To Survive

To Survive

Disclaimer: Premise and Characters borrowed from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

What do you need?

The latest fashion? The newest video game? A ticket to the in-crowd?

Grow-up. Those aren't needs, they're amusements.

What do you need?

Drugs? Alcohol? Cigarettes?

You did that to yourself. You'll get no sympathy from me.

What do you need?

Companionship? Friendship? Love?

Closer. Those are wants. It hurts to go without. It may feel like the lack will kill you, but it won't. Not literally at least, trust me.

What do you need?

Shelter? Warmth? Light?

You'll die without those true. I've heard freezin' to death is a very peaceful way to go.

What do you need?

Food? Air? Water?

Combine those into one. That's what blood is to us.

Now take them away. Better yet, put them behind an unbreakable glass wall. That way you can see them as you die from the lack of them.

That's what they've done to me.

The Watcher always wondered what happens to a vampire what can't feed.

Picture that last moment. The very last before you perish from the need.

Lungs screaming for air.

Tongue swollen, mouth parched with dryness.

Hunger unappeasable. Stomach distended. Skin stretched taunt over bones. Too weak to move.

They could set the most mouth waterin' meal not a foot away, but you can't reach for it. You've not the strength.

You'd think the pain would give you the strength, but you're too far gone.

Take that moment. Extend it. Lengthen it. Don't double it, or triple it. Expand it… into eternity.

Helpless. Powerless. Motionless.

Agony that never, ever ends. That you've no ability to end. All you can do is endure.

That's what it means for a vampire if they can't feed.

Stakes. Sunlight. Beheading.

That's what destroys us. But hunger? Hunger kills us. Kills us without the mercy of death. Dying. Forever.

I've seen it… Once. A punishment. We're not a merciful species, not even to each other.

I guess humans aren't either, but I won't go out like that. Not me.

What do you need?

I need to survive.