Lord of Zenth Mage

Chapter: 14 Attacks and Counter Attacks

Harry was standing in front of a group of confused looking people. Some of them were in commando uniforms, some were in white laboratory uniforms, and some were in plain clothes. There were 61 of them in total. They were looking at Harry in utter confusion. One minute they were doing their usual things, and then they felt something pulled behind their navels and were transported immediately to an unknown location. All they could see was four plain walls and a strange looking young man. They couldn't see the ceiling of the room; it looked like it was made of some transparent object. They were first shock as the sight of clouds under their feet. They felt like they were in the open air. They found out that they could walk around without on the clouds. Then out of nowhere, the boy just appeared in front of them.

Harry looked over the crowd and said slowly, "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. You are here today because you are needed in a war that has been going on for quite some time. You have the skills and you are here to use them for a good cause. You are here for the people who need your help although they don't even realize they need you. I assure you that everything will be answered should you want the answer. Now, before we began questions and answers section, I would like to divide you into group according to your professional skills. Commandos, place gather near the right wall."

2 dozen commandos walked over to the said place.

"Genetic Engineering Scientists, please gather next to the first group."

8 people walked over and stood next to commandos.

"Bio-chemists, please gather next to the second group."

9 people walked off to stand next to the second group.

"Air Force personnel, please go to the wall to the left."

6 people walked off to their left.

"Doctors, stand next to the Air Force Personnel. Armed Force personnel, go next to Doctors."

4 remaining people divided into two groups, two people in each group, and stood at their assigned position. Harry requested the room to give them each a chair, making them jump in surprise as chairs appeared next to them.

"Now, fire away your questions."

A woman from chemist group raised her hand slowly, as if making sure there was no sniper to shoot at her hand. Harry nodded to her, "Yes ma'am?"

"I was wondering if you could tell us what this place is. It is highly unusual, I must say." The woman spoke up and glanced around the room.

"This is my home, ma'am. This is a place where you will be staying. This place is created with magic, a powerful combination of different magic. Ask it whatever you need, it will provide you instantly. I'm sure this place will be of great use to your works."

"Magic is real? I always wanted to meet people with magic!" A girl from the genetic engineering group said excitedly.

"Yes, magic is real and you will experience more of it later." Harry answered simply.

"You said a war is going on. But we have not heard of such thing lately." A commando said in monotone.

"Yes, I don't think none of your government knows about this. It is not a war of yours; it is a war of magical world. An insane dark wizard has been killing of wizards and witches. Even though I can take care of him single handedly, he still has many followers around the world. I suppose his philosophy is quite interesting to many wizards and witches, so that's why he has so many followers."

"But won't his followers stop if you just finish off their leader?" Another commando said in a confused tone.

"I don't think so. There was a time their leader was forced to remain silent for ten years. They tried to reach their leader, who was at that time not more than a lost spirit. They made some troubles during those years. Finally, one of them was able to find their leader and brought back him to his body with a dark ritual. I know they will find another leader if their current leader was dead. A dark lord will take place after another dark lord as long as there are followers. I want to finish both the leader and the followers at the same time once and for all."

"But won't it mean that hundreds of people will be killed?" A doctor asked, looking quite sick with the idea.

"Oh yes, there will be death penalty for those who have gone beyond saving. Some of the dark lord's followers will be executed at once, but some will be getting some repairing using genetic engineering, medical caring, and a bit of magic. They will be as good as new born babies after that. And then, they will get some more training for a few weeks and will be ready to join the communities."

"What about our families? They will be worried sick." Another doctor said with a shaky voice.

"Don't worry; I've taken care of it. Your governments will be informing your families that you have been assigned to a top secrete project. Each of your family will be getting 1 million pounds. Your jobs here will be done before you know it. So, relax and concentrate on your works."

A short silence followed after Harry's announcement. The crowd looked doubtful for a moment. A woman spoke up, "Let us talk to our family first. Then we will decide what we will do."

"No problem. Stand before that wall and call for your family. A screen will appear and you can talk to your family face to face. But I must insist you not to reveal anything. The woman nodded and walked to the wall, which had just turned into a big screen. She talked to her family for a moment before she walked back to her place. She said, "They told me that a government came to them and explained the situation. They also said they receive 1 million British pounds worth of US dollars," she paused, and then continued, "Tell me what I have to do."

The rest of the group nodded in affirmation, "We are ready."

Harry wiped out all emotions from his face. He then stood tall and gave out orders, "You will have your respective labs. Bio-chemists will stay in the east wing of this house. You will see your labs already set up in your quarters. Everything you need for your work is there and if you need more, ask to the room. Genetic research group will stay in the north wing. You will see that everything has been set up in your quarter. Tomorrow I will bring your subject of study. You will take genetic structure samples from your subject. I will give you more instruction tomorrow. Doctors will be staying South wing. You will have some patients tonight. I will give you more instruction on a later time. Now you may retire to your quarters. The rest of the group… stay behind."

At east, north, and south walls of the empty room, three large doors appeared. The three groups headed off to their respective doors and disappeared behind them. Harry looked at the remaining groups, "Commando group, you will from now on be known as Snakes. You have Snake-1 through Snake-24. You will choose your own team captain as I have decided to leave your former captain out when I brought you here. Your team will report to Dagger." As Harry finished, Rajig appeared besides him, looking dangerous with every bit of his body. He stood tall with all his daggers in their rightful places in front of the groups. The fully trained commandos felt like they were at their first training days. They couldn't help but admire the dangerous aura they sensed from the man in front of them.

