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Smiling for Always (Chapter Four)

"It's cold outside tonight, eh, Mahiru?"

Akira's voice breaks my current train of thought as we await our orders. Misoka is standing near the edge of where the railing meets the cement, which is also where Mitsuru is, scolding the Tengu for yet another uncalled for outburst. I finally nod to Akira's question as I see Nozomu approaching, his blonde hair illuminated by the bright moonlight. Nozomu is beautiful, handsome and unreal to me; but he is not Mitsuru. I hug my sweater tighter to my body as the vampire begins to give us our orders. Immediately I am in Mitsuru's arms and we are flying through the night air, the stars shimmering above us. Everyone else is caught up in Mitsuru's wind—I am caught up in Mitsuru. His arms are warm, as always, but all I can think about is Mitsuru's voice in my ear from the night before, soft and tranquil, melodic and special. I am lost in my emotions as I reach up and begin playing with a strand of his lovely green hair. I see his eyes widen but do not relent from my actions as I let out a small giggle. Even the moon above us does not deter my pursuit of causing Mitsuru some pleasant discomfort.

Tonight's mission is taking place in yet another jewelry store; not unusual. The Teardrops tend to gravitate into jewelry stores and such, which makes sense, I guess. We land on the abandoned warehouse building located about ten minutes from the central shopping district, which is far enough for a successful escape if it is needed. Mitsuru releases me as Nozomu and the others begin preparation. I go over the itinerary details in my head as I start changing my clothes, or adding more on rather. We are to pretend that Nozomu and I are shopping for an engagement ring; but I have to locate the Teardrop. Then Mitsuru and Akira will wait in the back with sleeping gas incase the measures get too drastic. If it goes the way we want, Misoka should be able to sell us the Teardrop and there will be no commotion whatsoever, thanks to his transformation abilities. I sigh as I pull a short blue cap over my blonde hair, recalling Mitsuru's firm rejection to the plan. He'd gone pale as a ghost when Nozomu volunteered to play the part of my fiancé. That was an eyebrow raiser. Right now his beautiful chocolate spheres are hidden behind a pair of the darkest sunglasses I have ever seen, and his body is turned away form me in defiance. Akira is smiling as usual, his wolf ears sticking out, twitching in merriment. Misoka is adjusting his hair underneath a cap as well.

The air tonight is chilly as we walk into the still lively shopping center, people buzzing busily around us. Nozomu slips into his role easily as he takes my hand in his; I blush at the gesture, still feeling awkward after all these years. And though Mitsuru is nowhere in sight I can sense his anger and hostility coursing through my veins. Within minutes we have reached the store which holds the Teardrop, and Misoka is already ahead of us through the entrance. Akira and Mitsuru, who have been gone, finally peep from the top of the building as Nozomu waves to them, pulling us inside. I smile as a sales associate makes his way over to us, a gleam in his eyes which signals he plans to sell us something. I nod as Nozomu pretends that we are talking about which ring to purchase just as the sales representative walks up to us.

"Hello sir, can I help you today?"

Nozomu's smiles sparkles as he rounds on the man with a vigorous shake of his head. "Yes, my good sir. I would like to buy this little lady her engagement gift."

"May I suggest a ring sir?" The man motions to a row of cases filled with sparkling diamond rings.

"A good suggestion, but I would like the lady to choose. After all, it is her gift, dearest," he replies as he kisses my hand sweetly. I blush again. "Go, my dear, and choose whatever you would like."

I catch his drift easily as I walk towards the row full of diamonds; I sense nothing within them—no teardrop—and therefore scrunch my nose in an air of disapproval. Immediately a woman representative rushes to me and suggest necklaces, tiaras or bracelets. I pass by the necklaces and tiaras with relative ease as I sense nothing. But when I start to walk by the bracelets, my heart begins to react to the nearness of the Teardrop. I pause at a particularly plain looking silver band, only made unordinary by the diamond shaped charm implanted in its middle. I raise a brow as I point to eat and beckon for my "fiancé" to come see it. Nozomu is there within seconds, and just like that, the sale representatives are taking it to the back to be prepped and sold. I stand there, then, while Misoka takes care of everything in the back, and twiddle my thumbs. Nozomu is whistling lowly as the sales representative tries to flirt with him. I know he is holding back, knowing that he is quite a flirt; but he is playing a part right now. A few minutes later the man returns and is about to hand it over when our alternate plan goes into action. Nozomu begins initiating a flirting game with the crazed sales rep. She flushes and giggles loud enough so that I catch his eyes and storm over as the "mad fiancée" with anger in my eyes.

"You lied to me!" I shout angrily as I push the bracelet, which no longer possesses the Teardrop, back at the man. Instead I grab Nozomu's sleeve. "You don't love me, and I don't want that stupid bracelet!" With that said I flee from the store, hiding my smile as I leave him behind. I hear him conversing with the people for mere moments before he comes dashing from the store. We walk briskly back to the escape place before breaking out into peels of laughter. Misoka and Akira join in, laughing with us at how easy this mission was. However, to the side, I see Mitsuru fuming as he places the unnecessary tools back into their bags, seemingly disappointed about not being able to use them. Noticing that the others are occupied by their laughter, I make my way towards Mitsuru. He does not seem to notice me until I have touched his shoulder ever so lightly. "Mitsuru?"

He recoils as if I have burned him, his chestnut spheres burning into my eyes as I take a step back. "What do you want woman?"

Our previous evening forgotten, I look around, realizing that the others have stopped laughing. "I…it's nothing." I turn away from him as I take Nozomu's hand. "Can we go home now? I'm really tired. This whole mission stressed me out."

Akira bounces next to me, his tongue sticking out. "At least it was easier than all the others, right, Mahiru?"

