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Warning: Shonen-ai

Japanese Terms:

Ryuujin –Dragon God.

Shinja – Sacred Snake

Threads of Fate: Prologue

The world was once ruled by two kingdoms, the Ryuujin Kingdom and the Shinja Kingdom.

They had been at war for centuries; both ruled by greedy kings who want to rule all the lands.

Many lives were lost and suffering spread throughout the world. Mothers mourned for their lost sons and widows wept for their husbands.

Both kingdoms were evenly matched. The people thought the war would never end.

Then, the Shinja Kingdom suddenly became powerful and almost destroyed the Ryuujin Kingdom.

No one knew where this new power had from, but it not something to be trifled with.

The king of the Shinja Kingdom, Krad, succeeded in killing the king of the Ryuujin Kingdom, but not his heir.

The people of the Ryuujin Kingdom, along with the heir, went into hiding. The war was over, but the suffering did not end.

Krad was greedier and crueler than the Ryuujin Kingdom's king had been. He stole his subjects' money and lived of the misery of others. Everyone hated him.

People were put to death for no reason and society became even more corrupt.

His people starved and were infected with diseases, but he still didn't care. The heir of the Ryuujin Kingdom, along with his people, formed a resistance against Krad.

They had had enough. At first, Krad wasn't worried, but soon his own subjects allied themselves with the Ryuujin Kingdom.

They became a threat to Krad. He needed to get rid of them. Soon, though their numbers became too great and they even started to defeat Krad in battle.

Krad would not stand for this. It soon turned into another war.

Blood soaked the land once more.