Harry turned to the Air Force group, "You will from now on be called Thestral. You have Thestral-1 through Thestral-6. You have 12 Supersonic Jets…two for each of you. You will find your Jets at the top of the West wing. The west wing roof-top will serve as your take-off port and landing port. You will be staying at the west wing quarter."

"Armed Force group will from now on be known as Strikes. You have Strike-1 and Strike-2. You will have your own quarter between north and west wings. You will have control monitor. The monitor will have two functions: One…Tracking Enemy Bases from Satellite, Two…Your Missiles Control Monitor. You will be responsible for tracking down the enemy bases and initial strikes with long range missiles. You have 30 sets of long range missiles.

"You all must take the commands from Daggers, Sword, and Shadow. Without one of them with you, you will not see your targets. They will take down any obscure wards on the targets and command your next moves. Any questions?"

One from Thestral group asked, "How will we find our target, Sir, if we can't see them? Will the radar work?"

"Radar will not work on magical wards. Just fly to the coordinates the enemy base is and fire from a range of 2 miles radius. I've modified arms from all Jets to target at any wards that have magical signature of the dark lord and his followers. You will wait for command from central control that our side is all clear at the target. Then it's your move. Anything else? Good. We will go our first mission tomorrow morning at 4. You have 6 hours of sleep. Good night."

Team Snakes followed Rajig to the South-east direction. Team Thestral and Strikes also went off to their respective quarters. As soon as Harry was alone in the empty room Rupa and Mei materialized from thin air. They clapped loudly while shouting with joy.

Rupa hugged Harry in a bone crushing hug and said, "Harry, you'll be a great leader some day. Or better yet, you've just been acting like a great leader."

"You were wonderful, authoritative, respectful, and…and…so…" Mei hugged Harry tightly without finishing her sentence. Harry pulled them both closer. He kissed them both passionately, feeling their soft and sweet lips and tongues. He felt he had just recharged his energy just by kissing them.

He broke the kiss and whispered, "What am I to do without you two?"

The girls hugged him tighter. "We will always be with you, Harry. Just don't leave us behind."

"You know, I feel so complete when the two of you are with me. I have two best friends, whom you met at the ministry. When I'm with them, I feel like I'm with my own brother and sister. They always care for me like I were their own brother too. When I'm with you two, you two make me open more than any one in this world. You two make me at ease, make me feel better, and make me feel stronger. I feel like there is something that ties me to the two of you, but I couldn't place it. You know, I was never good at emotional thing, so I won't be surprise if you two know what it means."

Mei said softly, "You will understand one day, Harry, one day soon."

Rupa curved his face in her hands and said quietly, "We will help you understand what you want to understand, Harry. Like Mei said, you will understand soon."

Harry caught Rupa's silently quivering lips with his. What had he done to deserve such understanding and beautiful girls? He kissed away her tears from her eyes. Then he turned to Mei, whose eyes were shining with unshed tears, a smile was dawning on her face. Harry ran his fingers along her cheeks. Soft…warm…smooth…All these feelings he was feeling on his fingertips were coming from the girl of his life, the girl who was so much understanding, mature beyond her age, and loving and caring. He would protect both girls with his life. Whoever dares to hurt a single hair from one of the girl will go directly to Hell Lord's realm as a subject.

The three of them caressed each other, not even parting when a big, soft mattress with golden color appeared under them. Many fresh, beautiful, and colorful roses surrounded the bed, their fresh smells joining the soft, gentle breeze. A soft music filled the room as the light dimmed.

Harry kissed Mei on the lips, behind the ears, and on the veins on her neck while Rupa was taking off her clothing. Harry felt every pulse of Mei's vein. He heard every beat of her heart. He loved her pulses, her hearts, and her heart beats. He love every single bit of her. He loved her voice, he loved her skills, he loved her scent without any artificial scent enhancements, he loved her everything.

The same applied to Rupa. She was carefree, intelligent, and cheerful. She always understood what he was feeling. She always knew when to make him feel better. She always knew she and Mei were his angels without him having to tell her. He would make them both get what they deserve. He would make them get what they need and want. Oh yes, they deserve the best.

It was three in the morning when Harry woke up. He woke the girls gently. They made into the bathroom together. They spent a good 15 in the bathroom and put on their clothes. Rupa and Mei were dressed in their usual pure-white dress. They tied their hair in high pony-tail. Harry, on the other hand, was dressed in torn and dirty muggle clothes. His jean pant was covered with holes every where. His shoes were torn on the tops that his toes could be seen. His tanned skin could be seen through his battered shirt. His hair was messier than ever and his face was covered in dirt.

Mei and Rupa looked at him with wide eyes, "Harry, what do you think you are doing? Aren't you supposed to be wearing your battle robes?"

"Oh believe me, this is the best battle robe I can afford for Old Voldie. Besides, he won't expect me to see me in this outfit. I think I'm going to have fun watching his face when he sees me."

"Harry, you are such a devil."

"I know, and I'm loving it." Harry replied the girls with a goofy grin. Then he motioned them to get ready. "Rajig and our forces will be here soon."

