little tighter." The words echoed through Woody's mind. He remembered the night. He remembered how hot her breath was on his lips. He remembered the shrill ring of the cell phone.

Then he remembered the karaoke bar. Where Jordan promised him she'd be there when he got back. Woody was scared of her running again. All he wanted was for her to be there when he got back.

Woody was drifting in a half asleep and half awake state as he lied in his plane seat. It had been four long days since he left Jordan in L.A. Now, he was a few hours outside of Boston. He was ready to see her again. To pull her close and hold her there forever.

Can't you see that I wanna be

There with open arms…

Woody's plane landed in Boston. He collected his bags and waited for a cab. Woody went home to drop his things off. Grabbing his keys off the counter, Woody headed for his car. The big plan was to surprise Jordan at work. He needed to see her. Woody arrived the morgue. Outside, there was a man selling flowers. Woody bought a bouquet of six roses. He took the elevator up to her floor.

Woody stepped off the elevator where Lily greeted him.

"Woody!" She said and walked up to give him a hug. Woody gave her his token grin and said hello. The talked aimlessly a little.

"Where's Jordan? I want to give these to her." He asked and gestured to the flowers.

"It must have been a good trip to L.A." Lily said with a smirk. "But Jordan isn't back yet. I can open her office for you." Woody's expression changed.

"Not back? From L.A.?"

"Um… I don't think she's back yet. If she is,then she hasn't been here."

"Thanks, Lily." Woody tried to play off his concern. "Is Garrett around?"

"Yeah. In his office." Woody was almost running down the hall.

It's empty tonight and I'm all alone

Get me through this one…

"Dr. Macy," Woody called, pulling the door open.

"Woody! Hey! Are those flowers for me?" Garrett asked with obvious sarcasm in his voice. Woody chuckled a little.

"Have you heard from Jordan?" Woody asked, getting right down to business.

"Not for a couple days. I figured she was following up with paperwork and everything in L.A. and then she would be back." Garrett said. Noticing the worried and perplexed look on Woody's face, Garrett became nervous. "Why Woody? Have you not heard from her?"

"I… no. I haven't talked to her since I went to Miami. I left her a few messages, but they said nothing important, so she didn't call back. I figured I'd see her when I got back. That she'd be here." His voice dropped a little at the end of the statement. "God…I didn't think she'd do it again."

"What?" Garrett asked, now lost.

"Run." Woody replied with distance in his deep, blue eyes.

Do you notice I'm gone? Where do you run to so far away?

"What happened in L.A., Woody? Sit down and tell me." Woody took a seat on Garrett's couch.

"Jordan and I… well, we got pretty close. I almost kissed her on the roof in L.A. Her cell phone rang and interrupted. I wanted to spend time with her in L.A. and figure stuff out. Instead, she put me on a plane to Miami. Before I left, she promised me she'd be here when I got back. She told me that she wouldn't run again." Woody got up and threw the flowers in the trashcan. "I guess she lied." He walked out of Garrett's office in a rage.

"Woody!" Garrett called after him.

"What?" Woody barked when he turned around.

"You know Jordan. Give her a little time and some space. She'll come back." Woody barley acknowledged what Garrett said before plowing down the hallway.

I want you to know that

I miss you

I miss you so…

Woody climbed into his car and sped out. He picked up his cell phone. Her number was speed dial number one. The phone rang five times and then went to her voicemail. He called again and after two rings, the voicemail picked up. She had slammed his call.

"Jordan. Don't do this please. Call me back. Whenever." He pulled into a parking lot and strolled in to Max's bar.

Iwant you to know that

I miss you

I miss you so…


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