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I got the idea from random other fictions like this, however I don't remember all the writers and their fictions that gave me the idea so I am unable to list them.

The name of the chapter is the answering machine that is being listened too.

Leave a Message after the Ki Blast

Chapter 1: Briefs Living Room

Vegeta and his five year old daughter Bra left the GR heading to the kitchen, after training for five hours and dinner still far off they would have to settle for a snack. On the way to the kitchen they went through the living room where little Bra saw the answering machine's little red light blinking, "Daddy! We got messages!" Bra squealed running over to the answering machine. Vegeta rolled his eyes "It better not be anymore teller marketers" he muttered walking over to the machine where his daughter was trying to press the button but could not reach it, when Vegeta reached the machine Bra walked to his side and wrapped her arms around his leg balling her little hands and fisting the material of her fathers pants as she waited to hear the messages. In this house hold and with the people residing in it, you never knew what was going to come up on the thing, Vegeta pressed the play button.

"Hello? This is the Briefs house! This is the Saiyan Princess Bra please leave a message after the beep!" Bra's voice came cheerfully as the greeting.

Vegeta rolled his eyes glad that on this planet that message would just make someone think it was a child with an overactive imagination, not that what his daughter said as the message wasn't true.

"You have 5 messages, First message 11:00am Wednesday" the answering machine said.


"Hello? Hello is this thing on? Oh it's the answering machine, hey Vegeta if it's you answering its Goku! I was calling to see if our sparring session for Saturday was still on, I have to go now Chi Chi is after me right now and if she catches me"

"GOKU GET BACK HERE! I CAN'T BELIVE YOU ATE EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE AGAIN! I JUST BOUGHT THOSE GROCERIES!" Chi Chi's voice screamed through the answering machine's speaker

"GGGGYYYYYAAAAAAA!" Goku's screamed could be heard as he dropped the phone onto the receiver.


Vegeta snickered while little Bra giggled pressing her face into her fathers leg "Uncle Kakarrot's in trouble again isn't he daddy?" Bra said giggling as she talked, That baka is always in trouble with that harpy mate of his Vegeta thought as the next message played.

"Second Message 11:30 Wednesday"


"BRA! ITS ME PAN! If grandpa can come to spar at your house can I come! PLEASE? Lets see how good you've gotten since everyone came to that sparring gathering last month; I'll kick your butt this time!"


Bra snorted "In your dreams you will Pan" she muttered loud enough for her father to hear and Vegeta smirked.

"Third Message 12:00 Wednesday"


"Hello Babe its Yamcha! I was wondering if…"

Vegeta pressed delete

"Fourth Message 12:15 Wednesday"


"Hello Ms. Briefs, your daughter sure has an active imagination with that Saiyan stuff she talks about. Anyway I'm calling to remind you about tomorrows meeting relating to the new capsules Kamou showed us the other day"


It's true I am a princess! Daddy calls me princess all the time! And he says that because I'm related to him I'm a princess! Bra said pouting and glaring at the machine, "Moron, why not try calling her Office phone" Vegeta muttered as the last message played.

"Fifth Message 1:00 Wednesday"

"MISTER PRINCE MAN! BUU WANTS TO KNOW WERE BRA GOT THAT YUMMY CANDY SHE GAVE ME! BEE WANTS TO KNOW TOO!" Buu's voice screamed through the phone as a dogs barking clearly his dog Bee's rang through it as well.


"End of Messages"

Bra laughed at the look on her fathers face when he heard Majin Buu's name for him, BUU! My daddy's name is Vegeta not Mister Prince Man! Bra mentally scolded Buu as she laughed pressing her face into her fathers leg again. "Pink blob" Vegeta muttered walking into the kitchen as Bra released his leg, "At least he called you prince" Bra said walking along side him, "Hrmp" was all the Saiyan prince said.