Four doors appeared on the walls and Rajig and the muggles forces walked in through them. They assembled in lines in front of Harry. They looked curious at Harry's choice of outfit, but kept their mouths shut. Harry paced before them with his hands behind him. "Ok people, as your first assignment, you will be going to an enemy base outside of London. Snakes, you will be going with Dagger, Sward, and Shadow. You will find once you get there that a warning missile has been fired on the enemy base. You will have 5 minutes to kill 47 enemies, 2 minutes to capture 10 enemies with red marks between their eyes, and another 2 minutes to clear out of the base with your prisoners.

"Strikes, exactly 60 seconds after Snakes' departure, you will fire two missiles at the enemy base B4 Coordinates 72 South and 45 East. You will then monitor the situation.

"Thestral, you will take off 5 minutes after we left. You will fire your arms after another 5 minutes. Make the enemy base into dust.

"I'll be distracting their Lord and the Inner Circle. Now, it's 3:58. Snakes prepare to leave at 3:59. Strikes prepare to fire your missiles at 4 sharp. Thestral, take off at 4:04. Move!"

Harry slowly walked into Voldemort's study room. He was not surprise to see Voldemort and his Inner Circle were busy among the dusty tomes. The room was huge. Books and scrolls were from floor to the ceiling. Harry had never imagined Voldemort would have time to read. But considering the fact that Voldemort was the brightest student when he was a Hogwarts student, it was not too surprising actually.

Harry shifted over to the table where Voldemort and his Inner Circle were deep in discussion over an ancient tome. Harry looked over from Nott's shoulder and saw that the tome was written in some strange symbols. Pictures, sticks, and circles were all over the pages. Harry heard one of the Inner Circle maniacs, "My Lord, it seemed that we will be finishing decoding the symbols in a few hours. I wonder what the ritual does."

"Shut up and concentrate on your work, fool!" Voldemort hissed, not looking up from furiously scribbling something on a parchment.

"Oh I hope this better be a ritual for hair growing. You all looked awful with bald heads." Harry said loudly as he looked over the symbols.

"I said shut up, fools!" Voldemort hissed and froze as he recognized the most annoying voice on earth. He jumped up from his seat and shouted indignantly, "Potter! What are you doing here again? Why is it that you never stop sticking your ugly nose at my works?"

The Inner Circle members quickly jumped away from the table and retreated backward until their backs were flat on the walls. They quickly reached out their hands over their heads protectively.

Harry suppressed his laughter and said cheerfully, "Oh my old friends, how nice to see you!"

"Potter, Go away! I don't want to hear your voice right now." Voldemort said weakly. He looked up and down Harry and screwed his face in disgust.

"Oi! What happened to old snake-face? Where is he and what did you do to him?"

"Potter, I'm not in the mood for your game. Just go away. Come back another time." Voldemort said desperately, "It will be for good if you leave now. Something that has to be taken care of immediately has come to my attention."

"What is it that you are so afraid of?"

"Why should I tell you? Just go away. You are wasting my time."

"Is that so? I thought you'd like to know where the crazy Daemon is. But I guess I'll just go then." Harry said, turning away from the table.

Voldemort's narrow eyes were wide with surprise. He called Harry urgently, "Potter, how do you know I was looking for it? Not even my Inner Circle knew about that."

"Are you blind, Tom? Can't you see I'm not your petty Inner Circle? I know that a Daemon from Hell was set free to this realm when your stupid and selfish ritual went wrong. What were you thinking to do such stupid ritual? Are you insane? Did you think you can control something more powerful than you? You really are a stupid arse."

"Potter! Who do you think you are to talk like that to the Dark Lord?" An Inner Circle maniac shouted from the corner of the room. She seemed extremely familiar to Harry. Harry knitted his brows and looked over to the speaker.

Before Harry could say anything, Voldemort barked at her, "Shut your mouth, Bella! Leave the room! Now!"

Harry intervened, "Not so fast, Bella dear. Come here." With that, Bellatrix was immediately pulled from the corner of the room into Harry's outstretched arms. Harry ran his hand up and down the stunned Bellarix's back. He ran his hand along her back, waist and hips. He ran his right hand fingers along her lips, "Oh look, you have such beautiful lips. They are full, pink, and warm. I couldn't believe nasty words come through them. Wow, you have even teeth too. Merlin, your eyes are beautiful! It's hard to believe you let your beautiful eyes looked at terrible things. It's a shame, really."

Bellatrix's knees were now beginning to buckle. Her lips began to tremble and her pupils grew wide. Harry bent down and kissed her full on the lips. Well, he never thought she would taste good. Suddenly, Bellatrix was pulled abruptly from Harry. Harry looked up in annoyance and saw that Voldemort was holding the shock-looking Bellatrix.

"Why did you do that, Tom? I was enjoying her taste."

"Are you that dump? She's a death eater and you are the goody-goody golden boy. Blast, I won't have believed if I didn't see it myself."

"Well I don't mine a sexy female death eater. At least they taste good. Try some times."

"Sod off, Potter, I'm not a teenager with high hormonal problem like you. Now, tell me where that damn Daemon is or get out of my house."

"I had a glimpse of it in one of your bases just a moment ago. I came here to tell you about that. I think it might have destroyed your base by now."

Just then, two figures dropped to the floor with a thump. They were both covered in blood and dust. Their black robes were torn to pieces and Harry could see long, big cuts were all over their bodies. Over twenty small holes were on their backs and fronts. One of them stirred a bit and whispered before he went still, lifeless, "…Ghosts…"

Voldemort was beside the remaining one immediately. He placed his hand on the injured man's heart and muttered something. The man's face got some color back. He choke out blood and said fearfully, "M…my Lord, ghosts…at our…quarter. They…fast…killed all…destroyed…building. We heard…wards down…explosion…ghosts…explosion…" The man trailed off, dead.

