Chapter 14: Reflections

Jonas walked down the path when another image appeared before him, this time, of Teal'c

"Jonas Quinn, you are a remarkable warrior and I have been honored to serve with you. I do believe you can hear me, and I wish to urge you on. I hope you return soon." Teal'c said and turned to leave.

Jonas watched the screen flicker off, before sighing and heading further down the path, and hopefully to where he was trying to get to.

Colonel O'Neill sat next to Jonas yet again, waiting and hoping that he'd wake up. Sam walked in then, fully dressed, and no longer in hospital attire, Teal'c followed her.

"Hey Colonel, how is he?" Sam asked.

"Still not awake." Jack sighed, accepting the glass of water Sam handed him.

A moan was heard from the bed, and all looked to see where it had come from. Jonas moved his head, his face contorting into pain.

"Jonas?" Sam asked, hopeful.

Jonas's eyes slowly opened and tried to focus on those around him.

"You're awake!" Jack exclaimed.

"Doc, he's awake!" O'Neill yelled. Fraser's hurried footsteps were heard coming toward them, and seconds later, her small frame appeared in Jonas's blurred sights.

"Hey, how are you feeling Jonas?" Fraser asked, her voice gentle and caring.

"Awful." Jonas croaked, the weakness of his voice surprising him. He coughed as his dry throat protested, and gladly accepted the straw that Sam held for him.

"I can imagine. You gave us quite a scare. More than once." Janet replied.

"Sorry." Jonas said.

"It wasn't your fault. We're just glad you're finally awake again." Jack said with a smile.

"How long has it been?" Jonas asked.

"A few days, I don't know, I lost count." O'Neill admitted.

Jonas turned to Fraser and looked at her expectantly for an answer.

"It's been five days in total, almost six." The doctor replied.

"I am pleased to see you are awake." Teal'c said.


"Do you remember what happened?" Sam asked him.

"Sort of. We were ambushed, and I was running toward the gate. After that I don't remember much of anything, except being trapped in my subconscious." Jonas replied.

"What now? Jonas, are you sure you're doing okay?" Jack asked, his voice showing signs of concern.

"Colonel?" Jonas asked.

"You're talking crazy talk. Doc, maybe you should recheck his brain." Jack replied, turning to face Dr. Fraser, who was watching Jonas intently.

"Jonas?" Fraser asked.

Jonas shook his head. "Never mind. I'm fine."

" I'd better get the General. He wanted to know when you came around." Jack said.

Jonas lapsed into silence, and his eyes grew heavy.

"Hey! Hammond won't like it if he comes down to see you asleep."

Jonas opened his eyes again.

"I'll be right back, don't go to sleep. For cryin' out loud, you've been sleeping for the past six days, you can't be tired.!" Jack said to Jonas.

"I am, a little." Jonas admitted.

Fraser smiled. "It's only natural for you to be tired after what you've been through."

"I'm gonna go get Hammond now, be right back." O'Neill stated, walking out of the infirmary.

Jonas nodded and fell silent thinking back to the experience he'd just had over the past five days. An experience that wouldn't be far from his mind. He thought back to how exactly it was that he managed to get out at all. He finally decided that he had some inner turmoil that had to be resolved.

Each memory he experienced while trapped in his subconscious had some significance, they all led him in the right direction to get out. However, one thing stuck out above all else, although all his memories allowed him the ability to escape, they all had to be experienced before the word was even mentioned as a real possibility. And finally, with his inner storms calmed, he was able to seek something he greatly desired. Forgiveness from Mollie. A forgiveness that finally allowed him to face the world once again. The saving grace, if you will, that literally saved his life.

SG-1 didn't miss the thoughtful look that dawned over Jonas's face.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Fraser asked, speaking the question that she knew SG-1 wanted to ask.

Jonas snapped from his daze and shook his head. "It's nothing, just a dream I had about my past memories. I think it was a dream. A strange dream. There was a point in that dream where I thought for sure I'd never get out."

"Well, believe it or not, you're going to be okay, but you need rest. Your body's still recovering." Janet said.

At that moment, Colonel O'Neill walked in, followed by Hammond, who smiled when he saw that Jonas was in fact awake.

"Good to have you back, Jonas." Hammond replied.

"Thank you sir." Jonas said. He then turned to Jack, Sam, and Teal'c.

"Thanks." Jonas said.

"For what?" Jack questioned when Jonas's gaze rested, and lingered on him.

" For everything."

"Don't mention it." O'Neill said, slightly confused. Then, with a wave, he and SG-1 left, followed by Fraser and Hammond, leaving Jonas alone to reflect on what he'd been through.

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