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Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Ryuujin –Dragon God.

Shinja – Sacred Snake

Threads of Fate: Chapter Four

"Mommy!" Shouted Daisuke. "Can we go play outside today?"

"Of course!" A blonde woman replied.

"Can Krad-chan come too?" Asked Daisuke.

The woman's expression darkened.

"Krad-sama is…busy," she replied.

"Okay! We can just play together!" Daisuke exclaimed. "Catch me!"

Daisuke ran ahead, giggling and laughing.

"Come back here!" The blonde haired woman shouted, with a smile on her face.

Daisuke ran as fast as his six year old legs could carry him. He passed a couple of ladies playing cards. They seemed to be having lots of fun. Daisuke paused to get a better look at them. One particular woman caught his eye. She seemed to be the wealthiest one of the group because she was wearing very expensive jewelry and clothes made out of the finest cloth.

Her hair was as red as his and she had the exact same eye color. She was beautiful and young. Her face seemed to glow with the rays of the sunlight. Daisuke heard his mother coming closer. He was too entranced by the woman, though, to care.

"Who's that?" Daisuke asked.

"That's the queen," Daisuke's mother answered.

Daisuke was confused. If he was the prince…then shouldn't his mother be the queen? Who was this woman?

"I thought the queen was my mommy…and if you're my mommy…aren't you the queen?" Daisuke asked with confusion.

"She's your…other mommy," the blonde woman said to Daisuke. "Please don't ask me anything else."

"Okay," Daisuke replied.

Daisuke felt a sharp pain in his head. He'd been getting headaches for awhile now. The headaches always brought such strong visions. They seemed like memories, but they couldn't be. Some of the…visions…didn't make any sense. People he didn't know were in them and events that couldn't have happened occurred.

Everything was just so confusing. Daisuke felt as though he was going insane. Was there something wrong with him? Why was this happening to him? Daisuke had been feeling off for quite some time. He didn't want to tell Krad, though. Krad would send him to see dozens of doctors and he'd have to take all kinds of medications.

When he caught a cold last winter, Krad didn't let him out of bed for a month. Daisuke began to pace back and forth in the room. He wished he could go outside. Some fresh air would be nice. Daisuke would have also liked to have a nice long walk in the gardens. It's been years since Daisuke had seen sunshine.

'My head…another one's coming…'

Daisuke was in search of his mother. She had promised to read to him, but he couldn't find her anywhere. Daisuke then spotted her and Krad talking. Daisuke decided to sneak up behind Krad and scare him. Just as Daisuke was about to pounce his older brother spoke.

"You'd better not tell Daisuke anything else about Emiko," Krad growled. "Learn your place, Natasha."

"Y-yes Krad-sama," replied Natasha.

Daisuke watched his mother cower in fear of his older brother. Why was his mother so scared? Why didn't she just scold Krad?

"Your only purpose is to pretend to be Daisuke's mother," Krad sneered.

"Y-yes sir…" whispered Natasha.

"Everything is going my way and I don't need you to screw it all up," Krad growled.

"I-I don't have to pretend!" Natasha said, having momentarily regained her courage.

"What?" Asked Krad.

"I-I said I don't have to pretend to be Daisuke's mother. I love him as though he was my very own!" Natasha exclaimed.

"You are a fool," Krad stated as he walked away.

'Na…ta…sha… I remember…I had forgotten her and so many other things… It hurts…make it stop! Please, someone make it stop!'

Daisuke collapsed onto the ground. No one came in to check up on him, though. The guards were afraid of Daisuke now. Krad had probably made something else up. Daisuke's head felt as though it were splitting in two. It hurt so much.

Daisuke walked down the corridor. He was on his way to see his mother. She had caught a slight fever and Daisuke wanted to make her feel better. Daisuke spotted the woman his mother referred to as "the queen." She looked like she was in a hurry.

