Chapter1 Author Note: Hey guys, I am hoping this will be a better story than my other one "Why did you leave me". When I was writing that one I thought it was good, but when I was thinking about it, Drake wouldnt commit suicide because he got dumped. That was stupid. Anyways I hope this one is better and please review, oh and feel free to email me your ideas!

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Drake was at his friends house. His freind had just bought a new gun, and wanted to show Drake.

Drake: Wow, this is an awesome gun.
Justin: Yeah, it is cool huh, It was expensive too. I am just glad that I have one now. My dad was going to get me one, but he died. So I bought one myself.
Drake: Cool, be careful with it though, you could hurt someone.
They both laughed.
Justin: You sound like my Grandma. She didnt want me to buy one.
Drake: Well they are dangerous.
They both laughed again.
Justin: OK, stop, you are starting to scare me.
Drake: What would scare me if you pointed that thing at me.
They both laughed again. Justin pointed at Drake, not to hurt him but like pretend playing. They started laughing again.
Drake: Oh no, I am so scared.
They both kept laughing.
Justin made pretend banging noises.

Justin: Bang Bang Bang.
Justin looked down at his gun. He knew he didnt make that noise. Then he saw his finger holding the triger down. He looked up at Drake. Drae looked down at his chest and saw blood starting to run down his chest. Drake raised his hand up to his chest and held it. Then he fell to the floor. Justin ran over.
Justin: Oh no, what have I done?

Hey, sorry that was short. This happened to one of my cousins only he wasnt the one who got shot. So I thought I could write a story like it. I will update soon ok, please review!