Alright, heres the thing. Its been like half a year since I updated this story. Maybe even longer. I was thinking, hell, I should just take it down and pretend I never even wrote it or started it. BUT, that wouldnt be fair for all my loyal reviewers, who I really do appreciate. You guys have reviewed and stuck with this story for like a year which quite frankly amazes me.

So, whats my solution? Find a new writer.

So heres the deal. I cant hang on to this story anymore so Im willing to pass it on to whoever wants it. Full rights, the whole deal. If more than one person is willing to take it off my hands, than Ill just have each one of them enter in the next chapter. Ill read them, pick the best, and voila, well have a new writer and everyones happy.

If anyonesinterested, contact me by reviewing to this message.