Picture this: You are watching the all-star basketball games of the season. You have the best seat in the lower box, just behind the bench of your favorite team, which is a mix of players from 3 different teams voted via SMS and thru the official website of the all-star games. You could actually hear your favorite player's voice every timeout when he talks to the coach. What you don't know is that the ace player's girlfriend is seated right in front of you. As he makes a beautiful 3-point shot, he quickly pounds his right clenched fist on his left chest and, with the same hand, points at you and smiles, which meant that the 3-point shot was for you. As he takes a second look at your face, he realizes that you were not his girlfriend! The cameras are all focused at your confused, embarrassed, and blushing face, the commentators are saying, Who the hell is that girl that the ace player offers his best shot for her", and most of all, the fangirls and especially the TRUE girlfriend are turning ultra-green with envy. What would you do?

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Original Character: Yuko Minamura. She is an ordinary basketball fan and a sophomore student with an ordinary student life. But everything changes when an incident happens on the day when she watched the all-star games in the district of Kanagawa.

...Story Time

...Yuko's POV

Oh my goddess, I feel like I'm the luckiest girl alive. I'm here in the Kanagawa Coliseum, in the official all-star games of Kanagawa. Oh my goddess, I couldn't be any happier. I'm seated at the second-from-the-front row of the lower box, just behind the bench of my favorite team. By the way, the game would be Ryonan, Shoyo, and Miuradai (the North Team) versus Shohoku, Kainan, and Takezono (the South Team) (1). I'm for the North Team, because Fujima and Hanagata are there. I've always liked them both because they're quite a pair in the hardcourt.

It's too bad my 2 best girl buds can't come with me. Chiharu can't come because her parents didn't allow her, and Eri can't come either because she had to stay home to take care of her sister. So basically, I was left alone. Though I wanted them to come too, it couldn't be helped. But I won't let those incidents stop me from watching the all-star game. This only happens once every season, so I really had to see it, girl buds or no girl buds. Anyways, they allowed me to come alone because they know how much I wanted to watch. They assured me that they'd also watch the TV telecast. They're really sweet. Awww.

Oh, great! Both teams are coming out of their dugout now. Wow, Sakuragi's really tall, and his hair is really bright. Rukawa is very pale, like snow. Add to that his messy, raven-black hair and ice blue eyes. Akagi does look like a gorilla. And Mitsui's got a cool shade of blue-black hair. And Miyagi – he's not really that short, but he does have ultra curly hair. And he's really tanned, which is quite sexy. O.O From Kainan's team is Kiyota, who has quite a character. He's really loud. Right now he's having some dribbling business with Sakuragi. I think they're showing off their ball handling skills again. Hmm, and there's Jin and Maki too, the only serious ones from Kainan. And there's only one player from Takezono – Oda, obviously.

Oh, good. The North Team's coming out of their dugout too. Wow, Sendoh's hair is really high. Haha, just kidding. And Uozumi does look strict. And Fukuda's also there – he's got quite a pout. I wonder how he got those ultra thick lips? Does he kiss girls so often that he overstimulated them? And as for Koshino – hey, wait, he isn't around. Probably he didn't get enough votes to be counted in the all-star games. There's Hanagata and Fujima as well. Hanagata is also very pale, and he's also very tall. It's really different when you see players up close and personal than in the TV telecasts. Fujima's such a pretty boy. Though he isn't as tall as the others, he's still my favorite. He's got sexy eyes. There are also two players from Miuradai but I'm not so familiar with them.

...after 30 minutes

They're done warming up. The game's about to start. First five of North Team is Sendoh, Uozumi, Fukuda, Fujima, and the Miuradai guy, while the South team consists of Rukawa (as always), Maki, Akagi, Mitsui, and Kiyota. Both teams have taken their places…and it's jumpball time. The North Team has the control of the ball, thanks to Uozumi.

...end of 1st half

Wow, it's a close fight. It's anybody's game actually. The score is 54-58, in favor of the South Team. I could hear Coach Taoka (coach for Team North) screaming his tonsils out because Fukuda isn't concentrating. By the way, his girlfriend (whose name is Angela, as I have heard) is watching here in the coliseum too. She's seated at the front row of the lower box, 3 seats from my left. I wonder why Fukuda can't concentrate? Coach has decided to substitute Hanagata for Uozumi and the other Miuradai guy for Fukuda. Miss Angela (Fukuda's girlfriend) is handing him a pink Hello Kitty towel and a bottle of water. Coach Taoka is whispering something to Sendoh. I wonder what he's telling him? Fujima…oh my goddess, just look at him. He's so hot. I'm so lucky to be seated here. All right, back to the ball game.