Daisuke decided to follow the woman. Her name was Emiko. Daisuke had heard many people call her this, so he figured it must be her name. Emiko sat down at a table with many other women. She pulled out a pack of cards and gave the other women some. Daisuke found it strange that every time he saw Emiko, she was playing cards or some other sort of game.

The women had all placed gold coins on the table. Once in a while, one woman would jump with joy and take all the coins. It was interesting to Daisuke. Why did the women keep playing if they could end up losing all their coins? What did the cards have to do with the coins? Daisuke had played cards before, but not like the women were playing.

Daisuke played a game called Go Fish with his mother, but that was the only card game he knew. Was the game the women were playing more fun? Daisuke decided to ask the women. He walked up to them and observed them. Finally, a brown haired woman noticed him.

"Hey Emiko, isn't that your kid?" The woman asked.

"Yeah…scram, Daichi," Emiko growled.

"Um…my name is Daisuke," Daisuke replied politely.

"Daichi, Daisuke, same difference," Emiko said sarcastically.

The woman was pretty, but Daisuke soon realized, she wasn't a nice person. Daisuke was confused by what the brown haired woman had said. He wasn't Emiko's son, he was Natasha's son. Maybe that woman was confused…

"I said beat it!" Emiko yelled.


Daisuke fell onto the floor. His head hurt where the queen had hit him.

"That was mean, Emiko," one of the women commented.

"He was annoying," replied Emiko.

"Forget about him, let's finish our game," another woman said.

Daisuke left the room as fast as he could. That woman scared him. He hoped he never saw her again.

Everything was going according to plan…kind of. Saving Takeshi turned out to be a very good thing for Dark. He had been in good terms with General Saehara since then, but there was one thing that was going completely wrong. One word "Risa." No matter what Dark did, he couldn't get rid of her. She showed up at his training, she sat next to him when he was eating, she waited for him to finish using the bathroom just so she could walk him to his cabin, and she even threatened all the other girls to stay away from him.

It was scary. Risa was convinced Dark was in love with her. She already had her wedding dress picked out. Dark had no clue where Risa got the idea he was in love with her. He had treated just like everyone else and never even flirted with her. Dark finally came to the conclusion that Risa was delusional and lived in her own little world. That was the only reasonable explanation.

'Either that…or she's just a psycho.'


'I wish she'd go back to calling me Kinomoto-kun… Maybe if I run fast enough, she'll go away!'




Dark fell as he was glomped by his stalker…er…Risa. She smelled like expensive perfume and was wearing a dress that looked new and expensive. Risa got everything she wanted since her father had a high position in the military. Dark felt like throwing up. Risa was wearing waaay too much perfume. It was giving Dark a headache and making him very nauseous.

"Didn't you hear me calling?" Asked Risa.

"Um…no…I guess not. Could you please get off of me?" Dark politely asked.

"Anything for you…" Risa said seductively.

Dark shuddered; Risa gave him the creeps when she flirted with him. It made him feel dirty and cheap when she looked at him the way she was looking at him right now.

'I feel like a prostitute…'

"Um…you know Dark-kun…t-there's a dance next week…will you go with me?" Risa asked, with a blush on her face.

'Yuck! No way! Hell no! Not in a million years! When hell freezes over! NEVER!'

"I can't Harada-san; I have too many things to do…" Dark said in a voice he hoped sounded sincere.

"I see," Risa said, obviously disappointed.

"Dark!" A voice called out.

'I'm saved!'

Takeshi ran up to Dark.

"Dad wants to see you," Takeshi told Dark.

"Alright," replied Dark.

Anything was better than spending another minute alone with Risa. She'd probably find some way to psychologically damage Dark even more. It had gotten pretty bad…Dark had nightmares now. Every time he went to sleep, he dreamt about Risa. His friends told him he'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming as though someone was out to kill him.

Dark tired to put Risa out of his mind and concentrated on the task at hand. What could General Saehara want? He hoped it was good news. Dark had been performing exceptionally well lately. He really needed to get promoted soon. He hoped General Saehara had noticed.

