Harry Potter was currently staring out of his bedroom window. He was sitting on a groaning chair that looked like it might break down on its own weight. Ignoring the protesting noises of the old wooden chair, he continued to watch the fascinating sight the setting down sun was making. He was fascinated by how it touched him just by watching the Sun setting down. He could feel peacefulness, calmness, and strength spread across his whole body.

He had been watching the scene everyday since he got back at Number Four Privet Drive from his fifth year at Hogwarts. Every time he watched the scene unfolding itself before his eyes, he felt his head began to clear, anger melted away, and his very soul lightened. He could feel his veins pulsing gently, heart beating steadily, nerves transferring information to and fro the brain. He thought, 'maybe this is how it feels like muggles meditating.'

Just then, he felt the wards that Dumbledore put around the house vibrated gently and shimmered for a second. He could see a movement from the corner of his eyes disappearing to the front door. 'An order member to check me on,' he thoughtThe door bell rang continuously and Harry could hear his Uncle Vernon's voice bellowed from downstairs.

"Who the ruddy hell are you," Uncle Vernon asked, outrages obvious in his voice. There was an ear deafening scream from Uncle Vernon instead and Harry got up on his legs immediately, sending the groaning chair flat on the floor. He sped to the stairs leading down to the living room all the while thinking what could have cause his uncle scream in pain, not that he cared any way. As he reached to the top stairs, he stopped abruptly, staring disbelievingly at the tall black-robed man standing over Vernon who was lying flat on his back on the floor. Harry thought Vernon was probably knocked out. His wand already trained straight at the black-robe man who was standing in the doorway. A pain shot from his scar through his entire body. As he was staring the man disbelievingly, the man lifted his face towards Harry sharply, showing the feature of the man's snake-like face and glowing red eyes. Harry could sense the power radiated from the man and it startled him. Harry's green eyes bored into the man's red eyes and said cheerfully, "Hello Tom, long time no see."

"Potter," Tom said amusedly, "I trust you are well?"

"Well," Harry began cheerfully, "since our last meeting at Department of Mysteries, I've been bored to death. To what do I owe you for this visit?"

Voldemort slowly paced across the room to the base of the stair case. Staring at Harry for a moment and then he said calmly, "I'm here for two things."

Harry prompted, "oh?"

Voldemort continued, "one, to offer you the rank of my second in commend, which means you have controls over all death eater ranks including Inner Circle."

"Hmm, interesting offer you have there," Harry made a thoughtful expression for a moment, "second?"

Voldemort leant on the wall nearby the stair crossing his arms on his chest, and then he spoke, "to offer you my service for your death if you pass my first offer."

"I have one question before I made my decision," Harry said pocketing his wand back.

"How do I get in here?" Voldemort asked knowingly. "Remember your blood you donated me? That's why. I have your blood in me and the blood protection of your relatives doesn't work on me. Of course, my death eaters aren't allowed in here."

"And the wards? I know they are pretty strong."

Voldemort shook his head in mock disappointment, "Oh I'm hurt you see me as a weak old muggle loving fool Dumbledore. Even my Inner Circles can break these wards. Now on to more important business, what's your choice?"

"Oh ok. Let's look at your first offer. Nope, I'll pass that one. And for the second offer, no thank you, I'd like to live for a very, very long time. As you can see, I still don't even know what my girlfriend looks like! Thanks for your offer, but no thanks."

"Are you sure? This is your last chance," asked Voldemort, eyes glinting with anticipation. His wand was already in his hand before he finished his last words.

"Oh yes I'm sure Tom." Harry stood on the top of the stairs, looking at Voldemort calmly.

Voldemort trained his wand his wand at Harry and said, " In that case, I must fulfill my second offer then." He whispered an incarnation under his breath and a dark-green light shot out of his wand, speeding towards its target at high speed.

Harry was watching Voldemort trained his wand at him. He could see Voldemort saying something, but he was not hearing anything. He was watching a green light spread towards Voldemort's wand and at the same time a dark form of light sped out from the heart, joining with the green light forming dark-green light. It sped towards him and he just stared at it in fascination. However, before the light hit him, his left hand shot out towards the light on its own accord and absorbed it entirely. At the same time, he felt a warm sensation from his very core sped across his every fiber and it directed the dark-green light towards his right hand. Harry shot out his right hand and aimed it at Voldemort who was wearing a triumphant expression on his face. A dark ray shot out from Harry's right hand and towards Voldemort whose expression quickly changed from triumphant to pure surprise and horror. The dark ray hit Voldemort square in the chest and he was thrown to the wall with a sickening crush.

