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Warning: Shonen-ai

Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Ryuujin –Dragon God.

Shinja – Sacred Snake

Threads of Fate: Chapter One

A blue-haired teenager sat behind a huge desk, he seemed to be lost in thought. The boy looked up when another teenager entered the room.

He was the only heir to the Ryuujin Kingdom and had a great burden placed on his shoulders.

"You wanted to see me Satoshi?" asked the boy that had just entered the room.

"I have a mission for you Dark," said the blue-haired boy.

"What kind of mission?"

"A dangerous one that requires your…special talents."

"You want me steal something, right?"


"What is it?"

"Dark, I want you to steal the power source of the Shinja Kingdom."

This conversation is how seventeen year old Dark Mousey ended up enlisting in the Shinja army.

The Shinja Kingdom had some pretty tight security when it came to the object that allows it to defeat any opponent. Go figure.

Dark knew why Satoshi had picked him for this mission. Dark was the only one Satoshi really trusted. Anyone else would have backstabbed Satoshi.

Would you willingly give up an object that could make you the sole ruler of the world?

Besides, Dark was the greatest thief that ever lived. He was the only one with the skills to pull this off.

He had to pose as a solder, gain Krad's trust, ascend in the ranks of the army, and become a personal bodyguard for Shinja's power source. Piece of cake.

Once he got close enough, he could steal the power source. It was all a matter of time. Dark had a look around.

His "comrades" seemed pretty weak and Dark was sure he could take them all on. The whole army wasn't that big.

The people were pretty weak too, but as long as they had that dammed power source, they could win any battle.

The power source gave people amazing abilities and could create the deadliest weapons. All Dark had to do was figure out what the hell it was and steal it.

If Dark could bring back Satoshi the power source, Ryuujin could defeat Krad and bring peace once again.

Dark got in line with the rest of the new soldiers. They were being issued their uniforms. When it was Dark's turn he scowled.

The uniform was made of a scratchy material and was the ugliest color Dark had ever seen. Krad obviously had no fashion sense.

Dark took the uniform and moved on. He changed in the bathroom and went to line up in front of the general.

He was assigning living quarters to everyone. The people that were in your living quarters were the people that you were teamed up with.

Basically you did your training with them, ate with the, shared a room, and everything else. Everything was done in teams.

"Kinomoto Dark!"

Dark heard his name being called out, or rather, his fake name. Satoshi had picked the name. Oh well. At least he got to keep his first name.

As soon as you were assigned a cabin you were suppose to report to training. Dark couldn't wait until training was over so that he could fall asleep in a warm, soft bed.

The General wanted them to run fifty laps around the entire camp. 'That's evil! Damn bastard'

Dark was breezing threw training, but made it seem like he was struggling. He couldn't let anyone know he had had previous training.

Dark could tell the others were having a very difficult time completing training. They were wheezing and sweating profusely.

Dark felt sorry for them, but what could he do? Dark saw a lot of the others fall down. Most didn't get back up.

Everyone was exhausted. Even Dark was getting tired. It wasn't like he had an infinite amount of stamina. This was going to be a long day.

Dark was exhausted. He was sure he would fall asleep as soon as he lay on his bed. The training had proven to be difficult.

Dark was one of the very few who had survived threw the entire thing. Most of the ones that had collapsed in the middle still couldn't gat back up.

Those who didn't survive training were whipped. It was awful. Hell, most of the guys here didn't want to join Krad's army.

Krad started to force people to join his army when he realized how big of a threat Ryuujin was.

Krad was started to get nervous. Good. Once Dark finished his mission, Ryuujin would become unstoppable and Krad would fall.

Dark looked around the room. Pitiful. Krad could have a t least coughed up some cash for a better place. Cheap bastard.

The living quarters for the soldiers consisted of a shack filled with beds. 'What's that smell? It's disgusting here.'


"Err…hi." Dark stared at the boy in front of him. He had messy dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a friendly smile.

"The name's Takeshi. Nice to meet ya."

"I'm Dark."

"Well Dark guess we're going to be roommates!"


The boy was very cheerful and energetic. Even after all that training, how was he still standing? This guy was a freak and Dark was going to be stuck with him for a very, very long time.

"So dark, why did you join the army?"

Satoshi and Dark had come up with a lie for everything. There was no way Dark would get caught.

"I don't have a family anymore and I don't have a home either, so I thought joining the army was the only thing I could do to survive."

Takeshi gave Dark a sympathetic look.

"Don't worry, here we take care of out own. We'll be your family."

"Thanks Takeshi."

Dark saw another boy enter the room. He was average height and plain looking. He introduced himself as Masahiro.

Unlike Takeshi, Masahiro was tired and collapsed on his bed. He was asleep before his body touched the mattress.

'He's not covered in blood so he must have not been whipped. I'm impressed he survived training'

Dark concluded that his roommates weren't so bad. He could have gotten stuck with worse.

Dark looked out the window. It was dark outside. Takeshi and he decided to go to sleep already. They would be woken at four in the morning so they needed all the sleep they could get.

Dark couldn't get comfortable in his bed, though. It wasn't soft and warm, it was cold and hard.

The blanket was thin and the pillow was stuffed with hay. CHEAP BASTARD!


Dark woke to the sound of a loud bell. The bell was followed by the hoarse voice of the general.

"Wake up maggots! Training starts in half an hour! MOVE IT!

Dark crawled out of bed and searched for his clothes. He was definitely not a morning person. He was going to kill Satoshi for this.

Dark put on the uniform he had been issued the day before. It was too big for him, as were the shoes, and he looked completely stupid.

Oh yes. Satoshi was going to pay when he got back. He ate his breakfast, which was crappy, and headed to the training field.

He could still feel traces of the porridge he had eaten in his mouth. It had tasted like paste and looked as bad as it tasted.

When Dark reached the training ground, he was beyond pissed. He hated this mission. It was the worst one, if Satoshi wasn't his friend he would have said no.

Dark knew Satoshi was getting desperate. Shinja was close to destroying Ryuujin. They needed a miracle if the wanted to survive.

The general instructed everyone what they had to do for their training. Dark heard lots of groans and complaints, which stopped when the general glared at them.

The training wasn't as difficult as the day before. 'Guess yesterday was a test to see who was strong.'

During training Dark made his plans. He just had to have patience. It was all a matter of time. The power source of the Shinja Kingdom would soon be his.