A/N: I'm aware it is no longer Christmas... but I just found this last night and HAD to put it up. Was done for a comp on the 'Red Moon Rising' forum, which it won and was then accidentally deleted! Mega Bummer! Was my first EVER attempt at slash! He-heI still have the hand-written original around somewhere!

A/N2: I swear if ANYONE mentions that it's not Christmas I WILL find out where they live and burn down their house! You have been warned... Love you all really though '

Twas the night before christmas

Rewritten by Marauder-girl

Description: Er... A Christmas eve to remember for Remus. Set before he and Sirius get together.

(This is written from Remus' point of view)

'Twas the night before christmas

and all through Gryffindor house

not a creature was stirring

not even a louse.

The Marauders were sleeping

all cozy in bed

In the hope that presents

soon would be there instead

Wormatail was nestled

deeply snug in his bed

while thoughts of Lily Evans

danced through Prongs' head

We had finished our mischief

and felt ready to nap

settling our brains

for the long winter nap

When out in the dorm

there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed

to see what was the matter

Toward my hangings

I flew like a flash

tearing them back

I let out a gasp.

The moon on the breast

gave a mystical glow

and a lustre of desire

to objects below

When what to my wandering

eyes should come a view

But Padfoot half naked

and in a bit of a do

He turned and smiled

so lively and quick

That I knew something was wrong

and he felt like a prick

As quick as anything

over he strolled

and embraced me lovingly

the truth to be told:

"Now Remus, Now Moony

My heart, my vision

My something, My everything

My true love fixation."

" I love you dear Moony

And I'll scream it in the hall

So please kiss me, kiss me

and kiss me some more

He embraces me once more

and my heart flutters high

I feel the same way

And I don't wonder why

More kisses are landed

And I feel something new

Deep passion in me rising

And in Sirius too

Then, in a twinkling

I hear some on stir

Prongs- across the dorm

with his black messy hair

I drew in my head

And was just turning round

When in darted Sirius

Without making a sound

He discarded his clothing

From his head to his foot

And I did the same

Without even a look

It was now that I realised

That we were mates in a pack

And that he was so beautiful

Lying there on his back

His eyes- how they twinkled

So lustful- So Merry

His body so warming

And his rear like a cherry

His seductive mouth

drawn up in a grin

I gaze longingly at flesh

Just beneath his chin

A strand of his hair

I clench between my teeth

The rest of it encircling

His head like a wreath

His broad face

And his well toned belly

That shakes when he laughs

And turns my knees to jelly

For he is Sirius, and mine

My own dog-star

And I smiled when I saw him

No more lusting from afar

A wink of his eye

And a twist of his head

Soon led me to know

I had nothing to dread

He said not a word

But went straight to his work

Caressing me so lovingly

that I moaned and jerked

And laying a slim finger

Aside of my nose

The desires pour Outwards

Like an opening rose

He sprang up a top me

And admired me with a whistle

Then lay back down heatedly

Kissing as though under some toe 'o mistle

But I heard him exclaim

Before our love was expressed that night

"Merry Christmas Dear Moony

An to all a good night."


Sorry I know it was long, I hope ya liked it

Bye Peeps