Harry felt a bit guilty for ordering his commandos to kill every death eater. But he also felt it justified the death eaters' sins. He looked at Voldemort, who was looking ready to explode any moment, "Voldemort, things like this will happen again in the future until your followers surrender or dead. Be warned that things will be more brutal next time. Stop your activities or there will be no one left to protect you. I want you to see your followers fall one by one, just like you killed helpless innocents one by one. I'll make sure you survive long enough to see all your followers wiped out from this earth. You will see you loose one after another and could do nothing about it. And when there's only you left, I will sent you to where you belong…Hell. The Daemon you are looking for is now my prisoner, so don't try anything stupid again. I won't give a damn next time if something goes wrong again."

"I will do what ever I want to do. I don't give a shit what you think. I will make you pay for this!" Voldemort hissed and whipped his wand across Harry's chest. A purple light shot out like a bullet and headed straight to Harry's heart. Harry summoned Nott from his cowering place and put him between him and the bullet ray. Nott screamed in agony as his chest was torn open. His ribcage was now wide open and visible to all people in the room, making them feel sick. His internal organs were ripped apart by unseen force. His heart, especially, was enlarged into human head size. Muscle stretching noises were coming from the heart. It finally exploded with a shower of muscles and blood.

Harry narrowed his eyes and said coldly to Voldemort, who didn't even looked sorry at all for his faithful follower, "Voldemort, you've gone too far. Prepare yourself!" In a blink, Harry was in front of Voldemort. Harry's left hand shot out in a lightening speed. Before he could blink, Voldemort found himself being lifted into the air with Harry's left hand firmly gripping on his throat. He tried to pry off Harry's hand, but found that he couldn't even lift his hands. He tried to kick Harry, but found out that his toes fell off one after another from his feet every time he tried to kick. He tried to breathe, but found that his air pipe was blocked.

Harry tightened his grip, making Voldemort's face blue from lack of oxygen. He held out his right hand over Voldemort's heart. He slammed down his palm on Voldemort's chest. A faint light spread over Voldemort's entire body centering at the chest. Noises of something being cut off abruptly were heard from the entire body. His body twitched soundlessly, looking quite painful. Harry threw Voldemort across the room with enough force to break 7 inches thick brick wall.

Voldemort shot through several book cases and finally stopped when he hit the wall on the other side of the room. He slumped down like a pile of useless clothes to the floor.

Harry picked up Voldemort's wand and tossed it to its master. It clacked down near Voldemort's feet.

The Inner Circles were staying still where they were. They didn't seem to be able to think what they should be doing. All that was in their consciousness and unconsciousness was to stay as quite as possible in order to not make Harry notice them.

Harry declared, "From now on, watch your back because I will now hunt down each and every one of you any way any how. Stay away from your family if you want them to live because I will not spare any one who is with you. Call it cruel, I don't care. Call it brutal, I don't care. Call it inhumane, I don't care. You know why? Because I just don't care anything any more. For now, enjoy what time you have left."

Harry disappeared from the room in a blink, leaving behind a room full of panic stricken people.

Special edition newspapers were flying all over the wizarding community around the world. People were surprised and scared at the same time. They had heard of many brutal attacks through out their lives. The recent Dark Lord's followers had raped, mutated, torture to insanity, and hung their victims. They had thought what the death eaters had done were the worst imaginable. But now, a more brutal incident was happening. This group, whoever it was, was brutal, but not dirty. Each victim had at least 24 wounds on their body. The wounds were small holes, long and wide cuts, and some burned marks. Their heads were merely attached to their bodies by their neck bones and skins. 22 dead bodies were piled up next to a pile of rubble.

Some papers reported that a number of nearby people heard two ground shaking explosions first and then followed some times later by several explosions.

Several letters from Lord Grindelwald were sent to the ministry of magic around the world. All ministries were informed that something similar will be happening very soon and were told to stay out of the way. It was clearly a help-or-stay-away message. They were then told to help settle the remaining families of the dead. They were to give the remaining families financial and moral supports. Failure to comply would result termination of future aids from Lord Grindelwald to the ministries.

All ministries agreed right away. It would be very stupid not to agree. After all, someone out there was going to clean their community from criminals that they had no control over. All they had to do would be give a hand when needed or sit back and relax. Only the financial support part was a bit hard to get approval. They finally managed to get it done, however. A joint council will be formed between ministries all over the world. The council will see to the well being of the victims' families. Lord Grindelwald gave his approval to the plan and gave them 2 weeks for the necessary preparation.

A large crowd could be seen gathering in front of Hogwarts Express on September the first. Harry, Mei, Rupa, and Rajig suddenly appeared behind the large crowd that was facing expectantly at the entrance barrier between the muggle and wizarding world. Harry could see many reporters were ready to fire away their questions as soon as the one they were waiting for appeared.

Harry said to his friends, "Guys, help me find a compartment quickly."

As soon as he finished, noises from the crowd slowly subsided. Faces began to turn toward Harry's group. There was a total silence all over the train station. Rajig whispered into Harry's ear, "Mate, I think you should get ready for a battle that we can't help."