"You wanted to see me?" Dark asked, as he entered General Sahara's room.

General Saehara had a nicer room than everyone else in the camp. He was the general. There was actually furniture in the room and nothing seemed to be falling apart. General Saehara turned to face Dark as he entered the room.

"Yes, congratulations Dark, you've just been promoted!" General Saehara enthusiastically said.

'Hell yeah!'

"T-thank you, sir," Dark replied.

"No, thank you for saving my boy," General Saehara told Dark.

"Yeah…" Dark replied.

"Take good care of Takeshi and Masahiro, Dark," General Saehara said with a smile.

"Huh!" Dark dumbly responded.

"Well, they were also promoted. They'll be going with you," General Saehara informed Dark.

'This could be a problem…'

"I…um…see…" muttered Dark.

"Anyway, get packing. The three of you leave tomorrow," General Saehara told Dark, as he opened the door.

Dark walked through the door and headed to his cabin, or shack as he referred to it. Takeshi and Masahiro were already packing.

"It's great, isn't it?" Asked Masahiro.

"Yeah…" Dark muttered.

"We're going to have an adventure!" Exclaimed Takeshi.

'I just hope you two don't get in the middle of all this…'

"I'm tired, let's all go to bed," announced Dark.

The three boys all went to their beds, awaiting the morning they would set off to the castle.

Daisuke followed the brown haired man. He was so interesting and Daisuke wanted to know more about him. Everyone always did what that man said and respected him more than anyone else.

"Your majesty, we have some important papers we need you to sign," another brown haired man told the person Daisuke had been following.

That was another thing that interested Daisuke. Everyone called the man, your majesty. Natasha had said he was the king, his name was Kosuke.

"Thank you, General Saehara," replied Kosuke.

Daisuke watched Kosuke head to the library. Daisuke walked as softy as he could, he didn't want Kosuke to know he was being followed. Kosuke had all kinds of documents in his hands. Daisuke wished he knew what the papers said… Kosuke finished signing and left the library. Daisuke watched as Kosuke stealthily moved down the halls.

It looked like Kosuke was going somewhere and didn't want anyone to know where he was going. Daisuke trailed behind the man. He stopped when he saw a woman headed in his direction. No…she was headed in Kosuke's direction. Daisuke hid behind a big plant. He couldn't hear anything the two people were saying, but he could see fairly well.

Daisuke became confused when he saw Kosuke kissing the woman. If Kosuke was the king…wasn't he married to the queen? If Emiko was his wife, why was he kissing this woman? When he thought about it, he had seen Kosuke kiss many women… Daisuke was more confused than before.

Why did Kosuke kiss so many women if he was married? Weren't you only supposed to kiss your wife? Daisuke decided to leave, he didn't want Natasha to worry. Daisuke glanced at Kosuke and the woman one more time before he left in search of his mother.



Daisuke seemed to be getting worse. He couldn't stop coughing and his vision seemed to be getting blurry. The room felt like it was spinning and standing up seemed impossible for Daisuke.



Daisuke heard someone calling his name, but he couldn't concentrate on the figure in front of him. Everything was too blurry and out of focus. Daisuke felt the figure lift him upright. He fell into the person's arms.

"Call a doctor! NOW!"

'Who…so tired…another vision?'

"Daisuke, come here," Krad told his little brother.

"What is it, Krad-chan?" Asked Daisuke.

"I want you to do something for me," Krad stated.


"Drink this."

Daisuke looked at the cup his brother had handed him. The drink had an odd color and it smelled terrible.

"I don't want to drink this…it looks funny…" muttered Daisuke.

"Remember what I asked you to do for me?" Krad asked.

"You wanted me to do everything you told me to do," Daisuke stated.

"That's right, and if you don't do this for me, I'll leave you," Krad said with a smirk.

"Okay…" Daisuke replied.

