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Blue Star Above Me


"Muwahahahahahahahaha! Do you really believe that your feeble power is enough to stand up to me, little girl? Don't hold your breath!" boomed the gigantic god of destruction.

"Zophar, you won't be allowed to get away with this! Althena will defeat you and bring peace once again!" yelled a beaten and injured girl.

Numerous cuts and bruises covered her body. She was wearing a fancy, white-cloth suit, with a navy blue trim and gold buttons; however, it was shredded and covered with blood. Her cloak, also navy blue, was tattered at the end and also had a streak of blood running down the back, as well as a few bloody spots. The blood streak was under a hole in the back of her cloak, where a large gash was made in her back. Sweat dripped from her face and down to her white boots as she glared at Zophar.

"Muwahahahahahahahaha! We'll just see about that! Actually, YOU WON'T BE ALLOWED TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE IT!" Zophar yelled.

One of the few dragon skeletons that protruded from Zophar screeched. A black vortex of energy appeared in its mouth, sucking in everything around it. Lucia grabbed onto the edge of one of the floating islands created during the battle. As hard as she tried, she could not hold on and her fingers slowly slipped from the rocky surface. On top of that, the part she was holding on gave way and she found herself being sucked into the vortex. She used her magical energy trying to escape, but it seemed futile as the dragon's — no as Zophar's power was too much for her. She continued to escape the giant vacuum, and then: it stopped.

She flung around to look as Zophar. Lucia's eyes grew wide as she saw a black ball of energy as big as an island in front of the dragon's mouth. She teleported as far away as she could, which wasn't far enough. She then flew away as fast as she could. Zophar sent the shadow ball dead at her. Everything it touched was wiped from existence.

"MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The little princess of the blue star, resorting to running? THIS IS RICH! TOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE POWER OF ZOPHAR, GOD OF DESTRUCTION!"

Lucia looked back as the shadow ball was tailing her and the ball exploded.