"Merlin, I love attention," Harry said with a groan.

Cheers and screams broke out from the crowd. Cameras flashed continuously. Shouts of questions from the reporters were coming from every corner of the crowd. Even the roaring engine of Hogwarts Express was lost under shouts of the crowd. Harry got tired of the situation after a moment. He snapped his fingers. Every person in the crowd felt something smooth and cold ran through their veins. Their attentions were complete drawn to the strange sensation. However, the strange sensation was gone as soon as it came.

Harry stood lazily; arms crossed and eyes half closed. "Thank you for your attention. If you have something to ask, do so one by one."

"Mr. Po….Lord Potter, how is it that you become so powerful in such a short time?" a reporter asked.

"Come on, you know the answer as much as I do. Let me ask you a question. How do you become a wizard, not a muggle?"

"I don't understand, Lord Potter. What does it has to do with my question?"

"You don't know how and why you become a wizard as much as I don't know how and why I become who I am now. So don't try to find out its origin. Some things are meant to be left unknown."

"Lord Potter, do you think it is really necessary to kill every death eaters?" an old woman asked from a corner.

Harry rolled his eyes, "People, if I hear one more question like that I will make you experience how it feels to be a victim to the death eaters. Next question."

"Lord Potter, will you be running for the ministry position on September 31st?" a daily prophet report asked eagerly.

"Hell no. There are loads of people who really qualify for the position. I am not the type of person to sit in an office. By the way, I want to warn those who are running for the position. If I see a fool running for the position, he or she will be sent to a special prison right away for attempting to harm the wizarding society."

"Lord Potter, will your friends be going to Hogwarts with you? Are they enrolling?" an old man asked eyeing Rupa, Mei, and Rajig.

Rupa answered, "We will not be going to Hogwarts. We will be visiting Harry often, though."

"Ok people, it's time to go. Thanks for your greeting." Harry turned to Rupa, Mei, and Rajig, "Guys, contact me if there's any trouble at home. I will pop in often."

"Good luck, Harry" with that said, Rupa, Rajig, and Mei disappeared in a blur. Harry found an empty compartment without trouble as most students were still outside chatting with their parents. He stretched and threw himself on the couch. He drew out a book and covered it on his face. He immediately dosed off to sleep as he had so little sleep last night, what with the two girls' goodbye activities on bed.

Students peered into Harry's compartment as they walked pass. Even though Harry was alone in the whole compartment, no one dared to disturb Harry, let alone enter.

Harry was disrupted from his little nap when the door to the compartment slid open. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny entered, all looking unsure of how to act before Harry. Harry greeted them with a wave, "Hey guys, it's good to see you again." He looked carefully at them. His eyes first traveled to Ginny, "Merlin! Ginny, what did you eat to grow up so fast? Look at you…" Harry finished the sentence in his mind. He didn't think Ron would be very pleased if he heard the last unspoken words. Harry let his eyes mesmerized by Ginny's fine features: long, red hair in a pony tail; big, brown, and beautiful eyes; red, full lips; white, soft-looking neck; perfect, round twin breasts; small waist; and long slender legs.

Harry whistled and said, shaking his head, "Wow, Ginny, tell me if you ever need a body guard to fend off hormonal boys this year."

Ginny's face was now coloring beautifully. Her red hair line was joined by the red color that was creeping up from her neck. Her lips were parted slightly in shock and embarrassment. This could be the first time ever that Harry stared at her like she was the most interesting being on earth. She felt Harry's eyes roamed all over her body, slowly starting from her head till the tip of her toes. She felt like he could see through her clothes and shoes. She would have considered this as an extremely rude gesture if it was other man, not Harry. She was even pleased for some reason.

Ginny fought off her embarrassment with all her might and tried to look indifferent. She raised her eyebrows, "Hello to you to, Mr. Potter. I assure you that you are on my top list for my body guard position. I didn't know you work for a humble girl like me."

Harry replied with a big smile, "Well I don't usually work for any girl I found. But for a fine lady like you, how could I not be at your service?"

"Harry, are you flirting with my sister?" Ron said, looking quite funny with his eyes wide open and eyebrows joining hairline. Hermione looked between Harry, Ginny, and Ron. She opened her mouth and closed it several times. She seemed to be fighting any comment that would lead her to another strong comment about her from Harry. Since her last encounter with Harry, she decided to guard her tongue carefully so as not to make herself looking like a fool.

"Of course I am, Ron! Look at Ginny, what fool could deny flirting with her? She's not your baby sister anymore, Ron. Open your eyes and accept the fact."

"My eyes are open, Harry, and I see my sister standing there grinning like a fool!"

"Ron, you will never see her like Ginny, not just your sister, are you? I think Hermione knows better than any one what a fool you are."

"Harry Potter! Stop right there this instant!" Hermione shrieked indignantly.

Ron looked between Harry and Hermione. He was clueless as to why Harry said what he said. Ginny giggled as she saw her brother acting like an idiot.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Get over with it, Hermione. When are you going to knock some sense into that stupid thick skull of Ron? And Ron, if you don't work this out before Christmas, I will have to take away from you what you don't notice. Don't blame me for that when it happens."

"Harry, what are you talking about? Work out what? You know how much I'm good at puzzles."

"Whatever," said Harry, waving his hand in defeat. "Aren't you all going to sit down?"

"Harry, where were you all this summer?" Ginny asked as she sat down opposite to Harry. "We were looking for you to stay with us at the Burrow."

