Revenge and Retribution

Oh how he had hoped it had it would be him, and now all of his hard work had finally paid off. He had stalked Lupin all year, knowing that the werewolf was helping his friend Black into the castle. And now both of them stood helpless before him, just as he had so many years before. They would pay for what they had done, for mocking him, for humiliating him, for simply having more of everything he had ever wanted.

It was his wildest wish come true. Black and Lupin would receive a kiss each. Potter would be expelled, and he, Professor Severus Snape, would be recognized as a hero. He taunted Black, begging him for a reason not to wait for the Dementors. But he didn't provide it. Instead, Miss Granger stepped forward, her voice quivering as she asked to hear them out.

The impertinent, disrespectful, ungrateful little…he had just saved her worthless life from a dangerous werewolf and a mass murderer. What was about these two that everyone seemed determined to give them second, third, and TENTH chances? He would not let this insolent and stupid teenage girl distract him from his purpose. When this was over and he had his Order of Merlin, first class, he would personally oversee all three of them packing their bags for home. He would never have to endure Miss Granger and her endless questions ever again.

But she persisted. Mistake! There was no MISTAKE! Of all the people in this shabby room, he would have thought that she would see this for what it was—a ruse, and not even a particularly clever one, designed to wiggle out of their rightful punishment. This was no prank, not this time. Why had he ever thought that this stupid, idiotic girl was clever? She had NO IDEA! He would have his award. He would see Black kissed by a Dementor. He would see Potter, Granger, and Weasley expelled. And nothing, NOTHING, would stop him.

Blue sparks shot out of the end of his wand as he yelled at her to close her mouth and not to presume she had the slightest clue about what she was talking of—a common and repetitive theme with her. With what little intelligence she did have, she finally acquiesced and stepped back. He turned his attention back to Black. He would show her. He would show them all.

A/N: I wasn't going to write this scene originally, but several people over at Ashwinder asked for it, so here it is. You'll notice the chorus has changed. This is a crucial turning point both in canon as well as in this story. Thanks for reading and please leave a review because as my name suggests I suffer from great vanity.