Title: The Baker Street Drabbles
Author: Jordanna Morgan
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Title: Falling
Summary: A snapshot from the "abyss" during the episode "The Musgrave Ritual".

Sherlock Holmes hated falling.

It dated back to Reichenbach, of course, and the plunge that took the life of the original Professor Moriarty. Now the present-day Moriarty was somewhere above with the Musgrave Sword, and Holmes, along with Lestrade and Watson, was sitting on a heap of rubble in a pit. He was unhurt, as they appeared to be—but the sudden drop had been stomach-turning.

It was not unlike the sensation he had felt earlier that day, when he saw the ruin of the textile factory, and realized that Beth Lestrade might have been within.

Holmes hated falling, indeed.

© 2003 Jordanna Morgan