"And you know that it's dangerous to run away and live on your own, right?" Hermione added.

Harry totally ignored Hermione's comment. He sat back on the seat and said slowly. "I live at an Ancient City in Asia at first. I met three great friends when I was there. They were also commanders of my attack forces. We then moved out to somewhere in a secure location. It is our base too. I will take you there at some later times. We are operating offensive attacks in many countries."

"So, why are you going back to Hogwarts? Shouldn't you be at your base, training or something?" Ron asked Harry curiously.

"Ronald! Are you that stupid? Harry has to come back to Hogwarts because if he doesn't, he won't finish his education. If he doesn't finish his education, he can't get job. If he can't get job, his life is doom. Don't you understand?" Hermione said like it was the stupidest thing of Ron to ask such question.

The remaining three shared a look. Ron and Ginny looked a bit nervous at the prospect of hearing Harry's lecture to Hermione again. Harry, however, just looked strangely at Hermione. He turned to the other two a moment later, "I am coming back for some important reasons. I won't be staying long though. A week max, I think."

"What about NEWTS, Harry? What about your future?" Hermione asked incredulously. Ron and Ginny just looked at Harry with wide eyes.

"Hermione, I hate to tell you this. But I guess it's now or never." Harry took a deep breath for his lecture. "Hermione, there are things that can not be determined by education. There are things that are beyond books and what professors can offer. Some people's futures do not depend on education. I realize that education can not guarantee my future. I have a pre-set destiny that is far beyond what Hogwarts can offer. I've spent 5 years at Hogwarts. I've been taught by quite powerful witches and wizards over the years, but I was merely like a new born child to my enemies. I couldn't even defend myself, let alone the ones that I care. I realize that I have spent enough time in classroom, and now it's time to spend my time in the real world. I wasn't born to spend my time in classroom for long. I wasn't born to sit in an office for a bit. I wasn't born to just take command from some petty aurors and the ministry. I don't care education anymore. I now have more important things than education in my hand."

"Harry, what could be more important than education? Education is your future! Understand? Without education, you can't get a decent job. Besides, you have to finish Hogwarts to learn how to use your magic. You came to Hogwarts with no knowledge of how to use your magic. You have to continue your education at Hogwarts. You know that, don't you?" Hermione said triumphantly. She thought Harry would finally have to agree this with her.

Harry sighed heavily and turned to Ron. He asked, "Ron, do you agree that Hermione is probably the brightest witch at Hogwarts?"

"Oh I think even Dumbledore would agree with that," Ron replied proudly. His face fell however when Harry asked another question.

"And have you seen Mione aparates lately?"

"Um…I don't…I mean…we're not yet of age. Right?"

"See, that's the point. I managed to do it without training." Harry turned back to Hermione and said, "See Mione, I don't apply to 'normal' rules and regulations. I already have much more control over my magic than you think. It means that while you think Education is my future, it only drag my leg."

"Harry, you are endangering your life! You know that without proper training, your magic could harm you!" Hermione shouted impatiently. She looked ready to jump in front of Harry and pointed her fingers at Harry's face.

Harry yawned and stretched, "Ron, you wouldn't mind Hermione and Ginny, would you?"


"I need to lie down a bit. I had very little sleep last night."

"Ok," Ron said before moving over to the left of Hermione.

"Harry James Potter! You listen to me while I speak!" Hermione shrieked. She made to stand up, but Ron pulled her down, earning a death glare from the girl.

Harry reached out his hand into thin air. When he withdrew his hand, a headphone that attached to an mp3 player appeared in his hand.

Hermione seemed to be letting out steam from her ears. She pursed her lips and watched Harry stretched on the seat, with headphone on his ears. She huffed and looked away from Harry, out the window and the passing scenery.

Ginny and Ron shared a look before shrugging silently.

About halfway through the journey, the compartment door slid open violently. Malfoy and his two bodyguards walked in, looking as smug as ever. Malfoy sneered, "Look what we have we got here!"

Harry cut in without opening his eyes, "What is it ferret?"

Malfoy stuttered, "N-nothing Lord Potter."

"Then don't you know that it is rude to interrupt me?"

"My apologies, Lord Potter," Malfoy said sincerely with a bow.

"Take the garbage on the table with you. Go now."

"Right away, Lord Potter." Malfoy approached the table with his head bowed to the floor. He took the leftovers from the table and retreated in the same fashion he had approached the table. Malfoy nudged his bodyguards to follow him. Before they were out of the door, Harry spoke again. "Oh and guard the door. Don't let anyone in unless it's urgent. Now go."

Malfoy and his two guards bowed and left the compartment, closing the door silently. Through the door glass, two figures could be seen standing either side of the door. A third figure was standing right in front of the door.

The compartment was left in total silence. One figure was sprawling out on the seat, seemingly at ease. Another three figures were staring at the figure on the seat with wide eyes. Their faces registered complete shock and utter disbelieve.

"Harry?" Ron called uncertainly.

Harry didn't reply him. He knew he would never get to rest if he were to answer Ron right now. Luckily for him, neither of them disturbed him again. He drifted off to sleep listening to the music.