Harry couldn't believe what was happening. His eyes darted from Voldemort, who was beginning to stand up from his unceremonious crush, to his right hand and then to his left hand.

Harry raised his right hand again and willed Voldemort's wand to him. But nothing happened. He tried again, but to no avail. Confused, he focused his eyes on Voldemort again.

"Well Potter," Voldemort began shakily, "that was a display. Pray for luck this time. AVADA INCENDIO KADAVA!"

Harry was now experiencing the same sensation like the first time again. Green, enveloped by red, light started to shop out from Voldemort's wand tip. However, before the light reached the wand tip, Harry's right hand shot out in front of him. He flicked his wrist and Voldemort's jet black, shiny wand sealed towards his outstretched hand. As soon as the wand left Voldemort's hand, Voldemort screamed out ear piercing sound and fell to his knees.

Harry didn't understand why Voldemort was screaming like he was at 20 cruciatus curse. He didn't do anything, but willed Voldemort's wand to him. He shrugged his thoughts off and stared down at Voldemort from the top of the staircase. By now Voldemort was starting to stand up unsteadily and lifted his snake-like face to wards where Harry was standing.

"How does it feel, Tom?" Harry taunted, "I didn't know you'd cry like a girl."

"Beware who you are talking to, Potter," Voldemort spat through his greeted teeth, "you are lucky this time, but you won't be lucky forever. Just remember this is not over." Voldemort apparated away with a faint pop before Harry could open his mouth.

Harry stared at the spot where Voldemort was a moment ago, and then changed his direction to Voldemort's wand in his hand. It was black, shiny, and light in weight. It was pulsing with power. As he was analyzing the wand there were several faint pops around him and through the room. His head snapped up, both his and Voldemort's wands ready at hands, and looked around the intruders. There was a tall, old man with piercing blue eyes, raw power surrounding him like a white and blue doom.

"Hello Professor Dumbledore." Harry said merrily. "You've just missed my guest."

Dumbledore looked up at the boy who was at the top staircase, holding two identical wands at both hands. However, it was not what made him looked in awe at the boy. The boy was standing in a way that made him look like a confident individual. He was about 5' 9" tall, with athletic build, blindingly bright emerald green eyes, and his shoulder length hair was moving gently like gentle sea waves in invisible breeze. His figure gave away anyone who looked at him the impression to respect him.

For a moment, Dumbledore was in a loss of words, and finally he stuttered out in absolute surprise, "Mr. Potter? Is that you?"

Harry was looking around the room, which was now full of Order members who were looking at him with their jaws dropped to the floor, while waiting for Professor Dumbledore's reply. He had no idea why they were acting like the way they were including the most powerful and dignified wizard alive.

For a moment, he thought he wouldn't receive a reply. But Professor Dumbledore finally came out from his stupor and stuttered out a question.

"Well, my dad is dead and he has no other relatives, so that makes me the only Potter alive. Harry Potter, nice to see you all again," Harry addressed to the whole crowd.

"Well, you certainly have changed," Professor Dumbledore murmured rather to himself.

The whole crowd broke into whispers and murmurs.

"…Harry Potter? As in the Boy-Who-Lived?" some whispered to the others disbelievingly.

"…Merlin, he's changed!" another murmured in awe.

Harry was becoming more and more uncomfortable under the scrutiny of more than twenty powerful wizards and witches. He cleared his throat and whispers died down immediately. "Um..what are you all doing here?" he asked uncomfortably.

Professor Dumbledore spoke immediately this time, "We were at the Order meeting at you-know-where when the alarm set off. You see, I put two direct alarms at the wards around your relative's house. One alarm was set to Hogwart and the other to Headquarters. They were set to alarm us once your wards were breached or disturbed. What happened, Mr.Potter? Both alarms were set off at the highest level."

"Oh..I see. But before I answer, could you please take care of my relatives? I think Uncle Vernon was hit with reducto," Harry pleaded Dumbledore and the others.

"No big deal, Harry," replied Remus Lupin, who looked like he might fall down at any moment. He looked pale and tired. Dark circles under his eyes didn't help his look good.

"Professor Lupin! You look awful! Are you okay?" Harry asked in concern, running down the stairs. He was at Remus's side in no time. Remus was looking at Harry in awestruck expression and his mouth was opening and closing without a sound. His look darted to the top staircase and to Harry who was now by his side.

