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Warning: Shonen-ai

Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Ryuujin –Dragon God.

Shinja – Sacred Snake

Threads of Fate: Chapter Two

General Saehara walked down the corridors. He had some really bad news. It was time like these that he really hated his job.

"Krad-sama!" General Saehara called out.

A blond, fourteen year old teen walked towards the general. He may look young, but this teen was the prince of the Shinja Kingdom.

"What is it General?" Krad asked in a bored tone.

"Your parents have been assassinated! We were attacked…it was and ambush…the criminals have been taken care of, but …we could not save the king or queen," said General Saehara.

Death was common during war. Shinja and Ryuujin had been fighting for years now. Krad was unfazed by General Saehara's news.

"How…unfortunate," said Krad his bored tone never wavering.

"Krad-chan, where are mommy and daddy?" Asked a cute twelve-year old red-head.

"They're gone Daisuke," Krad told his younger brother.

"WAHHH!" Daisuke began to cry hard.

"Don't worry Daisuke, I'll never leave you," Krad told his younger brother.

"Promise?" Daisuke asked.

"Our course," Krad said.

"Will you always love me and take care of me?" Daisuke asked with pleading eyes.

Krad thought about what Daisuke had just asked of him. He actually didn't love his younger brother, but he still had a use for him. Krad always got what he wanted, no matter who got hurt. He wasn't ashamed by the fact that he used people. Daisuke didn't mean anything to him.

"Listen Daisuke, I'll always love you, but you have to do everything I tell you to do," Krad said.

"Why?" Daisuke asked his brother with confusion.

Krad smirked. It was just too easy to manipulate Daisuke. Even though Daisuke was twelve, he was still so naïve and innocent.

"If you don't do what I say, I won't love you anymore and you'll be all alone, is that what you want Daisuke? Krad told his little brother. Krad knew exactly what to say to make Daisuke into his obedient tool.

Daisuke's eyes widened. If Krad left, he'd be left alone. There would be no one to take care of him, no one to love him, and no one to play with.

"Yes, big brother. I'll do whatever you say!" Daisuke answered Krad.

Krad put his arms around Daisuke in a tight hug.


Maybe if Daisuke hadn't had his face his brother's chest, he would have seen the cruel smile on Krad's face.

'That dream...no…a memory'


'Let me forget…'

'It hurts…so much…'

Daisuke woke up. It had been a while since he had dreamed of that day. Soon after that, Shinja's power had grown and Krad had become crueler and crueler. Daisuke, of course, didn't know any of this.

Even when his parents had been alive, Daisuke had never been allowed to leave the palace walls. The world was a dangerous place especially for someone who couldn't fight, like Daisuke. Daisuke's parents had always been very protective of him.

His mother used to call him her greatest treasure and then proceeded to give him lots of hugs and kisses. It had hurt a lot when they had died; Daisuke still wasn't over it even though it had happened three years ago. He was fifteen today; it looked like Krad had forgotten his birthday again. But he didn't' hold it against Krad.

'He probably had something important to do…'

'He is running an entire kingdom…'

'I don't care…'

'It…doesn't hurt…nope…not at all'

Daisuke looked around the room. It was furnished with expensive and luxurious objects, most of the things in the room were red, since it was Daisuke favorite color. The room looked beautiful, but it was a prison to Daisuke.

Daisuke knew there were at least ten guards outside his door, but that didn't matter to him. They weren't allowed to speak to him, so there was no point in trying to start a conversation with any of them.

It was a rule. There were many rules guards and servants had to follow when they were around Daisuke. No one was allowed to speak or have any kind of physical contact with him. One guard had broken that rule. The guard thought Krad wouldn't notice if he broke the rules just once. He had cut Daisuke on the check with a knife. Daisuke had gotten a small, barely noticeable wound on his check.

Krad, though, had noticed it. He had been furious and had the man tortured and killed. Needless to say, the other guards had been more careful when around Daisuke and made sure not to break any rule. The whole incident was rather strange to Daisuke, when he thought about it.

"Hey guys…you think it will bleed if we cut it?"


"Yeah man, Krad will freak if you touch it."

Daisuke watched one of the guards approach him. Usually, everyone ignored him. Even when he screamed at the top of his lungs, no one dared go near him. Sometimes, this got very annoying. Daisuke suspected Krad told everyone to keep away from him. This is why he found it rather odd that someone was approaching him. The man was holding a knife.


The cut had hurt a little, but the fall had hurt more. The man was stronger than he looked and had caused Daisuke to fall over a chair. The guards all laughed at him. Daisuke was very confused. He couldn't understand why they were doing this or why they kept calling him an 'it.'"

"It does bleed!"

"It looked so scared!"


Daisuke was scared. Daisuke knew Krad would never allow something like this. Krad was always very protective of Daisuke and never let anything happen to him. After all, Krad needed him.

Krad wasn't chosen as the new heir. When Daisuke's parents died, they had left behind documents stating that Daisuke would be the new king. Krad, of course, had stepped in and said that Daisuke was too young. Krad had offered to become the temporary king until Daisuke was ready to take the throne. Daisuke knew this was a lie.

Krad had stolen the throne from Daisuke. Daisuke knew his brother would have loved to kill him, but couldn't. If Daisuke died, Krad would lose all his titles. Krad would never be accepted as the next king. Krad was the king's illegitimate son while Daisuke was the queen and kings' true son. The people would turn on Krad if he tried to rule. The law also forbade Krad from taking the throne.

Daisuke just signed whatever document Krad shoved in his face, he didn't even read it. Daisuke may be the true king, but Krad was in charge of Daisuke.

Daisuke wished he could go outside. Daisuke was to stay in his room at all times unless he was in some sort of danger. There wasn't even so much as a window in Daisuke's room. His skin hadn't seen the sun since his parents died; he was very pale right now.

Daisuke wished he had a friend. To everyone but the guards or Krad, Daisuke did not exist. Krad was a very intimidating person; he had to be to become an evil dictator. The guards did not want to find out what would happen to them if they let anyone know about Daisuke. Daisuke had asked once why he wasn't allowed to leave his room, he had never asked again.

"Krad-chan, can I please go outside?"

"No, it's very dangerous outside Daisuke."


"NO! Do you want me to hate you? Is that it?"

"N-no, of course not…it's just…"

"Do what I say, Daisuke!"


Daisuke would never disobey Krad. He knew what he was doing was stupid. He knew he was letting his brother use him as a tool and that his brother didn't really love him…but it felt good to hear someone tell him they loved him. Even if Krad hated him, his brother was still his most precious person and he would do anything for him.


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