Daisuke gulped down the concoction in one big gulp. It tasted more horrible than it looked. Krad watched his brother drink the liquid. He needed to make sure Daisuke drank the entire thing.

Daisuke woke up. He was lying in his bed. Krad was sitting next to him. Krad must have been the one that called for the doctor. Krad looked angry. An angry Krad was a scary Krad. It was a good thing Daisuke had acquired a immunity to Krad's death glare. Others weren't as lucky.

"A game, that's what our life was like," Daisuke whispered.

"You remembered," commented Krad.

"Yes…I did," Daisuke said softly.

"How much?" Asked Krad.

Daisuke smiled sadly at his older brother.

"The game was simple…we just had to pretend to be the perfect family. In front of everyone, we were the perfect human beings. We could do no wrong and we would never do anything to harm another. But, the thing was, everything was all just pretend," the red head quietly said.

"You figured it out. You remembered it all."

"I was too young before, to understand what was going on, but now I finally know the truth. Behind closed doors, the game ended, and all the players showed their true colors."

"Except you," sneered Krad.

"Yes…I was the only one that didn't hide their true self. To everyone who laid eyes on us, we were just two wonderful children with two wonderful parents. Natasha…she wasn't my real mother…was she?" Asked Daisuke.

"No," the blonde stated.

"Emiko was my biological mother, but she didn't love me, neither did father," Daisuke said, tears in his eyes. "Natasha was the one that called me her greatest treasure…and the one that held me when I was scared. She played with me…and sang to me. But…she wasn't my real mother…she was yours. Natasha was father's mistress."


"You made her pretend to be my mother…so that I would think I had a loving mother… But…she wasn't Father's only mistress…there were others too. Kosuke had many women he slept with…so many. Even Mother didn't know how many."

"You knew more than you let on," muttered Krad.

"Yes…I picked up many things," chuckled the younger teen. "The whole kingdom would have been shocked by how unfaithful Kosuke really was. Mother would have caused the real scandal, though."

"Mother?" Krad asked, confused by Daisuke's comment.

"Didn't you know?" Daisuke asked with a grin. "Mother dearest had a gambling problem. She lost a great deal of the kingdom's money in her silly card games. Nothing else mattered to her."

"I underestimated you, Daisuke, you've got it all figured out, don't you?" Krad snickered.

"Then…there's you. How did it feel, when you gave out the order to have our parents killed?" Asked Daisuke. "I'm sure you were happy to have them out of your way."

"How did you know?" Krad curiously asked.

"It was easy," Daisuke replied. "I knew you better than anyone else, and it just seemed like something you would do."

"Smart," sneered Krad.

"That potion…you used it to alter my memories…didn't you?" Asked Daisuke. "You needed me and you thought I wouldn't help…because…you…used to hit me. When I did something you didn't like, you'd hit me and tell me you did it because I was bad."

"You deserved it," muttered Krad.

"No matter what you did, I could always forgive you. If you had asked for my help…even without my memories altered…I would have helped you…because I love you… But, I wonder. I've given you all I have, so what is there left for me to give?" Asked Daisuke.

Krad watched the tears run down his little brother's face. He remained unfazed by the sight. It was true; he had altered his brother's memories. He wanted to make Daisuke believe he had had a loving family, after all, who would help out someone that hurt them? But Krad had been wrong. Daisuke had been more of a fool than he thought because, even after all the pain he had inflicted on the red head, Daisuke was still loyal to him.

"Your life," Krad replied, as he left the room.


You'll learn more later. There are more plot twists to come! I was going to post this later, but I decided to post it now. I got out of school on June 2. Yay! Summer! Except for the sun…I don't like the sun. If I stay out there long enough, I'll turn pink. Also, if you pinch my nose hard enough, it turns purple. Yeah…weird. I don't tan, I burn. I'm the lightest person in my family. Most are dark skinned. So sad… Oh well, it's not like I enjoy being out in the sun anyway.