When Harry opened his eyes some times later, he noticed that it was raining heavily outside. He felt much more refreshed than earlier. He took out his earphone and stood up. He stretched and inhaled a lungful of air. He found that his friends were sleeping rather uncomfortably on one seat. Hermione's head was on Ron's shoulder. Ron's head was hanging to the left painfully, and he was snoring loudly now and then. Ginny's head was resting on the window. She looked peaceful. 'Blast, who won't looked peaceful when they sleep?' Harry thought. 'But, she looked exceptionally peaceful,' he argued.

He waved his hand and Ginny was instantly brought to him, still sleeping soundly. He waved again at Ron and Hermione. Hermione's head was now resting on Ron's lap and Ron was in a more comfortable position.

Harry laid Ginny comfortably and covered her with a blanket. He walked over to the door and slid it open. He found with satisfaction that Malfoy's group was still guarding the door. He clapped his hand and said cheerfully, "I thank you for your service. Now, go and rest."

"It was our pleasure," Malfoy replied before heading off to their compartment. Harry was ready to get back into the compartment when something caught his eyes out the window. He expanded his magic outside the train and scanned the whole area. He felt that there were around 70 objects flying around the train. 20 of them seemed to be quite big, huge actually. He identified them as dragons. The rest flying objects, he discovered, were human on brooms. They were surrounding the train from up, left, right, front, and behind.

Professor McGonagall's magnified voice boomed through out the train, "Attention all student! We are surrounded by enemies! Do not leave your compartment!"

Harry sighed, "I can't even enjoy a train ride for once, now can I?" He waved his hand and all compartment doors and windows sealed themselves tightly. Not even a reducto or any other spell would be able to make the door open.

In an instant, Harry was on the roof of the train. The rain was pouring down heavily. Harry could make out the blurry images of his enemies. He raised his hands above his head. The falling raindrops froze in mid air. The enemies looked around wildly to see as to why the most unusual thing was happening. In the dim light, they could see a tall figure standing on the roof-top with his hands above his heads as though he were calling something unseen. The team captain signaled his team to surround the mysterious figure on the train roof.

Harry saw his enemies turned their attention to him. He smiled mysteriously and watched the enemies closing in. They were speeding toward him, knocking away the frozen raindrops on the way. The dragons flapped their powerful wings. With each flap, the frozen raindrops flew away like dirt; some raindrops even hit the death eaters painfully. They were only 100 yards from Harry now.

Harry waved his hands in circle in front of him. A swirl of wind appeared around him, swirling every raindrops with it. It became more and more violent, and finally, it exploded outward with a booming sound. The explosion wave sped toward the aerial enemies. The enemies tried to retreat hastily, but were too late as thousands of frozen raindrops pierced through their entire bodies. Their entire bodies looked like battered fishing nets when the blast ended. Not even dragons escaped the blast. Their usual thick, impenetrable skins were covered in blood. Their eyes were also missing from their sockets. They were roaring painfully while flying around blindly.

A fresh round of rain began to fall again. The rain took the remaining of the death eaters and their brooms with it to the ground. It was like a rain of blood was raining down around the train. Harry pushed out his hands to the direction where the dragons were. A thick air force blasted out of his hands and slammed at every injured dragon. The dragons roared final cries before bursting from inside out. Blood and tiny pieces of flesh and bones spray over the area like a shower of red paint. Some pieces of bones sank deep into nearby trees and the train outer layer. A few even cracked the window glasses, making the occupants inside screamed in terror.

Everything went still after a moment. All that could be heard was the pounding sounds of raindrops hitting the train and the roaring engine of the train. The wind blew silently, raindrops fall softly, and the train moved rapidly along its rail.

Harry surveyed the area calmly. Nothing unusual could be detected. He stood on the rooftop silently, feeling the wind rushed pass his face and his body. He enjoyed the refreshing sensation it gave him. No raindrop touched him; in fact there was no raindrop 11 inches around him. Raindrops just slide away like there was some sort of barrier.

Harry sighed and shifted into his compartment. He saw that Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were staring out through the window with wide eyes. 'They must have seen some of the incidents' Harry thought as he sat down next to Ginny, who was still looking outside through the window.

Ginny jumped as she noticed a sudden movement beside her. Her wand was already in her hand before she was on her feet. Ron and Hermione also whipped out their wands when they saw Ginny jumped. However, before they knew, their wands disappeared from their tight grips.

"Hey relax! It's me," Harry told them as he twirled their wands in his hand. Ginny leapt forward and smacked Harry on the shoulder while shouting, "Harry James Potter! Don't you ever do that again!"

"Do what?" Harry asked innocently. He threw them their wands and stretched out on the seat again, leaving no room for Ginny to sit. Ginny looked ready to smack again, but restrained herself. She hopped on to Harry stomach, knocking the air out of him with a huff. Harry's body bent over, his face screwed up in pain. He wasn't expecting an attack from Ginny that he was taken off his guard. He said through gritted teeth, "You will pay for this Ms. Weasley." With that said he reached out his hands and pulled Ginny down with him. He pinned her beneath him and tickled her mercilessly. Ginny's eyes were wide with shock for a moment before giggling uncontrollably. She moved her hands wildly to pry off Harry's hands while twisting her body violently. She shouted Harry to stop through her giggles, but to no success. Her face turned red and tears rolling down from her eyes.

Seeing her state, Harry asked her, "Do you yield?"

"Yes…yes…yes…stop now," Ginny replied breathlessly.

Harry stop immediately, leaving Ginny to catch her breath. Ginny lied there boneless and hissed at Harry, "You will pay for this Mr. Potter. Just wait."

