Kunzite 'heart' Waffles

by K. Wyse

Not that anyone would think him the type, but Kunzite loved waffles.

He loved their soft fluffiness. He loved the regular etched grooves made by the waffle iron. He loved the way they went so well with honey and all kinds of syrupy goodness. Most of all, he loved how it reminded him of his favourite thing in the whole wide world.

The golden glow of the morning waffle reflected her hair so well, with its angelic halo. The fluffiness was like her laughter made physical. The soft, yet firm cakes felt like her body, all curved suppleness. The heat of a freshly made waffle steamed against his face and scorched his fingers the same way morning showers with her left water droplets trickling down the bathroom mirror and the smell of her shampoo burnt into his skin.

They used a squeeze-bottle for honey and he loved to drizzle the sweet syrup over the waffles, the same way he would sometimes drizzle champagne over her breasts and sip the bubbly as it ran, skittering across golden skin, into his waiting mouth. Not that his mouth always attentively waited, it had ... distractions. He loved how the honey would become trapped in the corners of the ironed pattern. Sometimes he'd spend a good ten minutes trying to clean the waffle of the honey before eating the whole thing. As the tip of his tongue dipped to retrieve the honey cache, it was like dipping into her and tasting her sweetness, the ridges of the pattern like her pert and full lips. Kissing her was like riding a supernova to the other side of a parallel universe. Utterly explosive.

Kunzite loved waffles because they reminded of his favourite thing in the whole wide world - spending 'quality time' with Minako.


Author's Notes:

My apologies, the title should have a love heart but FF.N won't allow me to use the 'heart' symbol. This little drabble was written for Challenge #5 Waffles, at the LiveJournal community: ShitennouAi, which you can visit to see the challenge details. Criticisms and comments are welcome.