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The Legend of Cojiro:

The Second Sage

"Hey, Chickenling. Shouldn't we be...erm...finding the next sage?" I inquired.

"Lighten up! We have plenty of time!" Chickenling replied while skipping around a campfire, a bottle of rum in her hand.

"Yeah!" Link added. "Come on, it's a party!" he took a big sip of rum. "That's some damn good stuff, there, Chickenling.

Malon scooted closer to me. "Why don't you-hic-try some? Its-hic-glorious!" she got up, linked arms with Chickenling, skipped with her, and started singing 'I'm a Little Teapot'.

"Gah.." I murmured. I got a stack of logs, set them on fire with my handy dandy matches, then grabbed all the rum out of their hands and threw it in the fire. Before they could get more, I threw all the unopened bottles in as well.

"NOOO!" they all screamed, lunging for the fire.

"W-W-W-Whyyyy?" Turkelina whined.

"You're all drunk out of your minds! Look at you!"

"But WHY is the rum gone?" Malon cried out.

"Yeah!" everyone agreed.

I sighed. "We need to continue our mission! It's crucial that we find the next sage sometime soon! I'm not in the mood for screwing around!"

"HEY!" Chickenling stomped over to me. "WHO'S THE LEADER HERE, YOU OR ME?"

"It should be me, since all you ever seem to want to do is party."

Ducklet raised an eyebrow. "Since when do you care about this mission? I thought you, of all people, would want to party."

"I just want to get it over with, that's all."

Dennis woke up and rolled over to us. "Hey, can't you guys keep it down? I'm trying to sleep here. It's really late. You should go to sleep, too."

Ducklet nodded. "We probably should. We need to be ready for our mission."

I nodded. "That sounds good to me."

"Should we all sleep in my house, then?" Malon asked.

Ducklet looked at her like she was crazy. "It's an ADVENTURE. You don't sleep in a HOUSE on an ADVENTURE. We have to sleep under the tree. That's how it works."

Malon raised an eyebrow. "That's crazy. My house is RIGHT THERE." I nodded in agreement, but didn't say anything.

Ducklet sighed. "We're sleeping on the ground. No arguments."

We all mumbled and laid down on the ground.

I lied awake for hours, worrying about Link. Did he have stronger feelings for Malon than he did for me? And what about Turkelina? What did he think of her? After a while, I decided I should ask him.

"Link?" I shook him.

"Mmm...Zelda? Are you gonna...untie my ropes again?" he mumbled.

I blushed. "I need to talk to you."

He opened his eyes slowly. "About what?"

"Just...come with me."

He got up and we walked to the other side of the ranch.

"Tell me honestly, how do you feel about Malon?" I asked.

He sighed and stared at his feet. "Zelda, you know I love you more than anyone else...Malon doesn't really mean anything to me. I guess it's just...fun to see you so jealous. I was over Malon a long time ago, it's just strange to see her with someone else, I guess.

I sighed. "I guess I'll believe you. But I'm still worried."

"Should we go back to bed now?"

"Yes, yes, we should."

After that, I didn't have any trouble sleeping at all. I woke up after everyone else, and they were all ready to go.

"So, Chickenling. Where's the next sage?" asked Link.

"In the forest." she replied.

Link looked shocked. "Th-that's not fair! Saria was already the forest sage! She shouldn't get to be a sage AGAIN!"

She raised an eyebrow. "When did I say it was Saria?"

He stared at her. "But who else in the forest could be the sage? They're all kids! None of them even have NAMES! Except...No...No way..." he froze. "My worst enemy. The one who caused me years of pain and suffering in my youth..."

I knew who he was talking about. He told me about Mido when we were kids.


We all looked at him weird.

"Erm..." I stared at him. "What did the Great Deku Tree Sprout ever do to you?"

He cried into his blankie, which he conveniently had with him somehow. "He caused me years of lying awake at night. He put all this mess upon me. It's his fault that I'm the hero of time..."

"Link, he has nothing to do with it." I said cautiously.

"He told me I was a Kokiri! He proved truth in everything Mido said!" he paused, realization dawning on him. "Mido..."

Chickenling sighed. "Finally..."

"Mido...that's the name of that doll I had when I was a kid. I wonder how his name got into this conversation. Anyway..."

We all sighed deeply. I really worry about Link sometimes.

When we got to Kokiri forest, a little red-headed kid came up to us.

"What are you doing here? You don't belong here!"

Link stared at him. "You know, you look JUST like this little doll I had when I was a kid! I bet I still have it!" he ran to his house in the forest. When he got back, he was holding a doll that looked strangely like Mido, with X's for eyes. It appeared to have been stabbed with a knife quite a few times, and somehow every cut in the fabric was stained with...blood? "This is it!" he handed it to Mido.

"Eww! It smells like ketchup!" Mido whined. "...And its all squishy.." he squeezed it, and ketchup came gushing out of all the cuts. "Ewww! Get it off! Get it off!" he dropped the now flat doll and ran to the Kokiri river to wash it off.

When he got back, he glared at Link. "What were you doing, going into Link's house, anyways? That's like, something he would do!"

Link blinked (hah I'm liek, teh master p0et). "Link is me."

"Nuh uh. Link is a Kokiri."

He sobbed. "I used to think so too, but the Deku Tree Sprout told me otherwise..."

Mido stared at him. "Hey, how old are you?"


"Hah! I'm Twenty!" Mido snickered. "But that's strange, since Link would be nineteen now too..." he murmured. "Well, why don't we ask the Great Deku Tree Sprout about whether you're that kid I used to know?"

"Well, since he's the next sage, I guess that's convenient."

All of the poultry goddesses rolled their eyes.

"Hi, Mido!" the disgustingly cute little tree called out.

"MIDO!" Link yelled. He picked up Mido by the collar of his shirt. "I REMEMBER YOU! YOU'RE THAT KID WHO ALWAYS MADE FUN OF ME AND TOLD ME I'M NOT A KOKIRI!"

"Link told you about me, did he?" Mido choked.

"Aww, Link! That's no fun! Why don't we play along nicely?" the Deku Tree Sprout asked with his adorable little smile, and beady little eyes.

Mido sighed. "He isn't Link. How can he be Link? Link is a Kokiri. This guy is an adult."

The sprout continued to smile as he always does. "But Link ISN'T a Kokiri! He's a Hylian! His mother asked Great Deku Tree Senior to guard him when he was a baby!"

"SHUT UP!" Link yelled, swinging a punch at him. But he stopped in mid-air, tears streaming down his smiling face. "I can't. You're just too adorable."

"Hahaha!" the sprout grinned triumphantly (or he just kept the same expression he always has). "That's my advantage! Why did you think Ganandorf never put a curse on ME?"

"Because he was locked in the Sacred Realm, perhaps?"

"...Good point."

Mido was staring at Link, with a huge smirk on his face. "I always knew you weren't one of us!"

"Mido, I'm bigger than you. Don't mess with me. Anyways, you're our next sage. You have to join us on our quest." Link closed his eyes, annoyed.

"What's your quest?"

"To find the Three Eggs of Pure Hope."


Everyone looked at him weird except the goddesses.

"Yes, Mido. We need help from you seriously, since you have the Book of Poultry." Chickenling smiled at him.

"I'll go get it!" Mido ran to get it from his house.

"So, where do we go next?" I inquired.

Chickenling smiled. "Off into the sunset! Over the horizon! Wherever our legs will take us!"


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