"Ha-Harry, how did you do that?" Remus finally managed to spoke out.

"Did what?" asked Harry, blank expression on his face.

"You-you just jumped down a twenty-foot stairs in less than a second, Harry!" Remus was now nearly shouting with awe.

"What do you mean, Professor, I just jump down the stairs? I didn't jump, I ran down." Harry asked quizzically.

A young, short witch with grey eyes and wavy hair piped in, "No! First you were there, and next you were besides Lupin's side. How did you do that? There was no sound! Even Professor Dumbledore makes sounds when he apparatus!"

"I know it wasn't ghosting 'cause even ghosting has a blurry vision to others. Yours wasn't like that." A tall, aristocratic looking old man remarked. He looked much older than others in the room except for Dumbledore. He had grey eyes just like the short witch.

"Ah yes! There's so much to catch up," Dumbledore cut in, "why don't we go to the sitting room and make ourselves comfortable?" Everyone moved to the sitting room whispering excitedly. A few would glance over to Harry who was walking beside Remus Lupin, who was walking beside the tall, grey-eyed man. Dumbledore was beside Harry, eyebrows knitting in concentration.

Once everyone was seated comfortably, Professor Dumbledore turned to Harry and started, "Mr.Potter, why don't you tell us from the beginning. Once everything is explained, we will discuss the matter in more depth."

"Yes Professor," Harry started, "well, around 5 pm this evening, Tom decided to pay me a visit. He.."

"Who is Tom, Mr.Potter? Do you mean Tom the inn keeper?" interrupted a witch with blond hair. 'She looks familiar,' Harry thought.

"Oh sorry, he's not Tom the inn keeper. Tom whom I'm talking about is Voldemort.." All except Dumbledore, the tall grey-eyed man and the grey-eyed witch shuddered at the name. "Voldemort's real name was Tom Marvelo Riddle." Harry continued, " Any way, we are off the rocker. Where was I? Oh right, Tom visited me to offer his generosity. But I refused them both. He then tried to put me into sleep forever. He shot me a curse with dark-green light." Dumbledore and the tall man went paled at this. Harry continued without noticing, "I didn't hear the incarnation. The curse shot toward me and I turn it back to Voldie. It hit him square in the chest. I think it was a pretty strong curse because Voldie was sent to the wall and he fell on to his knees. I've never seen Voldie on his knees. It was priceless!" He paused, reliving the event and enjoying the look on Voldemorts face.

Everyone in the room just stared at him as if he had grown hands on his head. Their jaws were mating with the floor through out the story. Even Dumbledore was dumbstruck at this point.

"Any way, he got up again and fired a cursed at me again. It was Avada Incendio Kadava, I think." Harry heard several intakes of breath and gasps from the crowd. Everyone's face was pale and their hands were shaking by now. Harry finalized that it was because of the use of an unforgivable. Harry continued, "But this time, before the curse leave the wand tip, I manage to summon his wand from his hand." More gasps were heard and a few whimpered. "As soon as the wand left his hand, Voldemort fell to the ground and cried like a girl. I never thought that he would be able to cry like that. Any way, I have no idea why he cried like that. Then, he apparated away, just before you all arrived."

Harry leant back on his chair and surveyed the room. He was shock to see that some of the witches had fears in their eyes and the wizards look pale and shock. Dumbledore and the tall, grey-eyed man looked a bit better than the rest, but they too were much in the same state as the others. However, Harry could see some twinkle in the two wizen old men's eyes that was lack in others.

Everyone was just staring at Harry with mix expressions. Some had fear, awe, and disbelief looks on their faces. Some, like Remus, had worried, pride, and awe looks on their faces. The two wizen men had identical twinkles in their eyes. Harry began to feel uncomfortable feeling as it went on for a minute or so.

Finally Dumbledore spoke the thing that was in everyone's mind. "So, Mr.Potter, you shocked Lord Voldemort without a single curse of your own?"

"Well..something like that. But I use his curses on him." Harry replied a bit unsettled.

The tall man spoke this time, "Correct me if I'm mistaken, Mr.Potter," at the nod from Harry, he continued, "When Riddle sent the first curse, it was dark-green, right?" Harry nodded and the man continued. "And when it returned to Riddle by you what color did that curse take?"

Harry frowned a bit in concentration, trying to remember the curse and spoke, "it was dark. Yes, it was dark. Wait a second! What does it mean? The color wasn't the same when it was directed to me. Where did the green color go?"

