Chapter 12 'True love at last.'

"Hey ya'll how'd the date go-umm where's BB and Rae?" Asked Cyborg walking into the hotel room. He looked from Robin who had his arm draped around Starfire to Starfire who was sobbing into Robin's cape.

Robin looked up at Cyborg. "Beast Boy's on the balcony." He said.

"So…where's Rae?" Asked Cyborg.

Starfire cried even harder. "Umm…I'm gonna take that as a sign that something's wrong." Said Cyborg.

Starfire blew her nose on Robin's cape and looked at Cyborg sadly. "She is not in good condition." Said Starfire.

"What's going on?" Asked Cyborg confused.

"Apparently Raven's Father was looking for her, he sent Slade, Slade brought her to him and now she's laying back in her room still unconscious." Said Robin.

Cyborg looked back to the door.


Raven opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her hotel room. "How'd I get here?" Whispered Raven rubbing her head. "And why does my head hurt so much?" suddenly it all came flooding back to her, Slade, Trigon, Beast Boy. "Beast Boy." Raven shot out of bed and flung open the door. Cyborg, Starfire and Robin stared at her confused.

"Friend Raven!" Yelled Starfire jumping up and hugging her. "You are all right yes?" She asked.

"I was…but now I can't breathe." Said Raven.

Starfire instantly dropped her on to the ground.

Raven got up and brushed herself off. "Where's Beast Boy?" She asked quickly.

"On the balcony." Said Robin smiling slyly.

Raven raised an eyebrow but ignored him and walked out to the balcony.


Beast Boy looked over the balcony watching the waves lap the sand. He wanted to jump. He wanted to just leap over the railing and end it. His life was nothing if Raven was laying back in her bed dying. He knew that he should be with her right now, he should be right beside her holding her hand waiting for her to wake up. She's going to wake up. She has to! He thought to himself desperately. But what if she doesn't. Beast Boy looked down over the edge once again.

"Don't do it…it's not worth it."

Beast Boy sighed. "I know I just-Raven?" His ears perked up and he quickly turned around facing the gothic girl.

Raven gave him a small smile and walked beside him looking out to the ocean. "Thank you." Said Raven not making eye contact.

"For what?" Asked Beast Boy confused.

"For…giving me the strength to defeat my father." Said Raven.

"Oh…right…that…no problem Rae…ven." Said Beast Boy smiling at her brightly.

"Were you actually going to jump?" Asked Raven.

"I was thinking about it, but when it came down to doing it I probably wouldn't have." Said Beast Boy.

"Good." Said Raven. "I don't know what I would do without you." Said Raven. As soon as she realized what she had said she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Beast Boy gave her one of his lopsided grins. "What was that?" Asked Beast Boy.

"N-nothing, never mind." Said Raven quickly.

"Nuh uh. I heard you." Said Beast Boy.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Come on let's go inside." Said Raven. She turned to walk away but just as she stepped forward she tripped and found herself falling forward directly into Beast Boy. Raven opened her eyes and looked forward their faces were about an inch apart. They stared at each other stupidly for a while until Beast Boy tried to move. He pushed himself forward trying to stand up straight but just as soon as he moved forward his lips pressed against Raven's. Raven's eyes shot wide open. She could hear things busting up in back of them. A few moments latter Beast Boy pulled away.

"I shouldn't have…I mean you probably don't…I'm sorry." He said beginning to walk inside sadly.

"Wait!" Said Raven. Beast Boy turned around to look at her. Raven walked up to him. "I umm." Raven sighed and leaned forward pressing her lips to his. She felt Beast Boy kissing back; she also heard things exploding again. But for some reason she didn't care she was happy now.

A couple of minutes latter they pulled away, Beast Boy smiling like a loon. "So…does this mean that you like, feel the same way or…" Said Beast Boy nervously.

"Are you asking if I love you?" Said Raven. "Yes, Beast Boy…I love you."

"See, I told Robin that you would never in a million years-you love me?" Said Beast Boy confused.

"Yes." Said Raven calmly.

Beast Boy let out a whooping sound and leapt up into the air.

Raven smiled slightly and rolled her eyes. "Come on, we should get inside before the others start to spy on us." Said Raven.

They turned to go inside the room. "To late." Said Beast Boy. Robin and Starfire were sitting on the couch staring directly out the window and Cyborg had his face pressed against the glass. When he realized that they had seen him Cyborg jumped backwards and ran into the kitchen quickly.

Raven groaned. "Come on." She said pulling Beast Boy along inside with her.

Everyone was silent when the two stepped into the hotel room. Starfire was sitting beside Robin on the couch with some sort of pudding in a bowl and desperately trying to get Robin to eat it. Robin 'the victim' would flinch every so often when she would hold the bowl up to his face. But the one question they both wanted to know was: where was Cyborg?

They soon got their answer when a loud voice came from behind them. " Ravie and BB sitting on the balcony K-I-S-S-I-N-." Suddenly Cyborg became wrapped in a black light. Then with a swift motion of Raven's hand he was tossed down the hallway.

"Ummm…congratulations guys I-." Began Robin but just as he was about to finish his sentence Starfire stuffed some pudding into his mouth and smiled innocently at him. Then quickly she leapt off the couch and ran over to Beast Boy and Raven.

