A/N: All right here's my next idea for a story, it was somewhat given to me by a faithful reviewer, ANS4Christ, thanks. Your idea about exploring Jonas's past was great. Hopefully this story will live up to your expectations. Read on and find out!

Summary: After being critically wounded on a planet, Jonas finds himself a prisoner of his own mind, and to escape the twisted nightmare, he must come face to face with the darker parts of his past, or he may not make it out alive . . .

A Prisoner of Conscience

Chapter 1: Planetary Crisis

Jonas threw himself behind a boulder as weapons fire surrounded him. His heart beat against his rib cage with incredible force. He heard his pulse thudding in his ears as adrenalin pumped through his system.

Another volley of shots rained down on him, and by some miracle, none of them managed to hit their target. He risked a glance down the hill he was trapped on, and watched SG-1's battle below him.

He saw a staff blast hit Major Carter in the stomach, and she was thrown back from the impact, slumping to the ground unconscious. His heart leapt as he became instantly concerned. Looking over to where Colonel O'Neill was stationed, he saw a look of pure and complete horror cross the older man's face.

"Carter!" Jack shouted through the fire fight. The Colonel fell back to her position and his hand instantly went to her neck in search of a pulse.

Jonas couldn't tell what O'Neill had found upon checking for a pulse, but his heart continued to beat rapidly. A shot from the opposition was fired at Jonas, and he barely managed to escape its path as he dove to the next meanings of cover, a large tree trunk.

"Teal'c dial us out of here!" Jack shouted. The large Jaffa, who'd been fairly close to the gate offered no argument and instantly did O'Neill's bidding.

The stone ring spun as each of the chevrons engaged, and seconds later the gate exploded in a discharge of blue, settling back into the gate's centre seconds later. Jonas watched Teal'c punch in his iris code and then seek cover behind the DHD as he was fired upon.

SG-1 made a dash for the gate, Jack handing Carter off to Teal'c and instructing him to get her out of here. He then jumped behind a low rise in the ground.

"Jonas come on!" Jack yelled.

"Sure, I'll be right there." Jonas muttered to himself, dodging another shot. He quickly returned fire and saw the enemy Jaffa warrior he was aiming for fall bonelessly to the ground.

Jonas surveyed his position and sighed helplessly to himself. In order to get to the gate, he'd have to give up his cover, and still it was a long run to the shimmering Stargate, even at top speed. The ground he'd have to cover was treacherous, littered with rocks and boulders, and to top it all off, it was downhill. Making a dash at the moment would pretty much be suicide.

He fired his gun again, catching another warrior. A second later, all weapons fire from the enemy halted, and it fell deathly silent. Jonas dared a look over the boulder that was sheltering him and noticed, much to his surprise that the opposition was nowhere in sight.

"Jonas, now!" O'Neill yelled from below. Jonas looked down, and for a split second the two men's eyes locked. Even at this distance, he saw that Jack was hurting from the fact that Major Carter had been caught in cross fire.

His breath quivering, Jonas nodded to himself. If he was going to run for it, now would be as good a time as any. With a deep breath he dashed from his cover and began down the hill. Staff blasts hit the ground around him, luckily not making contact with their target.

Jonas dodged as a blast hit the ground next to him, but failed to loose any ground. About a quarter of the way down the hill, Jonas felt a blast hit him in the left shoulder, he yelled out in pain, but continued to run. Another volley of shots was fired at him, each one managing to miss.

He continued to run, his heart beating in his chest, and his pulse racing in his ears, his forehead beaded with perspiration as he ran. At that moment, he heard another shot fired at him, and he felt it slam into his upper back. That was all it took to send him flying forward, he was in a headlong dive down the hill.

He hit the ground, and began a rather dangerous descent downwards. The rocks tore at him, and as he drew closer to the bottom he felt something break in his wrist as a rock tore at it. He yelled out once again, but his shout was cut short by the definite connection with the side of his head to a large boulder. That single blow was enough to send him pitching into darkness and he didn't even remember reaching the bottom of the hill.