The crowd looked at the two wizen wizards in expectation for explanation. It was clear that no one in the room had ever heard like that before.

Dumbledore peered over his half-moon spectacles to Harry who was wearing confused expression. Then he cleared his throat and began what everyone was waiting for, "It is my belief that Lord Voldemort had used two most powerful curses in wizarding history. Those two were the origin version of the three unforgivables. I trust you can imagine how powerful those two origin version would be if you know the three version of the current unforgivables." Dumbledore paused for a moment and glanced over the crowd.

Everyone in the room was paler than before, if it were possible, and in Harry's case, he was wearing horrified expression. Harry was thinking how in Merlin's name he was able to do what he did, and he was thanking all the gods he could remember for his luck.

Dumbledore shifted his gaze to the tall wizen man and asked politely, "Minleko, why don't you continue the rest. I believe you have more expertise about this subject than any other I can think of."

"My pleasure, Albus. However, I shall introduce my self first off." Minleko turned to the rest of the room and said, "Some of you might know me, some might not. I am Minleko Flamel. Of course you know my brother, Nicolas Flamel."

"Nicolas Flamel, the creator of the Philosopher's stone? Wow!" Some one exclaimed in surprise.

Minleko continued, "Nicolas was brilliant in alchemy. I was not even near his level. Spell Alternating was my expertise. Spell Alternation was one of the rarest gifts that a wizard or a witch can get. I was the first to be born as a Spell Alternator in 4 centuries. The last person known to be was the ancestor of the Dark Lord Grindelwald."

"Excuse me Mr.Flamel?" Remus Lupin called for attention, "what exactly does Spell Alternating work."

"Call me Minleko, Remus. I will answer your question some later time. At the moment, I will try to explain what Mr.Potter did and my theory of how he did what he did."

Professor Dumbledore waved his wand once and in front of every one in the room were a cup of hot tea and a plate of some sort of sweet. "I thought it might take some time," explained Dumbledore, "I quite like lemon drop with tea."

All occupants in the room murmured their thanks and turned their attention to Minleko. Harry however was forming his own theories of what had happened.

"Mr.Potter," called Minleko, pulling Harry off his own little world, "could you please tell us how you re-directed the curse to Riddle? I might find some more useful information that confirms my theory."

Harry recounted how he could see the two colors joining each other inside Voldemort's body, and then sped through the wand, amplified and concentrated by the core of the wand. He then recalled how he absorbed the cursed with his left hand, how his inner core inside his body redirected the cursed to his right hand, and how the dark light shot out from his right hand to the unsuspected Voldemort.

By now everyone was staring at him wide eyed, mouths hanging opened, and horrified expression on their faces.

Minleko shook his head as if to clear something and spluttered out, "yo-you me-mean you d-didn't use your w-wand!"

"I-impossible, Potter!" Severus Snape spat out from his shock state.

The rest of the room just stared at him, tea cups forgotten in mid-way to their destinations, to mouths or to table.

"Oh I'm hurt, Professor Snape," Harry said in a mock hurt tone, "Use your brain for once, Snape. If I were to use my wand, wouldn't there be any letter from the Ministry of Magic for using magic? Last year I received one for defending myself from two Dementors that were let loose by a Ministry employee. Do you think they would pass their chance to nail me down for defending myself from Voldemort this time? Think about it."

"Mr.Potter is quite right, Severus," Dumbledore shifted his gaze from Snape to Harry, "Mr.Potter, we do believe what you said. What you achieved has never been done since..since..I don't even remember when, perhaps since the time of Merlin. Even Merlin himself needs the Staff to perform such powerful spell. Of course he can do almost any spell wandlessly…but…never to such your extent."

Harry was in a lost of words again. He was beyond shock. He did wandless magic which he didn't even know the incantation. And he was doing what Merlin himself couldn't do. He shook his head to clear dizziness that was beginning to form.

"But Professor, when I tried to summon his wand to prevent him from cursing me again, nothing happened." Harry protested in hope of what professor said was wrong. "There must have been someone who helped me with it!"

A middle-age wizard cleared his throat and said, "I think what you happened, Mr.Potter, was solely your doing. I've heard wizards and witches transfer their magic through a non-living thing to their destination. But through a living thing, especially a human, I've never heard of anything of it, never in my life."

"Tanip is right," growled mad-eye Moody, "I've seen and heard many things past and present through out my Auror life, but never like this one."