"Friends!" She yelled happily. "I an elated to see that you have begun the 'dating'." She said jumping up and down.

"Umm…thanks Star." Said Beast Boy blushing.

"Something wrong Robin?" Asked Raven watching Robin look for something to spit out the pudding in.

Starfire turned to Robin. "Robin do you like it?" She asked.

Robin nodded.

"But…you have not yet swallowed it." Said Starfire.

"Yeah Robin…swallow." Said Beast Boy.

Robin sent Beast Boy and Raven a glare and gulped the pudding down.

"Good yes?" Asked Starfire smiling.

Robin nodded again.

Starfire smiled brightly. "I am going to go to bed now." She said floating down the hallway into her room.

"Me too." Said Raven quietly.

"Night Rae!" Said Beast Boy.

Raven looked back at him and smiled. "Good night BB."

Sense when does she call me that? Wondered Beast Boy to himself. He shrugged and walked over to the couch and flicked on the TV.

"Water!" Yelled Robin. He darted up from the couch and ran to the refrigerator gulping down a giant gallon of water.

Beast Boy broke out in laughter until Robin sent him a glare that made Raven look like a happy little girl. "So…" Said Robin. "Looks like everything worked out for you." He said.

Beast Boy smiled. "Yeah."

Suddenly there was a small creaking sound from the hallway. Cyborg popped his head out of his room and looked around. "Is she gone?" He asked looking around fearfully.

Robin sighed and nodded.

"Good." Whispered Cyborg. "Man, that girl's crazy." Said Cyborg looking at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy laughed. "Yeah, but I love her."

Cyborg rolled his eyes. "I still think she's crazy." Suddenly his body became black again and her flew to the top of the ceiling. "HEY!" He screamed. "RAVEN! Get me down!" He complained.

Beast Boy chuckled. "Latter dude." He said walking back to his room.

"Cyborg." Said Robin. "Make sure your up by five sharp tomorrow morning, we can't be late for our flight." And with that he followed Beast Boy.

"Come on ya'll…let me down! RAVEN! BB! ROBIN! STARFIRE! ANYONE? HELLO!" Yelled Cyborg.


After waking up, packing, getting a visit from Jimmy, getting Cyborg off the ceiling, eating breakfast, pulling Jimmy off of Cyborg's leg, getting to the airport, and then getting to the right airport, the titans boarded the plane.

Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven all sat somewhere in the front. And once again Cyborg was stuck in the back of the plane.

Cyborg looked at his four teammates. Things were going to be different now. More things in the tower would be blowing up because of Raven's attempts to show emotion. Starfire would be over giddy. Robin would be more protective of Starfire than he was before. And Beast Boy…maybe he'd be more mature now that he had a girlfriend.

Suddenly there was a loud bang from the front of the plane. Cyborg abruptly looked up. "OPPS! My bad!" Yelled a familiar voice.

Cyborg rolled his eyes. 'Maybe not.' He thought. He sighed and looked out he window watching the tiny specks beneath the plane. Just than he heard a beeping sound. Cyborg looked down and pulled out his communicator.

"Yeah?" He said sighing.

"Hey Sparky! How was your trip?"

Cyborg looked down at the communicator and smiled. "Hey Bee." He said. "So how was everything while we were gone?" Asked Cyborg.

Bumblebee smiled. "Great, nothing too big happened. That freak Dr. Light got out of prison again but we did a good job of dealing with him." Bumblebee paused. "So…anything interesting happen on your trip?" She asked after a while.

Cyborg glanced up to the front of the plane and than back to Bumblebee. "Oh yeah." He said smiling.

"Details." Said Bumblebee.

"Let's see." Said Cyborg. "Well…Robin and Star FINIALLY got together."

"Took long enough." Said Bumblebee.

Cyborg chuckled. "Yeah. Oh and if you like that you'll love this. BB and Rae got together too."

There was a pause on the other line. "You mean they're dating…Each other?" asked Bumblebee.

Cyborg nodded. " Yeah there was this whole thing with Raven and her dad…don't ask it's way to long to explain right now."

"Wasn't going to." Said Bumblebee. "You know Sparky…do you realize that you're the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend?" she said after a while.

"…Yes." Said Cyborg a little unsure.

"Well." Said Bumblebee. "I was thinking… maybe I could fix that." She said smirking.

"Are you like…asking me out?" Asked Cyborg.

Bumblebee smiled. "Maybe." She answered.

"Umm…well…I…" Said Cyborg nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"What's your answer Sparky?" She said getting a little impatient.

"Of coarse!" he exclaimed. "Uhhh…I mean…sure."

Bumblebee smiled. "Cool, so I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven?"

"You'll pick me up? Girl you must be-."

"I was thinking we'd go to an all extravagant meat lovers buffet." She said smiling slyly at him.

"Tomorrow at seven…great!" Exclaimed Cyborg.

Bumblebee smiled. "See you tomorrow Sparky." She blew him a kiss and shut off her communicator.

Cyborg stared blankly for a moment and then began to smile like a maniac. Maybe now things would be different for him too.


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