I give him a small smile. "Yes…it was, wasn't it Akira?" Misoka is looking off at Mitsuru with suspicion as he gathers the supplies. "Misoka, is something the matter?"

"Nothing to worry yourself over, Princess," he responds calmly. "You're right. We should be getting back."

Once we are back, I go to my room to finish some more studying for entrance exams, my mind heavy with thoughts of Mitsuru, troubled thoughts. I hear the music filtering in from downstairs; Misoka, Nozomu and Akira must be practicing since the Moon Shine is closed today. I lift the window to let in another breeze, sighing again as the wind wraps itself around me in blanket; all I can feel is Mitsuru. My homework lays forgotten on my desk as I stand by the window, arms on the ledge as I stare out at the night sky. Even after the mission the night is not quite over, and I see Mitsuru above me, on the balcony by himself. I want to go up to him but something makes me stop as I continue to just stare at him, not sure whether I should stay staring or leave to finish my homework. Deciding that I need to get back to business, I manage to peel myself away from the window long enough to close my door; or at least that was my original plan. But before I know it I find myself on the roof of the bar, hand on the doorknob in preparation to open it. I hesitate for a moment, staring at the brass contraption is wonderment as I crack the door a few inches. Mitsuru looks back, his eyes boring holes into the door as if sensing I am behind it, and I think he does know that I am.

Mere seconds pass before I push the door open, coming face to face with the one person who can make my heart flutter and break at the same time. He is stares at me maliciously as I close the door behind me, my hands lingering on the knob. Needless to say, I am rather awkward and blushing all over, I am sure, as I lean against the door for some kind of support. We are both silent until the wind begins to pick up. My head shoots up instantly, wondering if Mitsuru is leaving. To my relief he is still in his spot, only now he looks like he is fighting back tears. I venture forward at this look, forcing myself to be courageous. "Mitsuru, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," He retorts in annoyance but I am not deterred so easily.

"Please tell me what's wrong! You're bothered, I know it!" I say coolly as I come to stand in front of him, a few good feet away incase he decides to run. He turns his back to me, determined not to answer my pleas. I do the only thing I can think of that will make him tell me, and that brings his defenses down enough. I jump at him from behind, hugging his arm as I let out a small chuckle. "Mitsuru, you grumpy Tengu! Just answer the question and I'll go away, I promise!"

I am right about his defenses as he looks down at me with a somewhat softened expression, though it seems more melancholy than soft. He raises a brow at me before he looks up to the sky. "He likes you, you know."

"Who likes me?"

"Nozomu, that stupid vampire, he likes you." Mitsuru's voice is suddenly forlorn and somewhat cold. My eyes widen. "Yeah, I'll bet he liked being able to play the part of your fiancé, that devious vampire. He's always looking for a chance to get you..."

"Nozomu is just really friendly, is all," I try to reason, trying to brush off Nozomu's obvious interest in me.

"Stop being such a clueless, helpless girl. You're not that stupid Mahiru," Mitsuru argues. "I don't like the way he looks at you sometimes, and I can't stand the way he touches you—like you belong to him. I don't trust him sometimes…not at all, the sneaky ass."

The words coming from Mitsuru's mouth surprise me and confuse me all together as I pull away from him, taking a few steps back. "Then who do I belong to? Does it matter? Nozomu was just playing a part. He would never do anything to harm me; and besides, you were offered—"

He cuts me off with a curt look, his lips curled into a snarl. "You don't belong to anyone Mahiru! And he wasn't just playing the part! He wants to go out with you, dumb girl!"

"And why should that matter? What do you care about my choices anyway? It's not like you are my parents or my boyfriend! It's not like you care about me, other than being the Princess meant to help the Lunar Race!" I shout in anger.

"I do! What…Why do you have to care about me? Why?" His question holds frustration as he desperately tries to hold back the tears that have begun to form in his eyes. "Why do you follow me, check up on me, hang on me; why do you have to love me, Mahiru?"

I feel my face aflame as his last words come out in a whisper, my simmering anger melting away. "What? But how did you—"

"I may act like I hate you Mahiru, but it doesn't mean that I really do…even if I want to," He replies, his eyes suddenly dropping to the floor as he shies away from my touch. "No matter how hard I try to hate you…I can't seem to." When he looks up at me, silent trails of some emotion are trailing down his cheeks. He walks forward, closing the small space between as; his arms are around me before I have time to react. "You are the Princess, my true Princess, and I am your demon boy. And you promised…"

"To become your bride," I finish shakily as he lifts my chin with his long, slender fingers. I feel myself trembling, tears brimming at my eyelids as he leans forward, planting a chaste kiss on my lips. His own linger atop mine ever so lightly, as though he is memorizing the contours of them, surface and everything about them. I feel a tear slip down my cheek as I realize that I can't ever stop myself from loving him or being without him. I reach up, tangling my hands in his hair as I pull him closer, drinking in his kiss, which he gives willingly. I part my lips to him, allowing him to taste more of me, and me of him as I push him against the railing behind us. I am lost in him, the tears still falling freely from my eyes as I continuously shake in his arms—but never break the kiss we share. When we break apart for air, I gaze up at him in curiosity, my hands still shaking as I wrap them around his back. "Mitsuru, what does…I mean…this…"

"I love you, Mahiru, and I don't think I can ever change that," he whispers in my ear as he places his head atop mine as he did the night before. "Tonight, when Nozomu was acting the part…something just…I hated seeing that. I hate how he always gets to be the one…"

I smile as I snuggle against his chest. "You're my only one Mitsuru…forever." I sigh. "Mitsuru, can you do me a favor?"

He looks at me, eyes wide as though I have begun pushing the limits. "What?"

"Never stop smiling."


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