...3rd quarter

Oh no, South Team is up by 4 points. Ryota seems to be a scoring machine today. He has 10 points now. By the way, the score is 78-82. And Sakuragi has been grabbing all the rebounds (as usual). No wonder they're up by 4. I have a feeling North Team's gonna lose. I hope not.

...4th quarter

Oh, thank goodness the South Team hasn't made scores again. The Miuradai guy has scored two points already. I hope someone sinks a 3-pointer.

...4 minutes left

Oh yes! Sendoh's all fired up, same with Fujima. North Team is now up by 7 points (89-82), thanks to Hanagata's one-shot free throw and 2 points each from Sendoh and Fujima. And another 2 points again by Fukuda (he substituted for the first Miuradai guy). Maki is the current point guard of the South Team and he seems to be having a hard time as well. That's because Fujima's fastbreaks were so well-timed that they couldn't catch up. Oh my goddess, he's so sexy.

Oh no, Jin of the South Team has the ball. To whom is he gonna pass it? To Akagi? He's released the ball already – yes! Miscommunication! I think he was really gonna pass it to Sakuragi but the redhead didn't seem to notice so he moved away. Instead, Sendoh got the ball and I think he's gonna aim towards the ring for a 3-point shot!

...end of the game

I'm so confused. I really am. Don't get me wrong; I'm happy that North Team won. The score was 92-82, thanks to Sendoh's 3-pointer. It was a beautiful shot; it was rimless and right through the center. What I could not understand was when after Sendoh sank in the shot, he pounded his left chest with his right fist twice and with the same hand, he pointed at me! And he even smiled and gave me a wink, which meant that the perfect 3-pointer was…for me! I can't absorb this…not at all. I'm glad I'm riding a taxi right now, so I could collect my thoughts…because this is all so confusing. I can't believe everything that happened.

What was more…uh…bizarre was when I later found out that Sendoh's girlfriend was seated just in front of me. He probably thought I was her. As I walked out of the coliseum, the media people gathered in front of me! Cameras were flashing and add to that the buzzing questions of the reporters. I could see Sendoh's fangirls turning green with envy as they all gave me a hateful stare. I can't believe this. So you know what I did? I ran away from the media people. It's not such a smart thing to do, but I had no choice. What I couldn't block out of my mind was when I saw Sendoh's real girlfriend. As our eyes met, she gave me a stare that said you're-just-another-die-hard-fangirl-so-keep-away-from-my-guy. It was petrifying (no kidding)!

It's not fair on my part though…because I didn't even do anything to catch Sendoh's attention! In the first place, I liked Fujima and not Sendoh! It would have been more reasonable if I screamed my esophagus out to cheer for Sendoh for him to do that, but no! I never did that, right? I didn't even scream out Fujima's name though I liked him a lot. And now, everybody's giving me the cold shoulder. I wanna go home.

Actually, I've just arrived home. What a coincidence (sarcastic).

When I got home, Eri and Chiharu were there already. "Are you okay, girl?" Eri asked. I was too mystified to answer. Chiharu, on the other hand, was hysterical. "Oh my goodness Yuko! We saw you! We saw you on TV! You're famous, Yuko! All the cameras were focused on you! And the commentators were puzzled…they were like, 'Who is that girl? Isn't Sendoh's girlfriend the one in front of THAT girl?' And the Sendoh's fangirls were turning green…and…and…"

"Stop it Chiharu!" Eri said defensively. "You're not making Yuko feel better." Then she turned to me and said, "Do you want anything? A glass of water? Pretzels? Choco Baby? Pocky? What?" I shook my head. Chiharu was right; I'm famous from now on. I don't like what's happening. I really don't.

Oh my goddess, somebody save me. Please.

To be continued. :)

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(1) I'm sorry, I'm not really sure about the North and South Teams. I actually got the idea from the UAAP all-star games. :)

Disclaimer (part 2): The real Yuko Minamura is from one of my favorite movies, "Battle Royale." She's the cute...uhmm...host? Uhmm...no, she's the one who explains stuff to the students, so...I don't know what she's called. :)