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Chapter 1 "invite."

"It was a typical day in Titans Tower. Raven was sitting on the couch reading one of her books. Cyborg was working on his 'baby'. Robin was training just waiting to see Slade again. Starfire was playing with Silkie. And Beast Boy, well no one knew where he was.

Suddenly the tower's doors burst open revealing the green changeling. He was holding a sack full of mail that was taller than he was. "MAILS HERE!" He yelled voice ringing throughout the tower.

Raven glanced up at him annoyed. "Must you be so loud!"

Beast Boy thought about this for a moment. "Yes." He replied.

"Yo, what's wrong I thought I heard someone scream." Asked Cyborg running into the main room with an oily rag in one hand and a wrench in the other.

"That would be Beast Boy." Said Raven not looking up from her book.

"What's up B?" Asked Cyborg.

"Mails here!" Said Beast Boy happily.

"Dude, you pulled me away from my baby just to read the mail." Fumed Cyborg.

Beast Boy laughed Sheepishly. "Umm…yes?"

Cyborg grunted and turned around. He was just about to go through the door when Robin and Starfire raced through the door.

"What's going on in here?" Asked Robin.

"Ask brainless and bolts." Said Raven still not taking her eyes away from her book.

"Robin, please who is this brainless and bolts that friend Raven speaks of?" Asked Starfire.

"I think she's talking about Beast Boy and Cyborg Star." Said Robin smiling at the Alien.

"Oh." Said Starfire. She looked around the room till her eyes rested on the giant mailbag that laid on the floor. "The mail has arrived." She squeaked flying over to the sack and digging around for anything that looked interesting.

"Man, why do we always get so much mail?" Asked Cyborg.

"They're probably all from my adoring fans." Said Beast Boy.

"Riiiiiiight." Said Cyborg. "So, Star did you find anything interesting?"

"Hmmmm…please what is a How-I-E?" Asked Starfire turning the letter upside-down as if by some magical coincidence it would appear right to her if she held it differently.

Robin peered over her shoulder and chuckled a little bit. "Oh, Starfire it says Hawaii."

"Please what is this Hawaii and why did it send us a letter to visit it?" Starfire asked innocently.

"Dude, were going to Hawaii?" Yelled Beast Boy excitedly.

"I wouldn't get your hopes up Beast Boy it's probably not really an invitation." Said Robin.

"Yeah I guess your right." Said Beast Boy. "So where's all of my fan mail?" He asked tossing out letters from the bag.

"But what is a Hawaii?" Asked Starfire.

"It's a place Star." Said Robin. "More like an island."

"Oh, why does friend Beast Boy wish to go there?" Asked Starfire again.

"Dude." Beast Boy chimed in. "It's awesome there, sand, sun, surf, and those coconuts that you drink out of."

"Please why do you wish to drink out of a fruit?" Asked Starfire.

Beast Boy scratched his head. "Don't know?"

"Basically it's a beach." Said Raven finally closing her book and standing up.

"May we go?" Asked Starfire turning to Robin.

"Starfire, I don't really think that it's a real invite I mean-." Began Robin.

"Than we are not suppose to use these?" Asked Starfire pulling out 5 plane tickets.

"Uhhh…OK?" Said Robin confused. "But who would protect the city?"

"We could always call the titans east, I'm sure they'll send some people over." Said Cyborg shrugging.

Robin thought about this for a while. "Who sent them? I mean what if it's a trap?"

Beast Boy grabbed the tickets from Starfire's hands. "It just says from your number one fan. See told ya I had plenty of fans."

Raven rolled her eyes.

"Well…" Robin said. Starfire looked at him her eyes were filled with hope. "Why not." Said Robin. "Besides we all could use a vacation anyway."

"Oh wonderful!" Yelled Starfire giving Robin one of her bone crushing hugs. Robin blushed.

"When are we leaving?" Asked Raven not sounding to enthused.

Beast Boy looked at the plane tickets. "TOMORROW!" He yelled. "Doesn't anyone check the mail around here!"

"Beast Boy calm down." Said Raven.

Beast boy stopped running around the room and froze. "Calm down! Raven we only have 20 hours to pack and get ready to leave!" He yelled.

Raven rolled her eyes at him and grabbed a ticket from his hand. "I'll see you guys latter." And with that she left the room.

Beast boy caught a quick glimpse at the seat she was sitting at and took the ticket with the seat next to her. "OK, well I'm gonna go…uhhh…pack to…yeah…bye!" Beast Boy ran out of the room leaving the other 3 tickets behind him.

Robin shook his head and picked them up. "Here you go Star pick a seat."

Starfire pulled out seat number 34B. "Robin do you wish to sit beside me?" Asked Starfire pointing to one of the other tickets.

Robin smiled at her. "Sure." He said taking the ticket and handing the other one to Cyborg.

Cyborg looked at his ticket and back at Robin's ticket. "Yo, who sent these?" he asked.

"I don't know why?" Asked Robin.

"Why do I have to sit so far away from ya'll?" He asked showing them his ticket. Number 58B.

Robin shrugged. "Maybe there weren't any more seats left."

"I guess." Said Cyborg. "Oh well I better get to packing." He said and walked away.

"I wish to also pack. I shall see you latter Robin." Said Starfire and flew out the door.

Robin stared at his ticket for a while shook his head and headed to his room to also pack.


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