"Oh I'm so afraid, Ms. Weasley. Have mercy on me," Harry replied, plastering a scared looked on his face. Ginny giggled and sat up weakly. She glanced over to her brother and rolled her eyes, "Ron, close your mouth."

"And Hermione, I think Ron's blood circulation is being cut off," added Harry as he saw Hermione's hand gripping tightly on Ron's hand, almost too tightly. He watched in amusement as Ron and Hermione hastily resumed their position. Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted when the door slide open.

Professor McGonagall and two men in auror out-fit walked in with a stern expression on their faces. McGonagall looked around the room for a moment before her eyes fixed at Harry, who was sitting casually beside Ginny. She stared at Harry before speaking through her tightly pursed lips, making Harry wonder how does it possible to speak with such a pursed lip, "Mr. Potter, come with me to the teachers' compartment. You have much answering to do."

"Aren't you supposed to be resting Professor? It's perfect weather for a bit of nap, don't you think?" Harry replied, motioning to the window where raindrops were streaming down on the glass.

Professor McGonagall looked ready to explode as she managed to say one word, "Mr. Potter!"

"Oh, come on Professor, I'm a bit tired. Your questions can wait until later but the weather won't be the same again. Besides, what use would there be whether you get answer from me or not when I won't answer any of your question?" Harry replied lazily.

One of the aurors spoke as McGonagall seemed to be unable to form a word, "Mr. Potter, you will come with us immediately or we will have to use force if necessary."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Oh? How do you plan to take me as I'm not going willingly?"

The aurors looked in a lost of words and looked at each other. They had seen what the Potter boy was capable of. They were not dumb enough to cross the Potter boy by any means.

"We were just doing our job, Lord Potter. And we don't want to give you any trouble." Another auror said, trying to give an acceptable reason.

Harry thought for a moment and said, "Alright then. What is it that you want to question me?"

The aurors looked extremely relieved. They made to go out, but stopped as they saw Harry still sitting lazily. They looked confused, "Lord Potter, you said we could ask you question."

"Yes, I did. What's the matter?"

"We need to go to a private room." The aurors said while motioning to Ginny, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry shook his head, "I will have to change my mind if you can't change yours. They are my friends and I don't intend to leave them out. If you don't want them together with me, then I consider you don't have questions for me either. Now, it's your choice."

The aurors looked torn, "Lord Potter, it's for their safety. The enemies can torture them to get information out of them if they know your friends know things they want."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that before. But don't worry; they can take care of themselves. Probably more than you can take care of yourselves. Besides, do you think that I'd just sit and watch my friends being in trouble? You're all the same: always afraid of your enemy."

"Lord Potter, we have reasons to afraid of our enemies. We kn…" The auror began but was cut off by Harry.

"I don't care. Now, ask here or leave immediately."

The aurors looked lost as to what to do next. Professor McGonagall exploded at that moment. She lost all her composure, "Mr. Potter! That is not the manner a Hogwarts student behaves! What happ…" Again she was cut off by Harry.

"Quiet!" Harry said firmly. Everything went silent. McGonagall looked she'd been slapped across the face. Harry continued, "Didn't I tell you to call me either Lord Potter, Lord Grindelwald, or Lord Evan? Do not speak unless you can address me properly. I expected a better manner from a Hogwarts professor."

Everyone was gawking at Harry by this point, even Ginny. Harry looked around, observing every facial expression. He then said, "I thought I told you to leave if you have no questions."

"Right, right. We have a few question, Lord Potter," an auror said after composing himself.

"Fire away."

"Was it you that locked us in while we have a duty to protect the students?"

"Why do you think it was me?"

"Because it's the only logical answer. No one on this train is as powerful as you are."

"There, you have the answer. I am the only one that can protect the students on this train. I didn't want any one running around when I deal with the enemies. That's why I kept them, and you, out of sight."

"Then it is obvious that you have interfered our duty, and thus endangering the safety of the students. We will have to take you to the Ministry for further question."

Harry rolled his eyes, "I can't believe you are that dumb! But I guess you have inherited some of Fudge's 'ability'. Let me ask you a question." Harry leaned forward, "Do you know how many enemies were here?"

"Well…we estimated that they would be around 50."

"And how many aurors were on the train?"

"Two of us and professor McGonagall," An auror replied weakly, already knowing where it was going.

"Did you think that you can take care of that much enemy only by you three, without endangering the students' lives?"

"We knew what we were doing, Lord Potter. We are fully trained wizards. Professor McGonagall here is also a fully trained witch; qualify enough to teach at Hogwarts."

"I'm not questioning your ability, stupid head. For your information, there were 50 death eaters and 20 dragons. I doubt you can handle a single dragon, let alone 20 and the death eaters."

There were gasps from every one as they heard the number of the dragons. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny looked about to be sick. McGonagall and the aurors paled considerably. It was lucky they didn't go off to face the enemy.

"Any more question?"

"If they were that strong, how did you fight them alone?"

"That is none of your business. Unfortunately for you, the train will enter the station in about 5 minutes. We have to change, ladies and gentlemen. Now if you don't mind."

The aurors and McGonagall hung their heads in defeat and walked out of the compartment. Harry looked back at his friends, "Well? Aren't you going to change?"

Ginny and Hermione jumped from their seats. They grabbed their Hogwarts robes and ran out of the room. Harry chuckled and prepared to change.

End of chapter 14

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